How Long Do Card Sleeves Last?

how long do card sleeves last

How long your card sleeves last will be dependent on how often you are playing with them, as well as your shuffling techniques.

Regular players can see card sleeves last a few months, while some that play once or twice a month may see their card sleeves last many years. It is up to the player to determine when their card sleeves are so ‘far gone’ that it would be in their best interests to replace them.

We do want to point out that when we talk about card sleeves here, we are talking about the card sleeves designed to be played with i.e. the sleeves that are a step up from penny sleeves in terms of quality. The most popular options will be Dragon Shield, KMC, and Ultra Pro. This means that we want to spend a bit of time looking at how each of these will perform.

How Long Do Dragon Shield Card Sleeves Last?

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A lot of people regarded Dragon Shield card sleeves as some of the best on the market. They can retain their ‘shuffle feel’ for as long as a year with standard play.

However, as with most card sleeves, they should be replaced every few months if you are playing regularly. This will help to ensure that your cards are kept in peak condition.

You can expect Dragon Shield sleeves to last the longest out of all the other sleeves currently on the market.

How Long Do KMC Card Sleeves Last?

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Some people claim that their KMC card sleeves will last 2-3 years before falling apart. This is if they shuffle them carefully.

Now, you do not want to be playing with your card sleeves until they fall apart. This is just going to damage your cards.

The KMC Hyper Mattes are the sleeve of choice due to their awesome buttery feel and durability. The only drawback with KMC sleeves is that they can leave your cards looking a little dull to to the type of plastic used.

If you are playing with KMC card sleeves, then you should be replacing them at least once per year. Even if they still feel OK to play with, they are not that expensive to replace, so don’t take the risk to see whether the KMC card sleeves last a little bit longer.

If you are playing regular games with your cards, then you may want to be replacing them every few months. If you leave it too long, then the KMC card sleeves will be harder to shuffle. 

How Long Do Ultra Pro Card Sleeves Last?

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For the most part, Ultra Pro Card Sleeves will last just as long as the other two types of card sleeve i.e. a year with standard play, or a few months if you are playing weekly. However, many people will steer clear of Ultra Pro card sleeves.

This isn’t so much because of the sleeves. The standard sleeves are fantastic. It is more due to certain types of sleeve that Ultra Pro have released.

We recommend using the Eclipse card sleeve lineup by Ultra PRO. The Eclipse series are favored among many competitive trading card players in all forms of games like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic the Gathering.

You may have seen them already, but there are some Ultra Pro card sleeves that will have images on the back of them. They look fancy and all, but these images are simply inked onto the outside of the sleeve.

They are not part of the sleeve. This means that when you shuffle the cards, there will be an extra bit of resistance. This ink can also cause a little bit of curling of the sleeve.

If you are buying standard Ultra Pro card sleeves with no design on them, expect them to last a while. If you are buying Ultra Pro card sleeves with a design on them with the intention of playing a game, you will probably be throwing them away within the week. They just feel awful to play with and they can cause damage to your trading cards. 

How Often Should You Change Your Card Sleeves?

It depends on how frequently you are using your cards.

The more you are shuffling your cards, the quicker they will need to be replaced. This is because the top of the sleeves will start to become wavy. This means that shuffling is going to become a whole lot harder for you. 

If you notice that shuffling with your cards is becoming harder, then you will need to buy new card sleeves. If card sleeves do lose that shuffle feel, then the cards may end up becoming bent!

Most players will replace their card sleeves every three to four months. So, if you are playing Friday Night Magic, for instance, this should give you about 12 sessions with your cards, plus whatever gameplay you are doing away from the FNM. 

If you aren’t actually using the card sleeves to play the game i.e. the cards are doing nothing more than being stored in the card sleeves, then you probably won’t ever need to replace them.

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Replace Your Card Sleeves?

It is important that you do not wait until the card sleeves are falling apart before you replace them. We have seen some people do that, and it baffles us. The whole idea of a card sleeve is to protect the card.

If the card sleeve is at the point of falling apart, then it has been a long time since that card was actually protected. They may as well have had no sleeves on them.

As we said before, the biggest sign that your card sleeves need replacing is if you find it incredibly difficult to shuffle your trading cards. Shuffling should be a fluid motion. You shouldn’t have to be ‘pushing’ the cards together in order to shuffle them properly. As soon as that shuffle feel goes, then replace the card sleeves as soon as you can.

If the cards start to bounce around inside of the card sleeve, then you will also want to replace them. Once again, if the cards are bouncing around, then your cards are not protected. It will damage the edges of the trading card.

Finally, if the sleeves have started to bend, replace them. It will only get worse, and that is just going to end up bending your trading card.

Final Thoughts

How long your card sleeves last is determined by a few factors. How often you use them, and the brand of card sleeves that you are using.

Regular players will most likely need to change out their card sleeves every few months, or sooner. While the more casual player may only have to change out their card sleeves once every 6 months to a year.

Constant shuffling and exposure to the elements also play a big role in card sleeves breaking down. Use these estimates as a rough guide, and if your sleeves are starting to split or fall apart, just go ahead and replace them even if you think you should have gotten more life out of them.

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