Does Gamestop Price Match?

does gamestop price match

GameStop has recently made headlines due to a surge in both store and online sales. Many people have been wondering if the GameStop price match policy is still in effect, especially with the flood of new consumers.

Loyal customers have reported that GameStop has begun to price match in-store competition. With the exception of flash deals and bundles, this will work the same way as any other price matching policy, in which GameStop would reduce the price of its products if a rival sells the identical game at a lower price.

Continue reading to learn more regarding whether GameStop price matches, details concerning GameStop’s price match policy, who GameStop price matches with and more.

Does GameStop Price Match?

Over the years, GameStop has surpassed Best Buy as the world’s largest video game store. GameStop is known to have about 5500 stores in various regions of the world, with most of them in its native nation of the United States.

With a wide selection of video games, ranging from PS4 exclusives to several console-friendly options, GameStop is also considered the most popular site for game developers to debut and sell their new and future titles.

By simply going to their website or walking into a store, you will be able to locate many special deals or discounts on the items offered since GameStop is such a well-known brand.

Their separate locations are also recognized for having a variety of reward programmes and clearance specials. With all this popularity, many customers have found themselves wondering if GameStop price matches.

There’s both good and bad news for GameStop fans when it comes to price matching. First and foremost, unfortunately, GameStop does not match the prices of any other shop in the market. This includes franchises like Target, Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart.

As a result, if you have previously purchased anything from GameStop and subsequently discover that the identical product is available at a lesser price at another shop, don’t expect any returns from them, even if you have all the proofs. 

However, we have learned from reliable sources that GameStop is known for price-matching items purchased online.

For example, suppose you purchased the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands physical edition from but found it cheaper on Blizzard Entertainment’s portal or In that case, you may easily request a price match refund on the GameStop website.

Does GameStop Have an Official Price Matching Policy?

Please bear in mind that there is no official GameStop price matching policy. They just do it for the sake of their clients and to keep their company competitive. However, it is critical to grasp the unofficial rules of receiving a price match refund via their website.

What Is Price Matching and How Does It Work?

Pricing matching entails comparing a product’s price to that of a rival and compensating the difference in cash rebates or vouchers. This is a typical method many businesses use to provide the most value for their consumers’ money.

For example, with price matching, if a rival, such as Target, offers the same goods at a lower price, the store with which you are price matching will give customers a partial refund. Unfortunately, GameStop is pretty strict with its price match policies and will refuse to price match to big corporations like Target or Walmart.

However, customers don’t have to go to another website, shop, or store to get this discounted pricing. GameStop’s price matching policy will match prices in store and refund you back the difference. Over the years, GameStop has implemented a price matching policy in-store. Nonetheless, as of 2022, GameStop has still not released an official online price matching policy. 

After GameStop’s stock plunged in 2021, the firm announced a significant change in leadership, signaling a shift in strategy that indicated an acceptance of the e-commerce route in the game business.

The company’s initial step in this broad direction was price matching. GameStop plans to spread this strategy to their online stores in the future year after offering it to customers in-store.

With the exception of flash sales and bundles, this price matching will function similarly to any other price matching policy, in which GameStop would cut the price of its items if a competitor sells the same game for less.

What is GameStop’s Policy on Price Matching?

GameStop has a list of best practices for their price matching system and policy, albeit it is unofficial and not completely extended to their online store.  In order to qualify for a price match at GameStop, the goods must be identical, including the game version. Proof of purchase from a GameStop store is also essential. This can be a receipt or number order.

Nonetheless, GameStop will not match the pricing of digital and physical copies of a game since they are two separate goods.

The product must also be available at GameStop and its rivals. Take note that GameStop also does not match deals or reduce pricing, including Black Friday bargains and those offered by third-party merchants like Amazon or Walmart.

All price matching with GameStop must adhere to all of these rules. If the policy is violated, you will be barred from price matching with GameStop indefinitely.

Who Does Game Stop Price Match With?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the GameStop Price Match Policy, GameStop does not price match with any other store. While their price match policy tends to only extend to in-store purchases, if the item was purchased via, price adjustments are possible as long as the item was not acquired during a web-exclusive offer.

Also, if you’re attempting to match the value of new goods with the price of a used product, you won’t be able to get a partial refund under the GameStop Price Adjustment Policy in this circumstance. 

Is GameStop Willing to Match Online Prices?

At this time, GameStop, unfortunately, does not match any internet prices. While not currently available, GameStop has left breadcrumbs that an online price match policy is in the works. When this becomes available, this practice will most likely start with physical locations before expanding online in the near future.

Is GameStop Willing to Match Walmart’s Prices?

