How Often Does Walmart/Target Restock Lego?

How Often Does WalmartTarget Restock Lego

When considering your options for affordable products and services, you may be considering finding them at Walmart or Target. If you have ever actually entered one of these stores, you will have noticed how incredibly busy they are most of the time. This may then lead you to wonder how often these stores have to stock their shelves in order to keep up with all of that demand!

As long as you aren’t contesting with big holidays like Black Friday or Christmas, you may be able to ask an employee if there is a set ready for today’s restock. If not, most in-store items are restocked every two days.

Walmart does not follow a strict restocking schedule, but Walmart employees will usually restock toys and other items between 7 AM and 1PM. Target, on the other hand has Lego delivered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

What Days Does Walmart Restock Lego?

According to QuerySprout, Walmart doesn’t follow a strict stocking schedule in order to avoid customer inconveniences. Because this retail store is so busy, it is important for them to continually restock their items throughout the day.

Walmart employees will restock toys and other items between 7 AM and 1 PM as well as during their slower second and third shifts when employees aren’t as busy with customers.

What Company Stocks Lego at Walmart?

From the limited information available, it seems that LEGO products are distributed to stores directly from LEGO. There are two LEGO Systems Inc. distribution centers in the United States in Enfield, Connecticut, and in Los Angeles, California. Walmart doesn’t specify which shipping company LEGO uses to deliver its products.

Fortunately, you can check Walmart’s in-store inventory before making a trip to the store yourself. If your area has more than one Walmart location, you can check each location and ensure that you are headed towards the Walmart with the available item.

How Often Does Walmart Restock Its Online Store?

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You can order LEGO from Walmart’s online store or from the Walmart Mobile App which allows you to view their inventory and purchase items online.

Similar to in-store, Walmart’s online store is constantly being restocked as needed. If you aren’t able to order what you are looking for, you can set up a Mobile Stock Alert that will notify you by e-mail when the product becomes available.

Did you know Amazon has a wide array of Lego sets? Click here to check the current price and availability of all their Lego products.

What Does Walmart Use for Shipping?

Currently, Walmart is partnered with FedEx for its online package delivery.

What Days Does Target Restock Lego?

According to The Cold Wire, general merchandise including toys such as LEGO is delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Therefore, if you are hoping to find LEGO on the shelves, it may be best to head there on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.

What Company Stocks Lego at Target?

As mentioned above, LEGO is distributed to stores from LEGO distribution centers in Connecticut and California. Target doesn’t specify which shipping company delivers LEGO products to the store.

To determine if the item you want is available at your store, you can go online or onto the Target mobile app and find the information on the product details page. Your store’s inventory will be shown at the top of the page.

You can also order LEGO from Target’s online store or from their Target mobile app which allows you to view their inventory and purchase items online.

How Often Does Target Restock Its Online Store?

Target doesn’t specify how often it restocks its online stores but based on customer reviews it’s averaged between one to two weeks.

The Cold Wire suggests that their online store isn’t restocked as frequently as brick and mortar stores due to the difficulty of managing warehouse inventory and demand to having a much larger customer base. Target also has a notification system that will alert you when items are restocked and available for purchase online.

Who Does Target Use for Shipping?

Target’s website states that it uses a handful of delivery services including FedEx and UPS for its online delivery service.

Eligible products can be ordered for same-day delivery during available delivery windows. If you select one-hour delivery, a Target employee will fulfill and deliver your order during normal business hours.

Consider Ordering Directly From Lego

If your local Walmart and Target are out of stock, you can consider checking out the official Lego website where you can order LEGO sets or even individual bricks, minifigures, or other accessories directly from their website. In-stock items are shipped the next day during business hours as long as the item was ordered by 12 PM EST.

Who Does Lego Use for Shipping?

For standard shipping, LEGO uses FedEx or FedEx SmartPost.

How Long Does It Take Lego to Ship My Order?

Regular shipping takes between 3-5 business days for most US locations. For rural areas, it could take an additional 3 business days. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Micronesia and the US Virgin Islands. Non-continental US territories and APO’s will be shipped via USPS and will not have order tracking available.

Express Shipping can take 1-2 business days while Express Saver will take between 2-3 business days.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, if you are interested in purchasing LEGO in-store from either Walmart or Target, you can save yourself time and energy by first checking store inventories online or through their mobile apps.

If you find that the items are unavailable in-store, you have the option to shop online and have the items delivered to your home instead.

However, if you are already shopping for your item online, why not just head over to the LEGO website where you have even more LEGO selections to choose from. You won’t have to leave the house and you’ll still be your nephew’s hero at the birthday party, that’s a win-win!

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