How to Use a Pool Table Trolley

how to use a pool table trolley

Moving a pool table is no small feat. Given that the average pool table weighs between 700 pounds and 1000 pounds, even moving it a couple of feet can be rather tricky. The thought of moving a pool table to entirely different rooms can quickly become a nightmare.

That’s where pool table trolleys come into play. These handy devices will help you transport your pool table with little to no effort.

Using these devices is not the most straightforward task, and moving the table is next to impossible if you don’t know how to use the trolley. Here’s what you need to know to use a pool table trolley.

How a Pool Table Trolley Works

A pool table trolley works with a hydraulic mechanism, which is just a fancy way of saying that the lift is created by pressurized fluid. In other words, it is the pressurized fluid that allows the trolley to lift the table with ease.

Let’s breakdown a hydraulic mechanism a bit more. The pressure is applied to the fluid contained within the mechanism. This pressurized fluid creates the power that can lift the pool table. This makes it much easier to lift heavy loads or get repetitive tasks done quickly.

Who Should Get a Pool Table Trolley?

Purchasing a pool table trolley is best for bars, clubs, or pubs that intend to move pool tables around frequently. Homeowners, business owners, and any other people who have spaces with pool tables might also consider a pool table trolley.

However, these devices may not be worth the money if you’re not intending to move the pool table at least semi-frequently. It might just be better for the occasional move to get a regular trolley and a couple of friends to help you out.

Moving Your Pool Table to Another Room

You can easily move your pool table to another room using a pool table trolley. This device makes it easy to move the pool table, and it minimizes risks to both you and the table. Clubs and pool halls will benefit from one of these devices.



  • Expensive
  • Only designed for flat floors
  • Not suitable for all deep tables
  • Has weight limitations

How to Use a Pool Table Trolley

Even though pool table trolleys are incredibly powerful at moving pool tables, they are useless if you don’t know how to use them. Luckily, these devices are designed for safety and ease of use, meaning that you can easily learn how to use them.

Jack up the Pool Table

You begin by jacking the pool table onto the trolley. After all, you can’t move the table unless it is sitting on the device. Jacking up the pool table is rather simple. All you need to do is place the trolley under the table and insert the handle into the trolley. Manually lift it up and down. This will raise the trolley and table.

Transport the Table

Once the table is correctly jacked, you are free to wheel it around the room, allowing you to change its location. To safely transport the table, make sure that the doors or exits are wide enough for the table and trolley to get through.

Steering is the most difficult part of the transportation process, but it is not that challenging, thanks to the wheels and handles.  

Unload the Pool Table from the Trolley

Finally, all you need to do is unload the pool table from the trolley. To do this, position the trolley where you want the table to go. Then, turn the handle, allowing the gas to release. This will lower the table in a way that is controlled and safe.

In other words, you place the table exactly where you want it to go without dropping the table heavily on the floor, risking breaking its legs.

Pool Table Trolley Safety

Using a pool table trolley is much safer than trying to lift the table yourself. Nevertheless, there are some safety risks involved. Knowing how to use this device safely will ensure that your move goes on without a hitch. Here are some tips for using a pool table trolley safely:

Weight Limitations

You can only use a pool table trolley on certain tables. These products will lift up to about 1322 pounds. This is enough power to lift any standard 6-foot or 7-foot pool table. Anything heavier will require special tools and extra hands. Using this trolley for anything heavier can put you, anyone helping you, and the pool table at risk.

Luckily, most hydraulic mechanisms simply won’t lift if the pool table is too heavy for it. This should minimize any chances of the table falling. Still, you want to be cautious so as not to injure yourself or damage the table.

Only Use on Flat Surfaces

Pool table trolleys are only designed to be moved on flat surfaces. You cannot use this trolley to go upstairs or step over a small platform. Unfortunately, you will need to make these movements manually, despite how hard it will be.

Additionally, you need to be cautious while using a trolley on any inclined surfaces. Since the trolleys have wheels and carry a lot of weight, inclined surfaces make transportation dangerous.

If you must use this trolley on a non-level surface, get others to help you move and watch over the trolley during the process. The last thing you want is for one of these trolleys to go down a hill uncontrollably.

Don’t Leave a Jacked Table Unattended 

When people are moving a pool table, they may be tempted to jack up the table, move it, and leave it there before lowering it. You never want to leave a pool table jacked unattended. It is easier just to lower the table right when you get to where you want it to be.

Leaving the table jacked can lead to serious injuries. Even though the trolley may appear to be holding the table, it could break, causing anyone around to be injured or the table to become damaged.

Maintenance Tips

Since a pool table trolley has a hydraulic mechanism, you need to maintain it properly to remain in working order. If you don’t maintain it properly, it could break prematurely, injure anyone using the device, or break your pool table.

To maintain the trolley, check for any oil leaks or worn hoses periodically. Fix the issue as soon as you see it. Additionally, keep the hydraulic oil free of any contaminants and replace the filters. To prevent the device from rusting, use protective lubricants to coat cylinder rods.

Whenever you are maintaining the trolley, make sure the device is unplugged and not in use. Cleaning it while it is in use can cause serious injuries to yourself or others.

Final Thoughts

Moving a pool table from one place to another can be a daunting task without the proper help or tools.

You will be able to easily transport pool tables from room to room using a pool table trolley. The hydraulic mechanism does a lot of the muscle work for you, making it easier and safer to move the table.

Still, you must take special safety precautions to ensure you are using the device as safely as possible. When in doubt, consult a professional to avoid serious injuries or damage to your pool table.

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