How to Polish Darts

how to polish darts

Polishing and cleaning your darts can help bring them back to how they once looked when they were brand new. Not only does cleaning and polishing your darts make them look great, but it also helps keep them functioning at top performance.

Most players can agree that keeping your darts in good condition can give you an edge against the competition. Your darts will be more accurate, have decreased bounce outs, and overall look great when they are maintained.

However, when polishing your darts, you need to know the best method based on the dart part and more. In this article, we’re going to cover how to polish darts, including the dart barrels, dart tips, and maintenance ideas. Let’s get started.

Polishing Your Darts

Polishing your darts may be a two-step process, depending on how grimy the barrel is. That’s because certain materials used to polish the barrel can be too harsh on the tip. For both parts, you will need soapy water and a toothbrush.

You may also need a 100% acetone nail polish remover or metal polish if it is incredibly grimy or hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Also take note that if you have an anodized or painted barrel, the 100% acetone will more than likely remove the paint.

Let’s take a look at how to polish both the barrel and the tip:

Polishing the Dart Barrels

Polishing the barrel is super easy because most ingredients won’t damage it in any way. With that being said, the barrel is the part that tends to have the most grime and germs since it is what your hand touches.

Soak in Acetone

This step is optional, but if your barrel is very dirty, and it isn’t painted, you should start by soaking it in 100% acetone nail polish remover for 10 minutes. It is important that the nail polish remover not touch the tip because acetone can be too harsh on certain materials.

It is also crucial to note that you should not soak your dart in 100% acetone nail polish remover if you do not want to remove the paint. This material will strip the dart of its paint. To keep the paint in place, you should jump straight to the soapy water or toothpaste step.  

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We recommend using a high quality 100% acetone nail polish remover like this one from Amazon, as it will easily remove any dirt or grime buildup on your dart barrel.

To prevent the 100% acetone nail polish remover from touching the tip, it is best to put the dart barrel side down in an empty pill bottle and pour in the nail polish remover. Make sure that you only pour enough in so that it covers the barrel. Let the dart sit like that for 10 minutes.

When the 10 minutes is up, remove the dart and quickly rinse it off in cold water.

Soap and Water

Then, make a warm soapy water and grab an old toothbrush. Get the dart and scrub it using the soapy water and toothbrush.


If you want to step it up a notch, you can use a toothbrush and toothpaste to scrub and polish your dart barrel. Simply put a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and start scrubbing the dart barrel. Using an electronic toothbrush can really speed up the process and give it a better finish.

Never Dull Metal Polish

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To go the extra step and get your darts looking brand new again, purchase a metal polish as well. A metal polish will be non-abrasive and deeply clean the dart. Follow the instructions on whatever metal polish you select.

We recommend going with Never Dull Metal Polish. It works great on various types of metal and will leave it with a nice shine.

Polishing the Dart Tips

Polishing a dart tip only applies to steel tip darts. If you have soft tip darts, then there is no need to polish them as they are disposable and can easily be swapped out with a new tip.

Dart tips can be more sensitive than the barrel. You need to be more careful with the materials you use to keep them sharp.

To polish the dart tip, you should start by making warm soapy water. Submerge a toothbrush into the warm soapy water and scrub the dart tip. Dry the tip whenever you are done.

Warm soapy water is strong enough to polish your dart tip, but it will not be eroded in any way. It is important to never submerge dart tips, especially not in 100% acetone nail polish remover, because that is what will damage them.

You can also grab a metal polisher for your tip. With the tip, you need to take extra precautions to ensure the polisher you select is suitable for the tip’s metal type. Follow the instructions for your product.

How Often Should I Polish My Darts?

How often you polish your darts depends on how often you use them. If you are a more serious player, deep clean them before every game. You can polish them every other week for less serious players, once a month, or whenever you notice they are getting dirty.

It is imperative to watch the soil level on your darts. Whenever you see gunk or buildup on the barrel, it is time to clean them. Simply by monitoring the dart’s condition, you’ll be able to know when you should polish it.

You should spot clean after every use, however. This will include wiping the dart down with a dry rag or towelette. This helps to keep the oil and residue at bay in between cleanings. Try to keep a clean cloth in your bag to wipe them down after use quickly. It only takes a few seconds.

How to Maintain Your Darts

In addition to polishing your darts, you need to maintain them for optimal performance. Polishing and cleaning your darts are the most important maintenance tips. There are some more things you should be doing as well.

Use Clean Hands

Many people like to enhance their game by adding chalk or wax to their hands. This improves your grip. If you are not committed to chalk or wax, try not to use these items. They can damage the barrel if it is not cleaned properly. Instead, it is best only to handle your darts when you have clean hands.

If you love using wax or chalk during a game, that’s fine. Just minimize their exposure to these items and be sure to clean them well after use.

Don’t Let Grime Sit on the Barrels

Don’t let any grime sit on the barrels. Any oil from your hands can seep into the barrel and start eroding the material. It is wise to wipe down barrels after every game.

You may want to keep towelettes in your bag so that you always have something to clean with. Make sure not to use any towelettes with lotion in them, however.

Sharpen the Tip

After you’re done polishing the dart tip, if you have a steel tip dart, then it may be wise to sharpen it as well. You want the dart tip to be rounded but not flat or pointed. Both flat and pointed dart tips will hurt your game.

Grab a dart sharpener. It should have a cylinder or bowl shape and be made of stone. Look for options that are small and comfortable to hold in your hand. Insert the dart tip into the sharpener. Use circular movements to grind the dart tip for about 10 to 20 seconds.

Remove the dart and feel the tip. If there are jagged surfaces, continue grinding. Do not make the dart tip so sharp that it is pointy. Instead, it should be slightly rounded.

Final Thoughts

Polishing your dart is a pretty straightforward task. You should focus your attention on the barrel because that is what sees the most residue and grime buildup over the months of use from your hands or from hitting the floor.

You will also need to clean the tip but select much gentler products. Water and some type of soap or detergent should be all you need to get your dart tip clean.

If you routinely clean your darts, you will only have to deep clean or polish them every so often.

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