Why Does Lego Take So Long to Ship?

Why Does Lego Take So Long to Ship

Shipment can be affected by whether the item is in stock in the Lego warehouse or needs to be pre-ordered or back-ordered, the time of year, and if the order has been affected by seasonal delays due to a holiday or increased demand, or ongoing delays.

Lego orders take around 3-5 business days to ship for standard delivery and 1-2 days for express delivery. Custom or personalized items, such as Lego Pick a Brick orders, take 9-10 business days to ship. Orders also take longer to ship to rural areas in the UK and non-continental US territories.

The following will explore in more detail the reason why stock issues, the time of year, the items you order and location can cause a delay to Lego shipments, and how your order could be affected.

Why Is My Lego Order Taking So Long?

Reasons your Lego shipment can be delayed include:

  • Stock – if your item is in stock in the warehouse or needs to be back-ordered.
  • Location – shipments take longer to certain countries and regions.
  • Seasonal delays – if you are ordering in the run-up to a holiday such as Christmas.
  • Ordering a personalized item – custom orders such as Pick a Brick can take up to five days longer to ship than standard items.

How Long Does Lego Usually Take to Ship?

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According to the official Lego website, standard delivery of orders takes 3-5 business days in the US and 2-4 business days in the UK. Shipments can take one day longer if you live in a rural UK area or five days longer to reach a non-continental US territory. Express shipping takes 1-2 business days, shortened to next-day delivery for metropolitan areas in the UK if ordered before 3:30 pm.

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What Does It Mean When My Order Is in Warehouse?

This means your item is in stock in the Lego warehouse but your order has not yet been shipped out. Customers should receive an email as soon as their item leaves the warehouse and is dispatched. As your item is in stock in the warehouse, you can expect your order to be shipped straight away.

How Long Does Lego Take to Leave Warehouse?

Lego claims that items that are stocked in the warehouse are shipped out the next business day. If items are not in stock your order will take longer depending on when this item is available in the warehouse. According to the informational site SupplyChainX, the process of molding Lego to distributing them to warehouses takes around ten days, and following this delivery to retailers can take 3-4.

How Long Do Lego Pre-orders and Backorders Take to Ship?

Backorder items are available to order but won’t ship until they arrive in the Lego warehouse. Pre-orders are sets that are not yet available but are coming soon. These items are available to purchase and will be shipped at a future time once they arrive in the warehouse.

Do Personalized Lego Items Take Longer to Ship?

Lego Pick a Brick allows customers to choose and buy the specific individual bricks they need rather than having to purchase a certain set. These custom orders take 9-10 business days to ship, compared to the standard 3-5, and express delivery is not available for these items.

How Does the Seasonal Demand for Lego Affect Shipping Times?

During peak holiday seasons shipments will experience delays such as over the month of December, with a last date to order to ensure your order arrives on time for Christmas being earlier than standard delivery times. SupplyChainX claims that 40% of Lego sales are in the months leading up to the December holidays.

Why Is Lego So High In Demand?

Lego is renowned for creating limited edition sets that are released alongside movie franchises, creating collectors’ items, and reviving classic sets, which create heavy demand to keep up with.

In 2020 Lego issued a statement that claimed that the current state of the world had caused delays to deliveries of around 10-15 days, due to an increase in orders and additional safety measures in place leading to a limited number of employees working together in warehouses and stores. Couriers were following safety guidelines and offering contact-free deliveries. As Lego ships around the world, there were different safety measures in place by region.

Have Lego Stores Reopened?

Lego stores were closed in most countries due to restrictions during the closures of 2020, which caused a delay in shipments as all orders were coming through the online store. Lego stores have since reopened in all countries and regions where restrictions have eased, yet safety guidance can mean a limit to the number of staff and customers in the store at any one time.

Final Thoughts

Your Lego shipment could be delayed for a variety of reasons, such as your item not being in stock, postage to a rural location, or a region where shipments take longer to reach. There are also seasonal delays, due to ordering at a certain time of the year, such as the run-up to a holiday, or ordering a personalized or custom item, which can take up to five days longer to ship than standard deliveries.

Lego orders take around 3-5 business days to ship for standard delivery and 1-2 days for express delivery. If your shipment has taken significantly longer than this and you are still waiting, then it is likely that your order has been delayed and you can identify why from one of the reasons above.

To avoid any significant delays when ordering from Lego check stock availability when first ordering and the estimated delivery information after putting in your postage address. If ordering around a certain time of year such as Christmas or an item that is high in demand, placing your order sooner rather than later will lead to a faster shipment and avoid disappointment.

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