Does Target Sell Graphics Cards?

does target sell graphics cards

Target does indeed sell graphics cards. They sell both AMD and Nvidia graphic card chipsets, but these can only be found on their online store.

If you are planning on making a trip to a physical location, you will be quickly disappointed as the only thing you will find inside a target location is laptops.

However, due to the current shortages and high demands for graphics cards, doing a quick search for graphics cards on their website may render your search results empty. Target automatically sets the filter to not show out of stock items. Simply check the box on the lower left to show out of stock inventory.

What Types of Graphics Cards Does Target Sell?

Target sells both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. Currently there are two companies that are selling graphics cards on the platform. These two companies are Antonline and Firemall. They currently partner with Target to bring a wide selection of electronics to their platform.

You can find older series cards as well as the most current series cards depending on availability. At the current time of writing this article, the newest series is the 3xxx series. RTX 3070 can be found as well as the 2070, however they are currently out of stock.

How Much Do Graphics Cards Cost at Target?

On average, the price range for graphics cards on Target range anywhere from $300 – $2000 and this largely depends on the model and brand of card you are going after.

Graphics card prices are insanely high at this point in time. Even though the MSRP of an RTX 3070 is $599, you can expect to find the price on to be similar to prices found on other platforms. Currently the RTX 3070 is going for $1,200, but is out of stock.

How Often Does Target Restock Graphics Cards?

Unfortunately there is not much information on when the companies selling graphics cards on Targets platform will restock. The best way to know when they will be restocking is to subscribe to their alerts of when they restock.

To do this, simply go to the page you are wanting to keep track of and click on the “notify me when its back” button to subscribe.

Another way to get notifications of when graphics cards are restocked is to check Target Restock Alerts. It is a twitter group that notifies you of when popular target items are restocked. These can be things like Lego’s, graphics cards, and video gaming consoles.

Where Are the Graphics Cards Located at Target?

Unfortunately the only way to purchase graphics cards at target is through their online store on However, a quick search with the phrase graphics card may leave you wondering as cards may or may not show up.

Target does not show out of stock products, so in order to see the graphics cards, you will need to check the box on the bottom left that says show out of stock. Once the page refreshes, you will be shown the selection.

You will quickly see the most recent graphics cards that are out of stock for both AMD and Nvidia, along with their respective prices.

Final Thoughts

Target definitely sells graphics cards, but not in store locations. You will need to go to and do a search for graphics cards. If there are no results, then you will need to go to the bottom left of the screen and click on the show out of stock button.

Currently there are two big companies that sell graphics cards on Target’s online platform. These two companies are Firemall and Antonline. You can set a filter to only show items from these companies to make searching for a graphics card much easier than sifting through a bunch of products that you are not interested in.

Due to the current shortage and high demand of graphics cards, it will be hard to find any in stock. If you are lucky enough to find them in stock, be prepared to fork out almost double the price for many of the high end cards.

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