Does Walgreens/CVS Sell Pokemon Cards?

Does Walgreens/CVS Sell Pokemon Cards

You can get Pokémon cards at both Walgreens and CVS in store and online. Both offer a variety of Pokémon card packs, expansion packs, and card tins. You can choose from card packs such as the XY Blister Pack Assortment and the XY Furious Fists Game Booster Pack.

Pokémon cards and expansion packs introduce new Pokémon to your collection, making each pack a fun addition. And since each pack varies, you never know what you’re gonna get. Because of this, you can’t return opened packs of Pokémon cards to Walgreens or CVS.

There is currently a high demand for Pokémon cards and a low supply. This means card packs are hard to find. This article discusses Pokémon card packs available at Walgreens and CVS.

Does Walgreens Sell Pokemon Cards?

Yes, Walgreens sells Pokémon cards in store and online. You can choose from a variety of card packs and tins, such as the XY Blister Pack Assortment.

When Does Walgreens Stock Pokemon Cards?

Walgreens does not stock Pokémon cards very often. It could be months before your local Walgreens restocks Pokémon card packs.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply can not meet the high demand for Pokémon cards. More and more people are looking to build their collection, but Pokémon trading cards are not as readily available as they were before the pandemic.

Can You Return Pokemon Cards to Walgreens?

While you can return an unopened pack of Pokémon cards, you can not return an opened pack to Walgreens. Things like phone cards, gift cards, and pre-paid cards are not returnable at most stores, including Walgreens. Pokémon cards are included in this category.

Pokémon cards are similar to baseball cards. You buy them not knowing what is in them. You can’t return them simply because you were disappointed with what was included.

Does Cvs Pharmacy Sell Pokemon Cards?

CVS sells Pokémon card packs such as XY Furious Fists Game Booster Pack, which lets you add Pokémon and Trainer cards to your collection, and Pokémon trading card tins that come with booster packs and online code cards.

When Does Cvs Restock Pokemon Cards?

CVS and similar stores do not restock Pokémon cards regularly. It could be weeks before your local CVS pharmacy restocks their Pokémon cards. There is currently a shortage of Pokémon cards, so don’t expect your local stores to consistently restock.

Can You Return Pokémon Cards to Cvs?

You can return Pokémon card packs as long as you have not opened the pack. You can not return Pokémon cards to CVS if the pack has been opened. It is similar to Walgreens and other stores’ return and exchange policies. You can’t return Pokémon cards, phone cards, gift cards, or similar cards to CVS.

Pokémon card packs are a gamble. You may or may not like what you find inside. You can’t return or exchange a Pokémon card pack just because you didn’t get any cards you wanted.

What Other Stores Sell Pokemon Cards?

You can find Pokémon cards at the following stores:

  • Hobby Lobby
  • Best Buy
  • Michaels
  • TJ Maxx
  • Kohl’s
  • Barnes ; Noble
  • Target
  • Five Below
  • Party City
  • Big Lots
  • Party City
  • Hot Topic
  • Gamestop

Walmart and Amazon also sell a variety of Pokémon card packs. You can search online or shop in store for Pokémon merchandise. is a website that offers the widest variety of Pokémon card packs. You can find merchandise such as the Pokémon TCG: Primarina-GX Challenge Box, the Victini V Battle Deck, the Gardevoir V Battle Deck, and the Sword ; Sheild-Battle Styles Elite Trainer Box.

Why Is It Hard to Find Pokemon Cards?

Pokémon cards are as popular as ever, but they have been selling out quickly in the last year or so. That’s because of the supply and demand problem that the COVID-19 pandemic created.

While Pokémon card sales have increased, supply has decreased. A lot more people have time to build their collections. This combination makes it difficult to find Pokémon cards in stores.  Until this high demand decreases, the Pokémon card shortage will not end.

It might be difficult to find Pokémon card packs in stores because of the shortage, but many people sell cards online through sites like Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Poké also sells trading packs and expansion packs as well as other merchandise.

Where to Find Cheap Pokemon Cards

If you are looking to find Pokémon cards in person, they cost about the same at each store. However, stores like Walmart and Target may have Pokémon cards cheaper than Gamestop or Barnes ; Noble.

If you are looking to get the best value, you are better off buying Pokémon cards online. eBay is a great resource for buying inexpensive Pokémon card packs. You can also find individual cards that might complete your collection. A tip that can help you find cards for cheap is to sort your search by price from low to high.

Buying Pokemon Cards Online

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Many sites sell Pokémon cards, and many stores sell them on their websites, such as Walgreens and CVS. Another way you can get Pokémon cards online is through something called card breaks.

Sports card breaks refer to one person buying a box, pack, or collection of sports cards and selling off shares of it. Those who bought a share get a portion of what was in the box. Some people do this with Pokémon cards as well.

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view them on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Pokémon cards are a fun collection similar to sports cards. You can find them at many stores such as Walgreens and CVS. Some Pokémon cards have a lot of value, so you might be able to make your money back with your collection.

Walgreens and CVS both sell Pokémon card packs and collectible tins, but because of the shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they do not restock often. If you find that your local stores are out of stock, it may be a while before they are available again.

Other stores also sell Pokémon cards, including: Gamestop, Hot Topic, Five Below, Kohl’s, and TJ Maxx. You can find Pokémon card packs and expansion packs online, too. eBay is a great choice for finding the specific card you need.

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