Does Gamestop Buy Gamecube Games?

does gamestop buy gamecube games

Gamestop is well known for their trade-in program which has grown to become one of the largest in the industry. When they first started, they only accepted video games and consoles. Since then, they have expanded into other categories like phones, watches, and even tablets.

We know Gamestope buys videogames, but do they still buy Gamecube games? The answer is yes. Gamestop is still buying Gamecube games even though the Gamecube is now considered a retro console. Not only are Gamecube games considered retro, but they are also highly valuable.

However, there are a few requirements in order to trade in Gamecube games. You will first need to search their website to make sure the game you want to trade-in is accepted. At this time it looks like they are only accepting popular titles. Some of these popular titles include Super Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, and many other popular titles.

How Much Does Gamestop Pay For Gamecube Games?

How much you will be able to get for you Gamecube games will vary greatly depending on the title. Many of the popular Gamecube titles are very rare nowadays. Some of these rare titles can fetch over 100$ even without a case or manual.

Below we provided a small chart of a few Gamecube titles that Gamestop is accepting for trade-in along with their current prices:

Gamecube GameTrade-In Value
Mario Kart Double DashCash: 4.80$

Store Credit: 6$
Pokemon XD: Gale of DarknessCash: 9.60$

Store Credit: 12$
The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s EditionCash: 8$

Store Credit: 10$
Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceCash: 28$

Store Credit: 35$

Does Gamestop Give Cash for Gamecube Games?

Gamestop gives you the option of selecting in-store credit or cash. We highly recommend you do not get cash for your games as they will give you substantially less than in-store credits.

Gamestop is pretty well known for low balling customers when it comes to video game trade-ins whether that’s for cash or credit. The payouts are always extremely low compared to the actual market value of the games.

Does Gamestop Buy Gamecube Games Without the Case?

Gamestop will buy your Gamecube games even if they do not have a case or manual. The correct term for a game without it’s case is a loose disc. Gamestop sells both games with cases and without depending on how they received the game from a customer.

In the world of collectors, a game that is loose is always worth less than a game that is complete with its original case and manual. However, Gamestop will not pay you any more or less if your game comes with the original case or not.

How Does Gamestop Trade-In Work for Gamecube Games?

Gamestop’s trade-in program is fairly easy. The first thing you need to do is go on their website. Once there, you will need to search for the Gamecube game that you are wanting to sell and click on the trade value button towards the bottom of the screen.

A new window should pop up showing you how much Gamestop is willing to give you in forms of both trade-in credits and cash. If you are a Gamestop pro member, you will receive a slightly higher payment in return.

The offer for in-store credits will always be higher than the cash value offered. The in-store credits can be used at any Gamestop location.

To see the most current up to date prices for Gamecube games you can check out price charting. Price charting will show you the current market prices that Gamecube games are going for both loose or complete in box. It’s a great website to use for other retro games and consoles as well.

Can You Negotiate Gamecube Game Trade-In Prices with Gamestop?

Unfortunately you cannot negotiate the cash or trade-in value prices. These prices are set by Gamestop and enforced by the employees in the stores. To see the most up to date prices and eligibilities for trade-ins, be sure to check out their website or call your local store.

Is It Worth Selling Your Gamecube Games to Gamestop?

We highly recommend that you do not sell your Gamecube games to Gamestop. They will pay you way under market value for your video games, and then make a huge profit once they list and resell your games.

Gamecube games are also worth more if they are complete with the game, case, and manual. Since Gamecube games are so rare, they are considered a collectible which makes their value that much more when they come complete.

To get the most out of your Gamecube games, we recommend selling them on a platform like eBay or Mercari. You will most likely be able to get double or even triple the amount that Gamestop would give you.

Final Thoughts

Gamestop, being known for their extensive trade-in program, is still accepting Gamecube games to this day. The only caveat is that the games you want to trade in must be on their list of eligible trade-ins. Most of these games are going to be the more popular and expensive titles like Super Mario and Pokemon.

We highly recommend selling your games on a platform like eBay or Mercari. You will be able to list and sell your games for substantially more money, especially if they are complete with the game and case. Collectors all around the world are always looking to buy, hold, and resell Gamecube games.

Gamecube game prices are constantly going up and down due to limited availability and demand. Retro gaming is becoming increasingly popular the older it gets, which just adds to the value of these highly sought after games.

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