Unfortunately, GameStop will not match Walmart’s pricing when it comes to identical items. On the other hand, GameStop sells a wide selection of gaming and electrical devices, including limited-edition pre-owned items that are unlikely to be found in your local Walmart, making price matching improbable.

Is GameStop Willing to Match Amazon’s Prices?

Considering Amazon’s prices are sometimes inflated by the resale market, GameStop does not match Amazon’s prices. However, GameStop’s price matching is still new, and one still may see adjustments in the future where Amazon is included.

Is GameStop Willing to Match Best Buy’s Prices?

Unfortunately, neither in-store nor online Best Buy prices are matched by GameStop. Best Buy does, however, compare pricing with shops like Amazon, Crutchfield, and others.

What Kind of Video Games Does GameStop Stock and Price Match? 

GameStop carries the most recent video games, peripherals, and consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S. From Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Halo Infinite, you can buy blockbuster games with these systems in shops or online.

Due to their gaming concentration, GameStop offers an extensive video game collection. The retail chain has something for everyone, from well-known names like Call of Duty and Just Dance to obscure fan favorites like Hades and Overcooked.

You’ll almost certainly find the game you’re searching for at a local GameStop shop or on their website, whether buying it for yourself or as a gift. Keep in mind that specific titles are only available on a single system. Before purchasing, check the game’s product page to see if it’s compatible with your system.

Does Game Stop Have a Return Policy?

GameStop has a rigorous return policy, especially when it comes to opened games and customers returning things without a receipt. Returning items to GameStop has a strict 30-day deadline.

It’s also worth mentioning that refunds are given in the same form as the initial payment. Cash transactions exceeding $150 are the lone exception. In this scenario, you’ll have to wait 14 business days for a check from the corporate office.

Does GameStop Offer Full-Refunds on Returns?

According to GameStop’s return policy, within thirty days of a new purchase, including a receipt, you can obtain a complete refund, including your gaming consoles. However, when it comes to pre-owned things, you only have seven days to get a complete refund.

What is GameStop’s Return Policy?

Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase or within 7 days for pre-owned items and must include a receipt or order number.

Items you are trying to return that are defective can be opened, however, items that are returned for any other reason will not be reimbursed if they are opened. Even if the item is returned with a receipt within 30 days, GameStop also has the right to deny any refund.

Does GameStop Have a Warranty Policy?

GameStop offers a one-time Product Replacement Plan guarantee for new or used video games that covers natural wear and tear. The cost of the 1-year warranty is determined by the game’s purchase and is entirely optional.

At the time of purchase, GameStop offers the Product Replacement Plan, which covers product failure as well as typical wear and tear faults, printing mistakes, and mechanical software difficulties.

However, the plan does not cover consumer damage such as breaking or crushing the video game or spilling liquids on it. Furthermore, the warranty costs $1.99 for titles under $19.99 and $3.99 for games over $59.99.

Overall, GameStop’s guarantee gives additional peace of mind for a few dollars more and is competitively priced compared to other warranties.

Is a Receipt Required to Use GameStop’s Warranty Policy?

An original receipt for the hardware, stating that a Product Replacement Plan was purchased for that hardware, must be produced. The serial number on this receipt must be used to identify the purchase. Any games, systems, and purchases must also be returned in their original packaging, including all accompanying manuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GameStop Refund if a Price Drops?

GameStop’s Price Drop policy is part of the company’s price-matching strategy. With the exception of flash sales and bundles, this will work similarly to any other retailer’s price matching policy, in which GameStop would adjust the price of its titles if another shop provides a lower price.

Request a price adjustment if you observe a price decline within a few weeks of your purchase. When you go straight to the shop, you’ll almost always be able to have the difference repaid.

What Exactly is a Pre-Ordered Product?

A pre-order is a purchase made for an item that has not yet been released or is out of stock. When they become available, they are mailed to the buyer. Customers may pre-order things from GameStop before they become available.

When you pre-order a product, you will be charged a lower price if the price reduces before the release date. Only after your order is processed will your payment card be charged. We may process your purchase and authorize your payment card up to 10 days before the goods are released in some situations.

Final Thoughts

For the time being, GameStop products can only be price matched in-store, not online. Pricing matching is comparing a product’s price to that of a rival and compensating the difference in cash rebates or vouchers. Many businesses employ this method to provide their clients with the most bang for their buck.

Fortunately, GameStop will match the lowest price if the product is at its regular price, without any sale or discount, and only against a reputable game retailer, not a third-party or local shop.

It’s just a matter of time until GameStop expands its price matching policy to include online retailers, having moved in a more web-heavy direction with the introduction of new management. To be sure, inquire about GameStop’s price matching policy in your local shop.

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