Does Big Lots Sell Pokemon Cards?

Does big lots sell pokemon cards

With the trading card industry being as hot and popular as it is today, it can be hard to find Pokemon cards. This leaves people looking for Pokemon cards in obscure places that you wouldn’t think would even sell Pokemon cards to begin with. With scalpers and reselling at an all time high, finding Pokemon cards in stock is starting to become a rare commodity.

Big lots is mostly known for their home and office supplies, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to strike gold checking out their store.

Does Big Lots sell Pokemon cards? The answer to this question is yes, but not in the way that we hoped for. Big Lots will sometimes have Pokemon cards, but they will most likely be third party cards and packs which are prepackaged packs that are not official by the Pokemon card company.

How Often Does Big Lots Restock Pokemon Cards?

Big lots usually replenishes their inventory at least once time a week. Some stores will replenish twice a week, and this is mainly due to supply and demand at the location. However, with the Pokemon cards being from third party vendors, it can be hard to pin point just when they will be restocking these Pokemon cards.

The restock times will vary greatly depending on the third party vendor that is selling the cards at the Big Lots locations. The best way to check if they have restocked on these promotional Pokemon cards is to contact your local Big Lots by phone.

Unfortunately you will not be able to sell their stock of these Pokemon cards on their website which makes it even more difficult to track these packs down.

What Types of Pokemon Cards Does Big Lots Sell?

Promo Booster Packs

Big lots will usually sell a variety of different booster packs or mystery boxes. These packs and boxes will be from third party resellers. Packs and boxes from third party resellers are usually repackaged Pokemon cards.

Many people in the Pokemon community actually frown upon buying these types of packs as these will usually not be worth your money.

The cards that you will find in these packs will most likely be not rare, with the rare occasion that you will actually find something worth your money. However, for the most part, these packs are designed to put money in the pockets of these third party card resellers.

How Much Do Pokemon Cards Cost at Big Lots?

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You can expect to pay anywhere from 8 to 10 dollars per booster pack from these third party packs. This price will heavily be determined by what the third party vendor decides to set the prices at. At the time of this article, prices were around 6 dollars per pack.

This is because these card packs are not actually issued by the Pokemon card company at all. Although these packs contain more cards than your average booster pack, these packs do not hold the same rates as a normal booster pack would.

Some have even said that they have gotten fake cards in these packs as well which can be very scandalous, especially if you are not aware of how to identify fake Pokemon cards.

your typical booster pack runs about 5 to 6 dollars on average. Collectible packs and boxes like the EX boxes are usually about 30-40 dollars, however there have not been any evidence that Big Lots has sold these kind of Pokemon boxes.

Again, the best way to get the price is to contact your store directly for the exact prices as prices can vary from location to location.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Where to Buy Pokemon Cards at Big Lot

Every big lots will have a slightly different location on where their Pokemon cards will be. Usually the Pokemon cards are kept near the clearance aisles which can be at either end of the store. Asking a stores associate where they are located is the best way to find them in store.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon cards are a rare commodity nowadays that it can almost seem like you are finding gold when you find them in a retail store. This has left people looking high and low in all of their favorite retail stores.

This also leads to customers finding and purchasing Pokemon cards at Big Lots. However, they won’t be your ordinary Pokemon card packs that you are used to finding in the wild. These packs will be strictly from third party vendors or resellers.

These packs are repackaged at the discretion of the company that is selling them. This can lead false expectations and claims as you open pack after pack and only find trash cards. We highly recommend against purchasing these types of packs, as well as the whole Pokemon community.

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