How Long Do Vallejo Paints Last?

how long do vallejo paints last

Before you add any new product to your collection of art supplies, you will want to know what the shelf life is and how long the paint will last you. With most paints, the shelf life can be extended if they are taken care of properly.

The average shelf life of Vallejo paints is about five years. The website states that some colors have the ability to last much longer than the average shelf life. If the bottle is unopened, it will last even longer because the paint won’t have any exposure to air.

Vallejo paints are most commonly contained in a dropper bottle. This is a more efficient way of keeping the paint fresh and preventing it from drying out. Paints in these bottles will usually last longer than other types of paint because less oxygen can get in.

Does Vallejo Paint Expire?

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Vallejo paints do not have a set expiration date. If they are taken care of properly and stored in the right environment, they can last indefinitely. Vallejo states on their website that they have models dated ten years, some even older, that haven’t gone through any kind of changes due to aging or fluctuation of temperature.

They make it clear that the samples are checked periodically but have never been used. This means they haven’t been exposed to any contamination. When paints are exposed to things that can contaminate them, it can greatly impact their life. 

When you use paint frequently, it is best to never expose the paint to any kind of contaminants. Never touch the nozzle of the paint to any surface and always pour it into a separate container to use. You will also want to close the lid as tightly as possible to prevent air from seeping into the bottle and causing the paint to dry out.

Even though the paint doesn’t expire, there is still a chance that it can go bad. With Vallejo paint, it can be harder to tell due to the type of bottle the paint is in. However, you might notice that the paint doesn’t come out of the nozzle as easily or at all. In this case, the consistency of the paint has been compromised and probably shouldn’t be used anymore.

How Long Does Unopened Vallejo Paint Last?

Unopened bottles of Vallejo paint have a very long shelf life. This is because it is still tightly sealed and doesn’t let in any air. There is also no way for any other contaminants to get into the paint and impact the quality. 

If you bought paint 10 years ago and never opened it, you will still be able to use it because it won’t be dried out. Vallejo paints are water-based, so when they are exposed to air, the water starts to evaporate which causes the paint to dry out. When the paint is never opened, there is still an airtight seal that keeps oxygen out. This prevents the paint from becoming unusable.

If you stored the unopened can in a garage, basement, or attic, the paint can be ruined because of exposure to extreme temperatures. Even though the paint isn’t opened, the extreme heat or cold can change the consistency and impact how the paint applies to a surface.

Before committing to using an unopened paint that is years old, you should test it out first. Try to shake the bottle of Vallejo to mix the contents of the paint. When ready, try to pour some of the paint onto a palette and dip a paintbrush into it. Paint onto a piece of cardboard and if it is smooth, you can use it. If there are any lumps, you likely won’t be able to get the paint through the nozzle and it probably shouldn’t be used.

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How to Properly Store Vallejo Paint

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Storing Vallejo paint bottles properly is essential for the life of the paint. There is often question whether the bottle can be stored horizontally or if they should be kept vertical during storage. There are several stories where people say they store their bottles horizontally with no issues at all. If you feel more comfortable, you can store them vertically.

When you store the bottles horizontally, there is a slight chance that the paint can leak. This will likely only happen if the lid isn’t closed all the way. When the lid is slightly opened, even if the paint doesn’t leak out, it can still leak into the lid. When this paint dries, it can be difficult to open the bottle back up. 

The paints should also be stored in an environment that doesn’t have extreme temperatures. The ideal storage temperature is between 60- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. It is also recommended to keep the bottles away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can heat up the bottles of paint and have an impact on the quality of the paint.

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Final Thoughts

When you add a new paint to your supply list, you want to make sure that it has a long enough shelf life. This is extra important if you don’t plan on using the paint frequently or using it right away. If you don’t open the paint right away, it will last much longer than if you do open it. The shelf life of unopened Vallejo paint is about 10 years, potentially even longer.

Opened, you can expect your Vallejo paint to have a shelf life of five years minimum. If you take care of the paint and store it properly, it can last for more than that. The best way to store Vallejo paint is with the lid closed as tightly as possible and in proper temperatures. It is best to store them vertically, but you can also store them horizontally.

The Vallejo company has kept paints for testing to see how long they will last for. They have paints that are ten years old, some even older, that still have a consistent quality and can be used. While these paints haven’t been used, it shows how the paint quality holds up against oxygen exposure.

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