How to Become a Hot Wheels Distributor

how to become a hot wheels distributor

To become a Hot Wheels distributor and to promote and sell Hot Wheels toys, you must first have a store and warehouse. You will also need to order at least $1000 on your first order from Mattel, the company that owns Hot Wheels toys. 

You can become a business partner with Mattel after your request has been reviewed and approved, after properly filling out the general application forms via the Mattel Partners website.

Can You Make Money Reselling Hot Wheels?

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Generally, people who buy and sell Hot Wheels are collectors who are in love with these cars. These people sell or trade these cars through one-on-one deals. 

While Hot Wheels cars can sometimes be sold for very cheap prices, they can also be sold for very high prices just because they are collector’s items.

Hot Wheels cars have been selling products to their customers since 1968, and these products include rare cars that are sold at very expensive prices. 

These toy cars are special collectible toys with original designs and details, and they are made as exact replicas of the real cars.

Also, Mattel produces unique and creative Hot Wheels toys for children aged 5-12. These cars almost are known and played with by many children across the world. Considering this wide range of sales opportunities, you can make a lot of profit from selling Hot Wheels.

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Becoming a Hot Wheels Distributor: Step by Step Guide

  1. Open a store. This can be a store dedicated to Hot Wheels or a general store with a Hot Wheel aisle. Mattel does not work with online or telephone companies.
  2. Organize warehouse distribution. Due to the high volume of the minimum first order, you must be able to store and distribute your Hot Wheel products from there. This is an essential requirement to be able to work with Mattel.
  3. To apply for a partnership, you must provide your trademark information and bank references.
  4. Visit the Mattel website and fill out the application form, attaching the relevant information.
  5. If accepted, Mattel will verify your application and ship out the first order promptly. They may wish to inspect your general store and warehouse before they agree to a partnership.

Can I Get Hot Wheels Distributorship Without Store and Warehouse?

Mattel company has some conditions for you to get Hot Wheels distributorship. Store and warehouse conditions are one of these conditions.

Mattel does not accept online or telesales methods for distributorship purchases. If you want to sell Hot Wheels toys, you have to open a store. 

You should also have a warehouse that will make and store bulk purchases and manage the shipping of products. 

Since Mattel sells its toys in bulk, having access to a warehouse where these toys can be stocked is essential. 

In addition, the store required for the production and promotion of the product will be reviewed and evaluated by the Mattel company, and approval is given after it is deemed appropriate.

Can I Sell Hot Wheels Online?

If you are selling your own, personal Hot Wheels products privately, then you can sell them wherever you want. many collectors sell their collection online in bulk or one at a time. Some cars are also sold on online auctions and social media marketplaces.

However, if you wish to sell new Hot Wheels products as an official store, then you cannot sell Hot Wheels online. Mattel, the company that owns Hot Wheels only processes large orders, and does not work with online stores or engage with drop shippers.

Is Hot Wheels Profitable?

Hot Wheels is extremely profitable. After all, they have managed to remain in business for over 50 years!

Mattel reported that their HotWheels brand generated $954.2 million in sales worldwide, and most of the vehicles are produced in Asian countries, like Hong Kong and Malaysia. Those countries buy the Hot Wheels they make plus export them overseas to worldwide retailers.

What Is the Best Strategy for Selling Hot Wheels?

Although Hot Wheels are toys for kids, the biggest buyers are the collectors. They are the ones that put the most time and money investment into the Hot Wheels brand.

As an official distributor, you have no option but to put them up for sale at a store, but you can entice customers to buy with your own special offers and sales, and also having some of the rarest cars available is good too.

If you can build a reputation in your local area for having rare and collectible cars, then serious collectors will frequent your store often.

You can also target potential customers are Hot Wheels shows. Hot Wheels often sponsor or hold their own Monster Truck rallies and live tours. 

Depending on the event operator you may be able to set up and stand (under the name of your company brand) and sell a few Hot Wheels cars there or distribute leaflets. However, you must get permission from the event manager before doing this.

Do I Need a Certificate to Sell Mattel Toys?

Mattel company products are patented and you need a company-approved certificate to sell these products. 

In order to obtain this certificate, you must meet the business partnership conditions set by Mattel. 

Once the conditions are met and the business partnership starts, you can legally sell Mattel products with this certificate.

Is it Worth Getting a Hot Wheels Distributorship?

Hot Wheels is a toy company with a passion for toy cars from almost all over the world. Hot Wheels distributorship is a very profitable business as it appeals to an existing customer base.

Their die-cast toy cars were first put on the market by the American toy manufacturer Mattel in 1968, and attracted many buyers over time. 

Today, many people still add these cars to their collection. Mattel appeals to children and enthusiasts and has had great commercial success over the years. 

Mattel’s making toys for a wide range of children, from adults to adults, made the company even more valuable.

How Are Hot Wheels Distributed?

The Mattel company has adopted a multi-pronged policy for the distribution and sale of its products. 

While the company allows worldwide distributorships, it also allows retailers to sell its products one-to-one. 

Mattel company has expanded its sales policy as wide as possible and expanded to toy store chains and shopping centers.

Are Hot Wheels Still Worth Collecting?

Hot Wheels is a brand that will never get old. Enthusiasts of these toy cars are willing to spend thousands of dollars on those old production toy cars. 

For many, Hot Wheels is a passion and is much more than a toy. That’s why collecting Hot Wheels is really worth it. Not only can your collection become valuable they are also a nostalgic item.

How Many People Collect Hot Wheels?

There are an estimated 15 million ‘serious’ Hotwheels collectors that average 1,500 cars each.

Mattel has released over 20 thousand different models of cars since their launch in 1968, so these collectors still have a long way to go before completing their set.

This means, as a distributor, you have access to a wide market that is full of sales potential. 

What is The Most Expensive Hot Wheels?

The most expensive Hot Wheels car of all time, the Pink Beach Bomb, costs just $175,000. Yes, it’s surprising, but it is ar rare car in high demand.

With its incredibly stylish appearance and elaborate design, this van is considered the coolest Hot Wheels car ever designed. This particular release was available only for a limited amount of time and is highly sought after.

Is There a Minimum Order Limit At The Hot Wheels Distributorship?

Mattel puts a minimum price limit on Hot Wheels toys orders. This lower limit is $1000 for the first order. 

Orders below this limit are not approved by Mattel. This limit may be higher depending on the type and number of toys. In addition, the lower limit for all orders after the first order is $250.

Is Reference Important for Hot Wheels Distributorship?

Mattel company attaches great importance to references when giving distributorship. Submitting your current trade and bank references to Mattel for your Hot Wheels distributorship application may help you.

Some documents such as your reference documents, payments you make to companies, invoices, which include orders and sales between you and the businesses with which you have a commercial relationship, play an important role in building trust with the Mattel company.

Who Is the Target Market for Hot Wheels?

Although Hot Wheels toys appeal to children aged 5-12, many over the age of 30 and over are avid collectors of Hot Wheels cars and will pay a lot for them.

Mattel company addresses two different groups while producing these toys. Hot Wheels toys that children can play with to the fullest, and replica cars that are purchased by adults as collector’s items. 

Many adults around the world are competing with each other to add these cars to their collections, and these cars are sometimes offered for sale at very high prices as a result. 

For this reason, Mattel company has a wide market with lots of sales opportunities. They offer a variety of cars to customers of all ages.

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