Does Target Price Match Gamestop?

Does Target Price Match Gamestop

If you enjoy video games, Target is likely on your list of places to shop. This popular department store offers a wide selection of popular video games and gaming consoles. If you buy a product from Target and then see it for a cheaper price at Gamestop, you may be asking “Does Target price match Gamestop?” 

Target does price match Gamestop items. One of the things that customers appreciate about shopping at Target is that the store is flexible with price matching. If you found the exact item you bought at Target for cheaper at Gamestop, the Team at Target will arrange a price match for you under certain conditions.

Are you interested to know more about Target’s price match policy when it comes to items you can find at Gamestop? You’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to cover what customers can expect when they want Target to price match Gamestop. 

Can You Price Match Target to GameStop?

When a new console or video game releases, it’s always a hot item. Certain products sell out really fast. Avid video game enthusiasts know how fast these products sell, so it’s not uncommon for them to grab a hot item when they see it and not think twice about buying it.

That is until they notice that another store was selling the exact same product for cheaper. Target is a department store that sells everything from groceries to clothing and more. If you stopped in to grab some supplies for your home, you may notice a game or console is back in stock. So, it makes sense for you to grab it while it’s still in stock.

Yet, when you get home, you may notice there’s a flyer stating that the same item is available at Gamestop, but for a discounted price. In this situation, Target will gladly do a price match to ensure you get the best price and remain a Target customer.

Target’s Price Match Policy

Target is very flexible with the price match policy, but there are rules that customers need to follow. To begin with, you must request the price match within 14 days of your purchase. This is why it’s very important to keep your receipt. If you notice Gamestop has the item at a cheaper price within the time frame, Target will honor the price match policy.

As long as the item qualifies for price matching, Target has a price match guarantee that they follow. Target aims to simplify the shopping experience for its customers. They strive to provide great deals to customers but know that there are times they can find better sales elsewhere. To get their customers to stay loyal, they will match the prices at other big-name stores.

Keep in mind, that Target’s price match guarantee does have limitations. The store will only allow price matching for certain retail stores. While Gamestop is one of them, price matching won’t apply to deals run by small businesses. Target does have a full list of qualifying stores on its official website.

How Does Price Match Work?

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Target makes price matching very easy. In order to be eligible for price matching, you need to bring your receipt of purchase for the item and proof that it is cheaper at Gamestop to your nearest Target location. This proof can be in the form of a physical flyer or from the company’s official website. 

The Target employee will also do a quick search to ensure the item is at a lower price before honoring the price match guarantee. When you request the price match, the item must be in stock from Gamestop at the time of the price match. You will also need to ensure the item is 100 % identical. Double-check that the following matches:

  • Brand name
  • Model number
  • Size/ color (for accessories)
  • Edition
  • Quantity

When you request a price match, you can do so on the date of purchase, or keep your receipt and bring it in with proof within the time frame for guaranteed price matching. Once the employee confirms proof of a lower price and the item is an exact match, you will be honored with the discounted price.

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How Long Do You Have to Get a Price Adjustment at Target?

The Target price match guarantee is available to customers for up to 14 days upon the date of purchase. Within that two-week period, if you find the exact same item that you bought at Target for a lower price at Gamestop, you will be honored with a price match.

It is important to check the dates because Target will only do a guaranteed price match if the item is listed for a lower price at the time you request the price match. You will not be eligible for a price match if the item was listed on sale at Gamestop prior to the date of your request.

For example, you may have purchased a video game at Target on the weekend but when you went to work on Monday, you found out that a co-worker got the exact same game for 30 % off at Gamestop during a weekend sale. In this situation, the sale would be over by the time you found out and requested a price match, so you would be denied.

Target will also deny price matching for upcoming sales. If you notice an upcoming sale in the Gamestop flyer and your price match window is coming to an end, you will not qualify for price matching. 

Will Target Let You Return and Rebuy for a Price Match?

Game consoles are an investment, so it makes sense that anyone who purchases one wants to get the best deal possible. Now, imagine paying full price for a new console at Target, only to learn that 3 weeks later Gamestop has the same one on sale for $150 off. 

As long as you have kept the item you have purchased in mint condition, Target allows full refunds for up to 90 days of purchase. If you are still within this window of time, you may bring the item (with your receipt) to Target for a refund. Once you have received your refund, you can either rebuy the item doing price matching or purchase it directly from Gamestop.

It’s important that you keep your receipt as proof of purchase. This way Target can refund the full amount that you paid to your original payment method. Target may deny a refund and offer an exchange instead if it appears that the item has been opened and used. For this reason, it’s best to keep the packaging in pristine condition.

Does Target Honor Price Mistakes?

Price mistakes are when an item is listed at a cheaper price than it rings up at the cash register. This can happen if a store employee accidentally stocks an item in the wrong section or misprints a sign or sticker. Some stores will write it off as a mistake and make the customer pay full price (or leave the item behind).

Target has a great reputation because the employees will honor the price mistake. The employees will double-check to make sure you are correct in where you found the item. In the case that you are correct, the employee will sell you the item at the lower price and remove the rest of the items from the shelf until they get the situation sorted out.

You may be denied the lower price if you made a mistake in your purchase. For example, a customer grabbed a package of brand-name garbage bags and put them in their cart.

However, they notice at the end of the aisle, a different brand of garbage bags is on sale. They grab the garbage bags that are on sale and leave the ones they don’t want in that area.

When you come across the bags that the customer put in that section by mistake, you will not be honored with the discount. The sign clearly states which brand is on sale, so Target will not have to honor that price mistake.

Final Thoughts

Does Target price match Gamestop? Target has a guaranteed price match policy that includes items found at Gamestop. As long as you have proof that Gamestop has the exact same item you’ve purchased on sale, you could qualify for price matching. Keep in mind, that Target does have a cut-off date. Price matching is only guaranteed for up to 14 days from the purchase date.

Before honoring a price match, Target needs to have proof. To start with, they need to see your receipt to prove the date you purchased the item and what price you purchased it for. They will also need valid proof that Gamestop currently has the item for a lower price and do have the right to deny a price matching if you don’t present valid proof.

You can prove the lower price by showing the Target employee a dated flyer or what is currently listed on the Gamestop website.

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