Why Do Bowling Shoes Look Like That?

why do bowling shoes look like that

Whether you are a seasoned bowler or you simply visit the bowling alley every now and then with your friends you would have noticed the bright colors used on bowling shoes. Not only are they colorful, but they are also different colors. If you do not know the reason for this then you may simply think of it as an odd fashion choice, but that is certainly not the case.

In fact, the different colors on a bowling shoe, and the style, serve many different purposes. They help to tell the wearer (and the person lending them out at the bowling alley) which shoe is used for traction and which shoe can slide. The shoes help the bowling player to get the right footing when they throw the ball, allowing them to achieve a higher score.

So, from color to style and functionality here we will tell you everything that you could possibly need to know about bowling shoes and why they look the way that they do.

Why Are Bowling Shoes Two Different Colors?

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Although it may simply seem like a strange choice, and certainly a bold fashion statement to make bowling shoes two different colors, there is a purpose to this. The reason for the two different colors is that it indicates the job that the shoe fulfils. When bowling you need a very good stance on the floor, you do not want to slip over. 

However, you also want to be able to slide one leg around the other in order to get the correct position for throwing the ball. This means that you need one foot to be planted firmly on the ground whilst the other can move freely. The best way to do this is to have two shoes that fulfil one function each.

One shoe should be able to slide across the floor whilst the other should provide a lot of friction to help keep you upright in the same spot. This means that depends on how you throw (whether you are right-handed or left-handed) you will need the shoes to be configured differently.

By assigning a function to each color the player can quickly and easily know which shoe does what. They can then know whether the shoes will work for right-handed or left-handed players at a quick glance. This can then help prevent any accident from slipping.

What Is the Difference Between Bowling Shoes and Regular Shoes?

The main difference between bowling shoes and regular shoes lies in the sole. Unlike regular shoes, bowling shoes have no heels. This allows you to get a good grip on the floor and stops you from potentially slipping. The soles are also a lot softer than most shoes, meaning that you can easily ruin them if you wear them outside. 

The different uses on each shoe also allow you to plant one foot and slide the other to get a good throw. This cannot be achieved when wearing regular shoes as the grip on the sole of them will not allow for any form of sliding action. This means that it can be harder to get the proper stance and hence throw a good ball.

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What Is Special About Bowling Shoes?

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Bowling shoes are special because they are typically made out of rubber and leather and act both to protect the bowler and also to help them achieve a good slide without being so slippery that the user falls over.

They must strike the right balance between providing enough friction between the shoe and the floor and being slippery enough to slide. Also, as we have already said, the difference between the purpose of the two shoes sets them apart from regular shoes.

Although you physically could bowl in regular shoes, such as flat or sneakers, you may cause yourself injuries. Additionally, you could also bring in dirt, small stones and other bits of trash onto the alley that were stuck to your regular shoes.

So, even if you are a beginner or an infrequent bowler who does not slide when throwing the ball, you should still only wear bowling shoes in order to protect the delicate surface of the bowling alley.

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Why Are Bowling Shoes Slippery?

You may have noticed that the soles of bowling shoes are very soft and also very slippery. The reason for this is not to help you slide around on the lane, as many inexperienced players like to think, but rather to help you with your stance.

By ensuring that you get the correct stance when you bowl you can then put your body, and arm, in the correct position following suit from your feet.

This position will then allow you to throw the ball perfectly and exactly as you desired. This then means (hopefully) a perfect score. So, the slippery soles of the bowling shoes serve a very important purpose. They are slippery because they need to be able to move with your foot when you slide it along the floor, creating the perfect body position for bowling.

Final Thoughts

Although they may have a funny and interesting look to them, bowling shoes do in fact serve a very important purpose. They are cleverly designed to help you with your bowling stance, your throw and also to keep you and the alley safe.

The soles of the shoes are soft enough to be able to slide easily over the floor’s surface whilst still allowing enough friction to keep you upright. Exactly which way you will need to slide will depend on whether you are right-handed or left-handed and so the shoes will be designed accordingly. 

In order to tell this difference apart bowling shoes come in two different colors, allowing both the user and the bowling alley to know which shoe will be beneficial to the player. You certainly will not want to get them the wrong way around as this can cause you to fall over and lead to serious injuries. 

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