Can You Wear Bowling Shoes Outside?

can you wear bowling shoes outside

Bowling shoes are not ideal for wearing outside and should only be used for bowling. Because bowling shoes are designed especially for the soft and slippery wooden floor of a bowling alley they have a completely different grip to regular shoes. You will notice that they are entirely flat, unlike regular shoes will typically have a heel of some description. 

Bowling shoes also have no grips on the bottom. Whereas regular shoes have a tread to help you remain upright and to stop you from slipping and falling over, bowling shoes are smooth (at least on one foot). This is a design aspect that will allow you to slide that foot along the floor of the bowling alley. This will let you assume the correct stance when throwing the ball. 

The shoes are designed both to allow you to slide and to remain in place. So, they will not be comfortable to walk in outside where you will need an even tread across both of your feet. You will certainly not want to be falling over all the time trying to walk down the road. 

Wearing Bowling Shoes Outside Will Ruin Them

If you wear your bowling shoes outside as everyday shoes then you can easily ruin them. This means that they will no longer be fit for purpose as bowling shoes and you will have to invest your money into a new pair.

Even if you did try to reuse the shoes as bowling shoes then you may damage the lane as any stones, dirt etc. may be stuck to the underside of your shoes and scratch the lane. If you need to wear your bowling shoes around the bowling alley then there are bowling shoe covers that you can buy that will protect your shoes for short distances.

What’s the Difference Between Bowling Shoes and Regular Shoes?

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There are several differences between bowling shoes and regular shoes. The most obvious difference at first glance is the coloring. Bowling shoes have two different colors which indicate the purpose for each shoe. One is used to slide and one is used to plant. Bowling shoes allow for both purposes, unlike regular shoes whose only aim is to plant you firmly on the ground.

This is where the main difference between bowling shoes and regular shoes lies – in the sole. Depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed you will have the sliding sole on one foot and the planting sole on the other. This will allow you to move in whichever direction is most comfortable for you to bowl correctly.

Regular shoes are designed to make a lot of friction between you and the floor, stopping you from slipping when you are out. You certainly would not consider wearing a pair of shoes again if you fell over all the time in them. With bowling shoes, this is only the case for one of the shoes.

So, if you were to compare the undersides of a pair of regular shoes and a pair of bowling shoes you would easily be able to spot this difference. 

Bowling shoes are incredibly soft on the sole which means that they will pick even the slightest bit of dirt or moisture, unlike regular shoes which are designed to be as hard-wearing and robust as possible. Even if you try to dry out your bowling shoes you will notice that they are never quite the same. This means that you will have to buy a new pair.

Bowling shoes also have no heel as this is not necessary for

the movement that you need in bowling. Instead, you will want to have your feet completely and firmly on the alley floor to allow you to get the best movement and bowling action that you can.

Most regular shoes will have a small amount of padding at the sole or a small heel in order to make wearing them more comfortable. In bowling, this is not necessary.

If you’re an avid bowler, we recommend purchasing and using your own bowling shoes like these from BSI. They are high-quality, come in many different styles, and perform much better than your average bowling alley rental shoes.

Can You Wear Regular Shoes While Bowling?

When it comes to bowling the image of the brightly colored shoes on everyone’s feet as they throw the ball down the lane trying to get a strike will certainly come to mind. You will notice that nobody is wearing their regular shoes when bowling.

It does not matter what the shoes are, whether they are sneakers, heels or flip flops no one is allowed to bowl in their regular shoes. Instead, you must swap your regular shoes for bowling shoes. Although you may think that this is pointless it is actually for a very good reason and that is your safety.

Bowling shoes are specially designed to help you bowl better and to provide the right amount of support and grip when you are on the special flooring. So, they are designed for a completely different grip to regular shoes. That is why you must exchange your regular shoes for a pair of bowling shoes before you are allowed to step foot near the lanes. 

Final Thoughts

Although many people would prefer to bowl in their regular shoes rather than the bowling shoes that are on offer at their local bowling alley this is not possible. There is a reason why these shoes exist. They are designed to protect you, to protect the bowling alley and also to help you bowl better.

Their unique design allows one of your feet to slide whilst the other remains in place. This is a completely different design logic to regular shoes whose primary purpose is to help keep your feet firmly in place and steady on the ground. The last thing you would want from a new pair of sneakers is for one foot to be slipping all of the time.

So, if you are concerned about the design of bowling shoes you can invest in a more trendy pair. But never try to bowl in regular shoes as this can easily result in injuries. it is also not a good idea to wear your bowling shoes as regular shoes as this can quickly and easily damage the very delicate sole.

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