Does Office Depot Sell Graphics Cards?

Does Office Depot Sell Graphics Cards

Graphics cards are starting to be a rare commodity in todays era. Their demand has grown over the years as gamers and crypto miners seek the best of the best in terms of performance. Coupled with worldly situations this has caused a drastic decrease in availability.

This forces people to think outside the box on where to search for graphics cards which leads to the question, does Office Depot sell graphics cards? The answer is yes. Office Depot does in fact sell graphics cards both on their website and in-store locations.

One quick search on Office Depot’s website will show you their available selection and stock of graphics cards. At the time of writing this article, we are in the middle of a graphics card shortage due to the increased demand.

What Types of Graphics Cards Does Office Depot Sell?

Office Depot sells both of the flagship graphic card suppliers, Nvidia and AMD. Along with these chipsets, the brands that Office Depot sells are MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, and EVGA. These are among some of the most popular brands in the industry.

Office Depot stays up to date with the most current lineups of GPU’s. At the time of writing this article, the RTX 3060 and 3070 are their top sellers on their website.

How Much Do Graphics Cards Cost at Office Depot?

If you can find a graphics card in store, the price will be marked at MSRP. However, it seems as though this is the hardest way to get a graphics card since there are so many resellers and scalpers that are constantly watching the inventory logs of all the stores that sell graphics cards.

On average, if purchasing online, expect to pay close to double of what a graphics card is worth when purchasing on the Office Depot website. With the surging prices of graphics cards, it’s no exception to expect very high prices.

Upon checking Office Depot for Nvidia graphics cards, the RTX 3060 is listed at $619.99, and the RTX 3070Ti is listed at $999.99. These prices are almost double the MSRP which means they are also selling these cards higher than the suggested retail price.

How Often Does Office Depot Restock Graphics Cards?

At this time Office Depot does not have regular restock dates. Due to the large demand and low supply of graphics cards, they are selling out pretty much instantly.

Your best bet at knowing when Office Depot restocks graphics cards is by being in a group or forum that notifies the public of when restocks are about to happen.

There are also third party programs like Zoolert which allow you to check and monitor the restocks of Office Depot. Programs like these have alerts that you can set so you can know exactly when their are changes to the inventory stocks at their stores.

Where Are the Graphics Cards Located at Office Depot?

Graphics cards are located in the PC section of the store. You can purchase the graphics cards online for in-store pickup, or you can go to the store and purchase from there.

Final Thoughts

Office Depot definitely sells graphics cards in-store as well as online. However, being able to find them when they are in stock is another task on its own. You will most likely need to rely on third party software’s or be in some sort of graphics card alert group to stand a chance.

The online prices for graphics cards are set by the current supply and demand, while the in store prices are marked at MSRP. If you are lucky enough to snatch a graphics card for MSRP in store, it can save you a lot of money

Finding a graphics card at MSRP is a daunting task at this time. If purchasing a new generation graphics card is a priority, you may need to purchase one online for an inflated price since the market is being closely watched by many groups of resellers and scalpers.

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