Does Gamestop Buy Action Figures?

does gamestop buy action figures

Gamestop is very well known for their extensive trade-in program. If you are familiar with it by any means, then you know they don’t always pay the highest amount for your new and used electronics. From smart phones, to smart watches, Gamestop has expanded their trade-in selection since its release and have even accepted Funko Pops as a valid form of trade-in at one time.

This leaves the question, does Gamestop buy action figures? Unfortunately the answer to this is no. Gamestop is not giving money or trade-in credits for action figures at this time. However, they do have an extensive selection of collectible action figure to buy on their website.

All hope is not lost, as their are many different market places where you can sell your collectible action figures. If you have a highly sought after or valuable action figure, you will be able to sell it on one of these platforms with ease.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Action Figures?


eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces available to sell on. This would be our first pick when it comes to selling items online. They have a huge audience, with millions of searches performed on a daily basis, and you will be able to get top dollar for your items.

In order to sell on eBay you will need to create a free or paid account. Once your account is created, you will need to take a photo of your item, write a description, fill in the details, set the price, shipping, and then let it go live.

The easiest and most effective way to price your action figures is to search for them on eBay. Once you have found similar listings, go ahead and filter it by sold and completed listings only. This will show you how much as well as how often that item is selling. Pricing your item similar to what they market is purchasing it for will help you sell it faster.

Neat Stuff Collectibles

Neat Stuff Collectibles is one of the largest buyers of collectible items in the world. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year buying expensive collectibles as well as entire collections. If you check out their website, you will be able to get their contact information to see how much they will offer for your action figures.

For the most part, they will try to pay you as much money as possible, but they are a reseller after all which means that they still have to make a profit for themselves.


Mercari is another great online platform to sell your items on. We wouldn’t recommend Mercari over eBay due to the sole fact that Mercari is still climbing the ranks when it comes to ecommerce.

eBay still has a substantially larger audience, but that doesn’t mean you still won’t be able to sell your items on Mercari. It’s always a good idea to cross list between multiple platforms in order to get the most money or quickest sale.

Mercari was created with ease of use in mind. We believe Mercari is the best platform to list on with a mobile device. They have pretty much made the process of listing on their platform as seamless as possible.

Simply take a photo of your item, fill in all the requirements, set the price and shipping, and list it. It’s that simple and the mobile app runs great.


Offer-Up is another option, however this will most likely be the slowest way to sell your action figures. Offer-Up shines when it comes to local sales, but the audience for action figured can be very niche which means that it can take a long time to sell an item locally.

Offer-Up has been around and is also very mobile friendly. Simply take a picture of your item, set the price, description, and then wait for a potential buyer. Buyers will be able to message you directly through the app if they want to offer on your item, or ask for a meetup to purchase it outright.

How Much Can I Sell My Action Figures For?

Collectible action figures can vary in price. There are hundreds and thousands of different action figures that are being sold on the market right now. Many of the expensive and highly sought after collectibles will come from very well known shows like Star Wars or the Marvel Universe.

Below we gave a few examples of collectible toys that we found in the ebay completed sales filter showing what action figure sold as well as for how much. Searching for the action figure you are trying to sell and seeing what it sold for is a great way to estimate how much you could potentially get for it if you were to list it on eBay’s platform.

Collectible Action FigurePrice
Vintage Star Wars RANCOR MONSTER Original1983115$
Medicom Toy MAFEX No. 075 Spider-Man Peter Parker Action Figure AUTHENTIC Rare360$
WWE Mattel Elite Legends Series 1: “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes Figure100$
1992 Kenner Batman the Animated Series Combat Belt Action Figure260$

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately at this time, Gamestop is not accepting any types of action figures as a valid form of trade-in credit. The Gamestop trade-in program is great to get rid of items fast, but it is definitely not the most profitable way to go about selling your electronics or collectibles.

If you are trying to get the most out of your action figures, then we highly recommend selling on a third party platform like eBay or Mercari. These platforms have a huge audience and will help you sell your item quickly for the highest amount possible.

For an even quicker sale, we recommend contacting Neat Stuff Collectibles. You might not get paid as much as if you were to sell your item on eBay, but they will be able to buy your collectibles in bulk and immediately if you agree to let go of your items for their offering price.

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