Does Hobby Lobby Sell Pokemon Cards?

does hobby lobby sell pokemon cards

Hobby Lobby is the leading arts and crafts retailer across the US. As they’ve expanded over the years, they’ve added more hobby-centric products to their stores. One area that Hobby Lobby surprisingly embraced has been trading cards. Collectors have been surprised to stumble across a wide selection of trading cards at Hobby Lobby.

Pokemon cards are some of the biggest sellers in the trading card industry. Does Hobby Lobby sell Pokemon cards as well? Yes, Hobby Lobby does sell Pokemon trading cards as well. These cards sell fast, which leaves many collectors wondering where they will be able to find more cards. If there’s a Hobby Lobby near you, you might be able to find a good selection of Pokemon cards there. 

The trading card industry continues to be in demand, and more people are willing to pay big bucks to find them. If you’re interested in buying Pokemon trading cards from Hobby Lobby, you’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to go over what you can expect when you go shopping for Pokemon cards at Hobby Lobby. Keep reading to find out more.

How Often Does Hobby Lobby Restock Pokemon Cards?

While Pokemon cards are high in demand, they do not have a set schedule of when they are restocked. Hobby Lobby has not released any public information of when they receive Pokemon cards and other trading cards. However, every Hobby Lobby location has one day a week that is “Truck Day”. 

This is the day when all of the inventory for the week is delivered and items are restocked. For more information about when your local Hobby Lobby restocks Pokemon cards, try to find out when Truck Day is, and visit the location later in the afternoon or early evening when the items will be out on the shelves. 

One thing to keep in mind about Pokemon cards is the restocks are usually determined by the supplier. They may not have a restock every week. However, most Hobby Lobby locations will have new stock for release dates and a larger selection before the holidays arrive. 

What Types of Pokemon Booster Packs/Boxes Does Hobby Lobby Sell?

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People were pleasantly surprised to find out that Hobby Lobby sold Pokemon trading cards, but were disappointed when they discovered the online selection. The online selection seems small because the only things available are Pokemon Trading Card Game and Pokemon trading cards. These are usually older set booster packs or Pokemon trading card tins

Pokemon cards are delivered to Hobby Lobby by a supplier and go directly to the display. Customers can come into the shop and browse through the different packs available. They will not be able to order them online because the suppliers are not connected to the warehouse. This will also lead the stock to be slightly different at each location.

While it hasn’t been released which Pokemon cards are available at Hobby Lobby in-store, many people who have taken a browse through the selection have mentioned that they have scored a lot of great booster packs for their collections, like the Darkness Ablaze booster box. 

If collectors see a Pokemon card booster box that they want in-store, they should grab it that day. This is because the selection is always changing. While many of the basics and bestsellers continue to be restocked frequently, the special booster packs will come and go.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

How Much Do Pokemon Cards Cost at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby shocked collectors by announcing they sold Pokemon cards. They also shocked collectors by the high price they were charging for the trading cards. Hobby Lobby is known for selling items at a higher price than other retailers and the Pokemon trading cards are no exception to this.

A basic set of Pokemon trading cards is set at $7.99 and the prices continue to rise with different booster packs and boxes, which seems high to most collectors. Even collectors’ tins seem unreasonably high which turned a lot of potential buyers away. While Hobby Lobby attracted a lot of people in because they sell Pokemon cards, the high price didn’t get a great reaction.

The Price Isn’t as High as You Would Believe

One thing to keep in mind about buying Pokemon cards at Hobby Lobby is that the sticker price may be high, but you don’t have to pay that much for them. Hobby Lobby frequently has 40 % off coupons available for their Pokemon trading cards, allowing customers to bring home these collectibles at a reasonable price. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to buy from Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby also has the Pokemon Trading Card game, which is sold at a retail price of $19.99. However, with the coupon, people can buy this game for as low as $11.99. While the prices may seem high at first glance, using a coupon could allow you to find the lowest prices around on new Pokemon trading cards.  

Final Thoughts

A lot of retailers across the US have stopped selling trading cards. Trading cards are hot sellers and some stores have had to deal with over-the-top scenarios on big release dates. The cutback on retailers selling Pokemon cards has left many people to wonder where they can find new cards for their collection. Hobby Lobby is still selling Pokemon cards in most stores.

However, since Pokemon cards are hot sellers, stores can not guarantee that they will stay in stock for long. People will need to act fast when they see a box set they want because when it sells out, the staff at Hobby Lobby will not be informed when or if it will be restocked. While Hobby Lobby has a good selection, the stock is frequently changing.   

At most Hobby Lobby stores, the best sellers will restock more frequently than the special editions. People can also expect a larger selection on release dates and before the holidays. If you have a Pokemon fan on your holiday shopping list, Hobby Lobby is the store to stop at.

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