Why Do Bowling Shoes Have No Grip?

why do bowling shoes have no grip

Believe it or not, those ugly shoes you share with others at the bowling alley really are necessary. Bowling shoes are designed with no grip to help bowlers build maximum momentum for a more accurate throw. Their slippery sole helps the shoe slide and increases the ball’s energy level.

Using a no-grip sole is an important part of the bowling shoe design because it helps with movement control. Bowlers wear bowling shoes so they can slide in front of the foul line and deliver their ball with maximum speed. Unlike regular shoes with rubber soles, these leather-soled shoes are slippery and do not damage the flooring.

Instead of wearing everyday shoes, bowling shoes with no grip offer the opportunity to unleash your full strength by extending your power from your body through the ball. If you are a good aim, you are likely to hit your target straight on every time.

How Do I Stop My Bowling Shoes From Sliding?

Bowling shoes are made to be slippery. This way, bowlers can approach the foul line and send their ball gliding smoothly. Using the momentum from their own bodies, bowlers slide along to throw their balls with greater intensity. The more they slide, the greater momentum they can use to throw their ball.

Bowlers should always beware of sliding too far though. Crossing the foul line automatically discounts any score. Imagine getting a strike only to have it voided because you crossed the line! Therefore, mastering the art of stopping is important as well.

Bowlers use the rubber heel of their shoes to stop themselves before they cross the foul line. Similarly, the foot of their dominant hand will be their stopping foot. Typically made from all-rubber, they will use this foot to stop themselves as they approach the foul line and go in for a release. As you can see, this is an important reason to pay attention to your footing.

Speil Shoes breaks down some of the most popular bowling shoe designs. One of the most common bowling shoe designs is one sliding shoe and one stopping shoe. This design is used to access maximum throwing power. Typically, this helps them put their maximum momentum into their throw.

After sliding, you place your opposite foot down like a brake. Similarly, if you are struggling to walk without slipping you may use your heels instead of your soles.

Use Proper Sliding to Maximize Your Power

Have you ever seen someone throw what you thought was going to be a perfect Strike only to end up a complete gutter ball? That is probably because they were throwing it from a standstill!

Standing still does not build up any momentum and therefore your ball will only be as powerful as your throw (sometimes we don’t throw as hard as we think!). But, when we slide using our bowling shoes, our bodies build up momentum and maximize the amount of power we put out.

Maximizing power means that we can increase our accuracy. This means it is likely that you will get your ball exactly where you want it to go. With speed comes precision! So, instead of a slow and wobbly ball, you will unleash something fast and precise.

Sometimes maximizing your power means going too far. To be clearer, stay safe as you practice sliding. Bowling shoes are made to be slippery and as you try sliding it can get dangerous if you get carried away.

Never try something you are uncomfortable with and if you are looking to do something new, it might be helpful to ask someone for help or advice before doing so. Even the best bowlers need help sometimes.

Bowling Shoes Vs Regular Shoes

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Most first-time bowlers wonder why they cannot wear their own shoes while bowling. It is a logical question with a simple answer.

If you’re an avid bowler, we recommend purchasing and using your own bowling shoes like these from BSI. They are high-quality, come in many different styles, and perform much better than your average bowling alley rental shoes.

Regular Shoes Won’t Slide as Well

Our everyday shoes are designed to withstand a variety of terrains meanwhile bowling shoes are designed especially for bowling alleys alone.

If we were to wear our regular shoes onto the bowling lane to bowl, it is certainly likely that we would not receive the effects our bowling shoes give us like their slipperiness which helps us slide.

Furthermore, it is likely we would damage the floor by tracking something inside (e.g., rocks, mud, water, etc.). If you began to let any shoes into the bowling alley, floors would begin to get damaged.

Wearing Improper Shoes Can Damage Floors

Bowling alley floors are made from maple, and they are made to withstand heavy impact. SFGATE emphasizes you can throw balls hundreds and hundreds of times without any damage, however, the finish on top of the wood is oil-based and can easily scuff if it is not maintained properly.

One of the most common ways that alley floors get damaged is when bowlers do not wear the proper shoes. Wearing shoes without rubber soles helps ensure that there will be no marks on the floor, unlike everyday shoes which can leave permanent damage.

Do You Really Need Bowling Shoes?

Although they may not be the most stylish part, bowling shoes are required and an important part of the sport. These not-so-stylish shoes offer the upper hand to bowlers who are willing to master the art of sliding.

While some of us will simply walk to the front of the lane and throw the ball, running up and sliding will offer bowlers the most success. The more momentum you can build up before your throw, the further it is going to go and the more accurate your throw is going to be.

Final Thoughts

Bowling shoes are specially designed for the bowling alley. They are made to be slippery and glide easily so players can utilize bodyweight to master movement control. Even if you typically have bad aim, learning to manipulate your body movements around your glides can be the key to this sport.

Normal, everyday shoes at the bowling alley would not fulfill the sliding roll that bowling requires. If you were to wear regular tennis shoes at the bowling alley, you would not be able to put your full momentum into each throw which means you would not be delivering accurate and concise throws.

You should always rent bowling shoes when you go to an alley, they are a crucial part of the experience. If you can, try to experiment with different types of slides but be careful as you do so and do not get hurt.

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