How Often Does Gamestop Restock Pokemon Cards?

How Often Does Gamestop Restock Pokemon Cards

While GameStop is best known for being one of the largest suppliers of video games in the United States, they have recently branched out into other areas, namely merchandise. This means that Pokemon cards have been introduced into many of the stores. Of course, if you are on the hunt for Pokemon cards, you may wonder when the company will restock.

So, how often does GameStop restock Pokemon cards? Well, it is hard to say. This is because GameStop relies on general restocks. This means that their products come from a central warehouse. This means that the days that they can restock are different.

Since we are sure that you are not going to be happy with that answer, let’s go into a little bit more depth. This way you will be able to tell exactly when your store will be restocking cards.

What Days Does Gamestop Restock Pokemon Cards?

GameStop can restock Pokemon cards any day of the week. This is because all of their Pokemon cards come from a central warehouse. It will just be part of their general restock. This means that it can be pretty difficult to determine exactly when Pokemon cards are coming back into stock.

That being said, the staff are able to tell when their next restock is happening. They will be able to tell you exactly when their next delivery is arriving, so you can ask them.

Over time, you will start to realize that the restock days for GameStop can be similar. So, we suggest that you check in every day and see whether there are any Pokemon cards on the shelf. There is no need to ask anybody. Just have a look and you will easily be able to tell whether they have any stock.

Once you have worked out the days that they restock Pokemon cards, then this is likely going to be the day that they are always going through a restock, which is awesome. Just return on that day each week.

Can You Buy Pokemon Cards From Gamestop Online?

Yes. GameStop sells Pokemon cards online. However, do bear in mind that the cards will be for delivery only. You should also bear in mind that the selection of Pokemon cards available online will be different to what you will find in your local store. Therefore, you will need to head to your local store if you really want to get a solid overview of the Pokemon cards that are available in your local area.

Does Gamestop Sell Pokemon Cards Used?

GameStop is known for being a great place to buy used video games. However, you can’t pick up used trading cards from their stores. Everything they sell is going to be brand new.

This, of course, means that you are not going to be able to sell Pokemon cards to GameStop either!

What Company Stocks Pokemon Cards at Gamestop?

GameStop deals with the restocking of the Pokemon cards themselves. This means that, unlike other big stores, there is no external party that is coming in to restock the cards. Everything is going to come from their central warehouse. This is part of the reason why it is so tough to predict when the actual restock days are.

In terms of who supplies the GameStop warehouse, this is another tricky question to answer. It does seem as if the company has several different larger wholesalers of Pokemon cards providing them with stock.

What Pokemon Card Products Does Gamestop Stock?

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GameStop mostly stocks booster packs. These will almost always be from the latest set. At a push, they may stock Pokemon cards from the previous set but do not expect anything older than that. If older cards sell out, they do not replace them.

On top of this, you are going to get a good selection of theme decks. Again, these are going to be from the latest sets, so do not expect them to have some of the rarer cards in stock.

Finally, there will also be some promo packs. Do bear in mind that GameStop does not have anything that is especially unique. This means that the promo boxes that you are going to be able to find here are the same promo boxes that you will find anywhere else. Still, it is worth checking just to see what they have in stock.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

How Much Are Pokemon Cards at Gamestop?

GameStop sells all of their Pokemon cards at MRSP i.e. booster packs are going to be $4.

The theme decks and the promo boxes can vary a little bit. So, expect them to be around the MSRP and you should be fine. The price that they charge on their website is going to be exactly the same as if you headed into their store.  

It is very, very rare that they are going to have a sale on Pokemon cards. Since it is not really a huge focus for their business there is no need for them to offer huge discounts in order to pull people in. So, do not expect to head in there and see Pokemon cards at 50% off, because that will never happen.

Did Gamestop Stop Selling Pokemon Cards?

There have been times where GameStop has stopped selling Pokemon cards. As you may well know, GameStop has had several financial issues over the years. This means that, at times, they have not had any stock of Pokemon cards. This is because, once again, GameStop does not place a huge focus on Pokemon cards.

Other than this, the only times that they have really stopped selling Pokemon cards was when there was a shortage of Pokemon cards nationwide. GameStop simply did not have the stock that it could distribute to its stores. Although, this does appear to be an issue that has cleared up. Although, there is no telling whether this is something that is going to happen again in the future.

Does Gamestop Have Limits on the Number of Pokemon Cards That You Can Buy?

No. There are no limits from GameStop on the number of Pokemon card products that you can purchase from them. We cannot promise that they are not going to introduce limits later on. However, for now, there will be no limits and it is unlikely that there will be for the foreseeable future, even if there is another big run on Pokemon cards.

Final Thoughts

GameStop is not a huge seller of Pokemon Cards, but they have been known to keep some cards in stock. It is certainly going to be a larger focus for their business going forward, mostly because they sell fewer video games due to the switch to digital.

It is difficult to tell when GameStop will be restocking Pokemon cards as it will all come from a central warehouse. This means that they could restock any day of the week, so you will need to keep an eye out for when your local GameStop restocks their Pokemon cards.

Once the cards are in stock, expect them to sell for MSRP. Expect there to only be a limited selection of Pokemon cards available in the store too. Again, this is because it is not a huge focus.

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