How to Put a Rug Under an Existing Pool Table

how to put a rug under an existing pool table

As you can perhaps already imagine, the question of putting a rug or even carpeting under an existing pool table is a tricky one. To get right to the point, yes, you can put a rug under an existing pool table. However, you are going to want to take a highly delicate approach to the matter. The last thing you want to do is place the rug improperly, or cause some sort of damage to their pool table.

If you want to avoid either of those possibilities, seek out professional assistance. Nonetheless, let it be said that if you want to know how to put a rug under an existing pool table, it is easy enough to do.

There are basically four options. Taking the pool table down, piece by piece, putting the rug down, and then putting the pool table back together is just one possibility you can explore. Again, this is work that needs to be done very, very carefully.

4 Methods to Put a Rug Under An Existing Pool Table

Let’s take a closer look at the four options we’ve touched on:

Disassemble the Pool Table

This is the one where most people will tell you to bring in the professionals. Unless you have considerable experience already in breaking down your pool table for one reason or another, you’re going to find this work to be very challenging and time-consuming indeed.

Once your rug has been properly laid, you will simply put the pool table back together on top of it. Make sure to re-level the table afterwards, as well.

Carpet Squares

Keeping in mind that you want to only do one leg at a time, this is probably the easiest option to attempt on your own. You’re also still going to need to re-level the table when the work has been completed. When dealing with each leg, be very careful not to damage anything.

Lift the Pool Table

This is another possibility, but one which is largely dependent upon the size of the pool table. After a certain point, this just isn’t feasible. That said, you’re going to want to get a roller or a pool table trolley.

Make sure your pool table is going to be an ideal size for this effort before making the effort. Once again, you will need to take extreme care to ensure the table is not damaged.

Installing Around the Table

Finally, you also have the option to install the carpet around the table itself. By creating a box around each pool table leg, you can have your rug or carpeting installed around these boxes. The main benefit to this option is the ease with which you can replace the rug or carpet later on. Those boxes aren’t going anywhere.

While another easy method for putting the rug under the existing pool table, the aesthetics of this choice are not for everyone. Remember, you’re going to have little boxes set up around of the legs of the pool table.

This is going to require making changes to the rug itself, which can prove to be problematic for a variety of reasons. Really, this option is generally best for carpeting, but it is worth considering all the same.

How To Position Your Pool Table On The Rug

A rug under the pool table is great for protecting the flooring and table, reducing noise, and adding considerable charm to the space. To enjoy those benefits, as well as others, you’re going to want to make sure the table has been positioned properly on the rug. There are a few things you are going to want to keep in mind to that end.

First of all, let’s make sure you’re getting the right-sized rug in the first place. You obviously want a rug that’s going to provide some room to stand and move while playing.

If you have a nine-foot pool table, you’re going to want to start with a rug that measures at least 9’x12’. That is really the bare minimum of what you should be looking at, so consider a rug that’s at least a little larger.

Many experts suggest 12’x15’ rugs as being ideal for a nine-foot table, which is what many people have. Keep in mind at the end of the day that you can have a rug customized to fit any requirements. The rug will need to be positioned carefully.

If you were to hire professionals to do all of this, they would likely use heavy cloth for proper positioning. You should do the same. Barring that, you can probably handle the work with a good tarp or

Leveling Your Pool Table On The Rug

One of the advantages to NOT putting a rug or carpet under your pool table is that the table has already perfectly leveled. This is particularly true with hardwood flooring. However, if you’re going to have a new rug placed under the pool table, you will need to have the pool table leveled at least twice.

You will need to level the table immediately after the work has been completed. You are then going to need to wait a period of time for the rug to settle properly. There is no universal time you will need to keep in mind. This is a process that can take weeks, if not months. It really depends on the thickness of the rug you have chosen, as well as whether or not you are using any padding.

Once the rug and table have settled, you will probably need to have the table leveled again. There are three ways in which a pool table can be leveled. With metal plates, an adjustable set of legs, or with wooden shims. The specific method you’re going to use is going to depend on the type of pool table you own.

Your instruction manual will no doubt have specific instructions for leveling the table. You should already have everything you need to complete this aspect successfully.

Generally speaking, you will probably want to re-level after a couple of months.

Why It’s Important To Have A Rug Underneath A Pool Table

We’ve touched on these reasons already, but they are worth circling back to one more time, as we wrap up this guide to putting a rug under an existing pool table.

Ultimately, the pool table will be fine without a rug, but there are too many notable benefits to disregard the idea altogether.

It adds a great element of warmth and visual flair, while simultaneously protecting your original floor from damage caused by constant foot traffic, dropping one of the balls on the floor, and other minor hazards that can cause serious issues for your flooring over time. This is a project well worth taking seriously.

Final Thoughts

There are several methods in which to get a rug underneath your pool table, some more difficult than others.

Disassembling the pool table, using carpet squares, using a pool table trolley, are some of the most popular methods to get the job done.

We recommend hiring a professional to do the job for you if doing it yourself proves to be too difficult or poses safety risks.

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