How Often Does Lego Restock Their Website?

how often does lego restock their website

The LEGO website does its best to keep its website stocked as frequently as possible. The production plans of LEGO are precise and calculated to keep release dates as consistent as possible. The frequency that LEGO restocks and updates its website varies based on its production.

Visiting the LEGO website can give you insight into how frequently the company will restock its items because it displays its production intentions. When LEGO sells out of a LEGO set, it can take a few months or longer to become available for purchase again. Or, it could go into one of many other options on the site that you should mindfully observe.

An out-of-stock item on is temporarily unavailable. Luckily, there are plans for the LEGO set to become available again. LEGO often produced backorder items first. It is easier to produce backorder mainly because many of these are already in production.

How Often Does Lego Restock Its Website?

The frequency that LEGO restocks its website varies based on how lists its products on the website. The meanings behind all LEGO restocking terms give builders a better idea of LEGO restocking frequency. 

Observing the language LEGO uses about their products indicates how soon the product will return. For instance, a product might be “temporarily out of stock” or “sold out.” These sound the same, but they both have significantly different meanings.


If you can order an item immediately, the LEGO website will list it as available. You can purchase the order, and it will arrive within the allotted days based on your shipping selection. 

Call to Check Product Availability

Products listed to call for availability mean calling the LEGO store can confirm availability. In some cases, there may be a product available at the moment. Otherwise, it is most likely the set will be temporarily out of stock, on backorder, or sold out. 

Backorders Accepted

Any product listed as a backorder item means you may purchase it, but LEGO will not ship it until the backorder date. Backorders happen because the demand for a product is quicker than production. However, LEGO is still in the middle of producing the LEGO sets. Be patient, and you will get the set.

Temporarily Out of Stock

A temporarily out-of-stock item on the LEGO website is temporarily unavailable. LEGO has manufacturing plans to produce new sets. The timeframe for their planned production is usually within a few months of their out-of-stock date. However, certain conditions can shorten or extend the length.

LEGO produces out-of-stock items after backorder because backorder is already in production. If you want an estimated date of when an out-of-stock item may come back on the website, take a look at some backorder availabilities.


Pre-order items will be stocked soon and are available for purchase. You can order these items on the LEGO website before release to confirm you will receive your LEGO set on the date of release. Traditionally, LEGO does this with new releases so builders can guarantee they get their LEGO set.

Coming soon

Any set listed as coming soon will be stocked on the LEGO website soon. These LEGO sets are traditionally new to the market and are not available for purchase (or pre-order). In some cases, they could be retired sets returning to the market.

Sold Out

A sold-out LEGO set means there are no LEGO sets in stock. Currently, there are no confirmed manufacturing plans for new sets. Until confirmation of manufacturing resumes, it will remain listed as sold out. At the moment, there are no plans to return this LEGO set. Do not plan on adding it to your collection.

Retired Item

When LEGO retires an item, they will never restock it. LEGO is no longer manufacturing that item, so there will be no restocking of the LEGO set. The item will never return to the LEGO website.

Why Is Everything Out of Stock at Lego?

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The main reason that everything is out of stock at LEGO is because of an increased interest in LEGO. Increased consumer interest in LEGO sets has caused a backup in production.

The production backup means that many LEGO sets on the LEGO website are temporarily out of stock, accepting backorders, or sold out.

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Do Lego Sets Go Back in Stock?

Many newer LEGO sets will go back in stock unless it is listed otherwise. If you are interested in a LEGO set, you can still order them if they say backorder. In many cases, products listed as out of stock will also return to the shelves after backorder, and temporarily out-of-stock orders have returned.

What Does Out of Stock Mean on

If says that a product is temporarily out of stock, that means that the product is no longer available for purchase at the moment. There will be more of that product in the future, and it is currently in the works. Be patient, and it will soon be available.

How Do I Check Lego Store Availability?

Calling to check product availability is one of the best ways to see if a product is available. The website will often list that a product is available, but it has already sold. By calling the store, you can speak to an associate and receive information about items in stock.

You can also check the online website, where the precise terminology helps identify exactly when LEGO will restock the products.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why things become out of stock at LEGO. Generally, products at LEGO have become out of stock because of increased interest. However, LEGO is also retiring old sets, manufacturing different sets, and more.

LEGO lists their product availability so their builders can purchase new sets and pieces easily. On the LEGO website, you can observe the many titles for LEGO products. The word choice on their website makes it easy to understand when a restock will happen.

In some cases, the LEGO store might list something as temporarily out of stock while also accepting backorders. If this is the case, that means that the LEGO store does not have any of those sets currently available. The positive news is that they are going to get more in stock soon.

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