Does Gamestop Buy Laptops?

Does Gamestop Buy Laptops

Gamestop is notorious for buying used games for pennies on the dollar, and reselling them for market value. It’s called reselling, and every business is in it to make money. Since then, Gamestop has been branching its arms and has been taking in and buying electronics from customers.

This raises the question, does Gamestop buy laptops? According to Gamestop’s website, they currently do not buy laptops. They buy gaming consoles, controllers, headsets, cell phones, smart watches, and video games.

However, this does not mean that in the future that they won’t consider buying laptops. In this article we will go over a few other frequently asked questions and give our take as to why they may or may not be purchasing laptops.

Does Gamestop Sell Laptops?

Although Gamestop does not buy laptops, they actively sell laptops on their website. They come in a wide variety of price ranges and brands. They range from small Chromebook, to high powered gaming machines. They have a laptop that will suit just about any taste.

However, the majority of laptops listed for sale on their website are gaming laptops. They sell some of the most popular brands in the gaming laptop industry like Razer and MSI. If you are looking for a good gaming laptop, but can’t find any online or in stores, then checking GameStop’s website is a good place to potentially find some in stock.

Does Gamestop Buy Apple Laptops?

Unfortunately, Gamestop does not buy Apple laptops. Macbooks fall into the same category as a laptop and currently they do not take any forms or laptops or computers for eligible trade-in credits or money.

We believe they are not taking Macbooks due to the fact that there are new releases every year. Every time there is a new release, the value of older model Macbooks go down. The quick depreciating value of these Macbooks can make it hard to sell older models which makes it less profitable.

We recommend checking out Apple Trade In if you are trying to sell a Macbook. You can get credit towards a new Macbook, or receive an Apple gift card.

Does Gamestop Buy Gaming Laptops?

Gaming laptops can be considered portable consoles, but they are laptops nonetheless. Unfortunately, Gamestop does not buy gaming laptops however, they do sell them on their website.

Similar to Apple Macbooks, gaming laptops are constantly evolving with new pieces of hardware such as better processors and graphics cards. This can make older gaming laptops less desirable and difficult to sell.

Does Gamestop Take Old Laptops?

Gamestop will not accept new or old laptops. According to their website, laptops are not part of the electronics that they purchase.

Does Gamestop Buy Broken Laptops?

Gamestop will not buy broken laptops at this time. Gamestop specializes in video game consoles, and even though laptops are part of the industry, repairing broken laptops requires a skill that would take a special team on Gamestops side.

Gamestop does not even repair consoles at this time, so a broken laptop would definitely be out of their scope.

Places to Trade in Your Laptop

Here is a small list of places where you can take your laptop to get money, gift cards, and credits.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In provides customers with an Amazon gift card for eligible electronics. They do not take any laptop/device, so you will have to look through their list of eligible electronics to see if your laptop qualifies for trade-in.

Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is an online service that buys laptops. The process is quick and simple. The first step is getting an estimate for your laptop. If you like the offer, you will send your laptop through UPS. Once they receive the item, you will be paid within two business days.

Apple Trade In

Apple Trade In is perfect if you are trying to get rid of a Macbook. Simply find your device on the list to find its value and submit it. You can trade in your current Macbook as credit towards a new one, or you can trade it in for an Apple Gift Card.

Best Buy Trade In Program

Another great place to trade in your laptop is at Best Buy. The Best Buy Trade In Program allows you to trade in your laptop for a Best Buy Gift Card.

Final Thoughts

Gamestop is the leading retailer when it comes to everything gaming. They have a popular trade in service that offers money and store credit for a variety of electronics. Unfortunately, Gamestop does not purchase Apple laptops, gaming laptops, broken laptops, or old/outdated laptops.

We believe this is solely a smart business move made by Gamestop due to the fact that laptops can deteriorate in value quickly, and there can be a number of issues that can arise like faulty or failing hardware that would be hard to diagnose on initial inspection.

This doesn’t mean that Gamestop won’t start taking in laptops in the future, but as of right now it may be better to sell your laptop on a local marketplace or at an online auction site like Ebay.

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