How Often Does Walmart/Target Restock Yugioh Cards?

How Often Does WalmartTarget Restock Yugioh Card

When you become a card collector, variety is the key to success. Especially with game cards like with Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic where you want to collect the best cards to trump your opponents. But in order to collect the best cards you need to make sure your supplier is regularly restocking so you don’t risk buying the same cards over and over.

Walmart and Target typically restock their cards every couple of days, depending on the store and their stocking policies. 

In this article we’re going to look at the best times to shop for Yu-Gi-Oh cards to make sure you have the best cards to impress your friends and enemies. 

What Days Do Walmart Restock Yugioh Cards?

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Most stores like Walmart restock their Yu-Gi-Oh cards about once a week, but there are a rare few that restock every two to three days. Since the stores vary so much between locations, one smart thing you can do is ask the clerks at the service desk how often they restock their cards. They should be able to tell you the exact days that they restock so you can be prepared to collect. 

One thing to know, however, with cards being stocked at retail stores is that when a new card is released by the manufacturer, it can be up to three weeks before that card hits retail shelves. Therefore, when you hear of a new card release, don’t rush to Walmart right away because your chances of getting the new cards are higher a few weeks later.

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What Company Stocks Yugioh Cards at Walmart?

Yu-Gi-Oh cards are sold and shipped to Walmart by Card Market. Card Market Sellers have been supplying Walmart with Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering cards since 2017. 

If you want to know how often they ship new cards to their retail partners, it is possible to reach out to their customer service team and ask what days they typically ship out. 

You can also buy through them directly. They have great reviews among trading gard came card collectors. Their website offers insights into cards coming out and you can even hand pick your deck from the Card Market website. 

If you look up specific cards through their site, they will also tell you how rare it is, stats about the card, and how to use it in game play. 

Did Walmart Stop Selling Yugioh Cards?

Walmart has, as of May 2021, suspended the sale of most Trading Card Games in their stores due to customer behavior. 

As the demand for new cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and other trading card games rises, more and more customers would overwhelm Walmart and their workers. It came to a point that the store could not stock their shelves fast enough to satisfy a majority of the customers who buy trading cards. 

According to some sources, it was getting to a point in a lot of Walmarts and Targets that most of the cards they were stocking were not even being sold, but rather they were being stolen. They were stolen so regularly that Walmart advised their managers not to stock the cards until they give further notice. 

What Days Do Target Restock Yugioh Cards?

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Since most Walmarts have suspended their release of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Target may be your best option apart from buying cards online. 

Unfortunately, just like Walmart, Target does not have universal stocking days for new trading cards. So, you are best advised to ask a clerk at the service desk which days they typically restock trading cards. They will be able to give you a more specific answer about restocking based on when they get the cards delivered. 

Target has been noted to be more reliable on release days than Walmart in the past, but that is largely word of mouth and not applicable to all Walmart or Target locations. 

Some sources have been able to narrow it down to Target and Walmart restocking their sports cards Mondays through Fridays some time between 9am and 3pm. But that doesn’t narrow it down too much so it’s always a good idea to ask the service clerks to get a more specific time. 

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What Company Stocks Yugioh Cards at Target?

Target is not as transparent as Walmart about who supplies their Trading Cards but if they use the same manufacturer as Walmart, Card Market, then you can shop their same inventory at the  card market website.

If they use another vendor, the card market is still a great place to build your Yu-Gi-Oh deck, if you can not guarantee getting the exact cards you want from the target website. 

Comparatively, the card market has a much larger selection of individual cards that you can buy, where Target and Walmart tend to sell mystery packs that only inform the buyer what kinds of cards and how many of each are in the pack. 

Yu-Gi-Oh also has its own website through which you can buy their cards and brand related products such as card sleeves, game mats, portfolios, card cases, and more. Buying directly through the site can help ensure that you are more on top of new releases, however the site might also sell out of new releases faster than a brick and mortar store due to a wider reach in who is able to purchase online. 

Did Target Stop Selling Yugioh Cards?

Like Walmart, Target did suspend their sports card sales, including Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and more, in May of this year due to inappropriate customer behavior. 

On Target store in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin saw a fight break out so badly over trading cards that one man drew a gun and had to be removed from the store. As you can see, quarrels over getting the best or newest releases of .cards, or even quarrels over people buying too many decks at once which were at one point relatively mild, have now escalated to violence  which is not only dangerous to the people buying the cards, but also innocent Target and Walmart workers. 

Trading cards like Yu-Gi-Oh saw a surge in popularity especially during the pandemic as people began– or continued– collecting in their time away from work and school.

During the time of suspension however, both Target and Walmart were still selling their cards online on their websites, just not in stores stocked on the shelves. 

As of June 2021, only two weeks after announcing their hiatus, Target has resumed selling cards in stores that can be bought in person.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to generalize about what days are best to buy trading cards at a Target or Walmart that goes more in depth than just weekdays between 9am and 3pm.

The best thing you can do to ensure that you are able to buy yourself a deck of the newest release of Yu-Gi-Oh cards is to go to your local Target or Walmart and ask the service desk what days they stock trading cards and sports cards. They will be able to tell you when their specific store typically restocks. If they are currently stocking cards at all. 

You can also buy online through these stores’ websites, through their vendor’s websites, or directly through the Yu-Gi-Oh website.

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