Does Adidas Make Bowling Shoes?

Does Adidas Make Bowling Shoes

Adidas is one of the world’s top brands for sports apparel and their shoes are popular among a lot of athletes. If you are into vintage fashion, you may have noticed that bowling shoes were quite the trend in the 1960s and 70s. Since Adidas has always been on top of sports and fashion, many people wonder if they make bowling shoes as well.

Once upon a time, Adidas did have a line of bowling shoes. When the bowling shoe trend was big, they wanted to get in on it. However, if you were searching for a bowling shoe on today’s market, you likely won’t find Adidas bowling shoes at your local sports store. 

In this guide, we’re going to discuss the history of Adidas bowling shoes and where you can find them today. Keep reading for all the information you’ve been wanting to know.

When Did Adidas Stop Making Bowling Shoes?

The last bowling shoe from Adidas to hit the market was the Kegler Super, which was named after the German bowling style Keglen. This shoe was made from premium leather and took inspiration from the classic 1960s bowling style. What made this shoe unique was that it came with a peg system, allowing people to adjust the cushioning.

This shoe was pulled off the market in 1979. Since then, there have been many Adidas trainers that have pulled inspiration from the Kegler Super shoes. However, it’s important to remember that they are not bowling shoes. A popular bowling shoe style was released in 2011 for a limited time only, but players were not allowed to bring them to the bowling lanes.

Why Did Adidas Stop Making Bowling Shoes?

Anytime someone goes to a bowling alley, they will be required to wear bowling shoes. Every bowling alley will have shoes for the players to rent. The bowling alley is required to make sure every player using their alley is wearing proper shoes. If the player isn’t wearing proper shoes, the bowling alley’s insurance won’t cover them. This means the bowling alley will likely not allow them to play.

When Adidas jumped on the bowling show trend, it was more for the style than function. While they were very comfortable shoes, they did not meet the requirements that the bowling alleys have in place for their shoes. A lot of people wore their Adidas bowling shoes casually because they were considered trendy. Bowling alleys didn’t want people tracking dirt and debris onto their bowling lanes. 

Another reason bowling alleys required players to rent shoes was that bowling shoes that meet industry standards help a player’s movement. Bowling shoes will have a particular rubber that makes the shoe very slick. This allows the player to get the right amount of slide while staying smooth.

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If you’re an avid bowler, we recommend purchasing and using your own bowling shoes like these from BSI. They are high-quality, come in many different styles, and perform much better than your average bowling alley rental shoes.

Where to Find Adidas Bowling Shoes?

Vintage trends never really die. Even today, people are still fawning over Adidas bowling shoes. If you have fallen in love with pictures you’ve seen of Adidas bowling shoes online, you’re not alone. There has been a lot of demand for this shoe to come back, and Adidas has even made similar-looking trainers over the years.

However, nothing is quite as good as the original Adidas bowling shoes. In 2011, Adidas teamed up with fashion designer Jeremy Scott and released a limited edition bowling shoe that was a similar style to retro shoes. While these shoes were only available in-store for a limited time, you may still be able to get yourself a pair if you look online.

Luckily, these shoes are still being sold on eBay. People can still get the opportunity to have a pair for themselves if they find a pair in their size. One thing to keep in mind about the Adidas X Jeremy Scott bowling shoes is that they are only for fashion. They aren’t real bowling shoes, and they are a mix of bowling and tennis shoes. 

Why Are Bowling Alleys Strict About Shoes?

The bowling alley has to have insurance to let people use it. However, in order for this insurance to be intact, people need to follow the rules. All bowling alleys have particular shoes that their players are required to wear. While Adidas bowling shoes were very good quality, they were designed more like trainers so they did not meet the protocol to be covered by insurance.

This isn’t a scam put on by your local bowling alley to get you to pay more money. They have to be careful and cover their backs in case anything happens. If you were to injure yourself on the bowling lane and were not in the proper footwear, the bowling alley could get in a lot of trouble.

This is why they have very strict rules about what type of shoes are allowed on the lanes. If you’re a regular bowler, you can purchase a pair of bowling shoes that meet industry standards to bring to the bowling lanes with you. The most important feature to look at when choosing a bowling shoe is the sole. Make sure the shoe is high-friction and causes plenty of traction.

Final Thoughts

Adidas has always given its customers what they want when it comes to sporty trends. When bowling shoes were trendy in the 60s and 70s, Adidas was quick to jump onto the trend. While these shoes were stylish and comfortable, they weren’t considered real bowling shoes when they were brought to the alley.

Since these shoes were designed more for the sake of being trendy than they were for playing the sport, many bowling alleys would not allow them on the lanes. However, that didn’t stop retro fans from wanting to snag a pair for themselves.

If you are a fan of vintage fashion and have been wanting to add a pair of Adidas bowling shoes to your collection, you can still find the Adidas X Jeremy Scott bowling shoes on eBay. These shoes were limited time only and did not last long on the shelves. 

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