Can You Move a Pool Table With Furniture Sliders?

can you move a pool table with furniture sliders

With the right tools and a little skill, you can move a pool table to almost any location. You can move a pool table with furniture sliders, but it is usually recommended to disassemble and take apart a pool table before moving it.

The traditional method for moving a pool table requires you to remove the legs, rails, slate, and felt and then reassemble it in its new place. However, if you have furniture sliders available you can move a pool table short distances without taking it apart.

Furniture sliders are small, durable pieces of plastic or rubber, that have smooth sides in various materials. Depending on whether you have carpeted or hard floors, and the type of furniture you wish to move, there is a furniture slider available to help you make your move as easy as possible.

How Do You Slide Over a Pool Table?

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Furniture sliders are a really helpful tool for moving pool tables. They are only designed for moving heavy objects over short distances, so if your table has a long way to go, be prepared to move it in stages.

You will need to purchase the appropriate slider for your floor type to assure that the sliders grip correctly. Once you have the right sliders, you simply place each of the sliders under each of the pool legs and push the pool table in the desired direction.

Although you will not be required to lift the pool table very high, it will be difficult to do on your own. Be sure to enlist a few helpers to assist you. Asking people to help will reduce the likelihood of you damaging your pool table, or yourself!

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How Do You Move a Heavy Pool Table?

Pool tables come in various sizes and lengths which will affect how your table must be moved, how many people are required, and how long it is likely to take.

Most pool tables are exceptionally heavy, even if the beds are made of wood or MDF. Pool tables with slate beds are the heaviest, weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Moving pool tables of this size will be difficult to move with or without sliders.

However, difficult does not mean impossible. With a few tips, you can successfully move even the heaviest pool table with the right sliders and a group of friends.

  • Lift the table by all four corners at the same time. Lifting one side at a time can damage the frame.
  • If necessary, measure all doorways and halls before moving to make sure not to scratch the table in narrow spaces.
  • Recruit as many helpers as possible, preferably strong ones.
  • Keep it short. Only attempt to move a heavy pool table across the room or at most into an adjacent room. Continuous lifting over long distances could lead to damage.
  • Use the appropriate furniture sliders to ensure that the grip is sufficient.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Pool Table Moved?

Another reason to use furniture sliders is the cost of having professionals come and move your pool table for you. Hiring a professional to come and move your table piece by piece is probably the safest and most practical way to move your pool table, but it is also the most costly.

The cost of hiring a professional mover varies anywhere between $200 to $800 and is dependant on several factors.

Firstly the mover will need to know the dimensions of the pool table, they will also need to know the weight, and if the slates can be separated during dismantling (a slate bed that can separate into 3 pieces is much easier to move than a table with 1 huge slate bed).

Secondly, the make and model of the pool table affects how it is dismantled and reassembled. Some models are more time-consuming than others. 

Finally, the distance. Most movers charge a fee per mile for transportation, and perhaps a base fee for the hire of the vehicle. Whether or not your table has to be taken up and down staircases is also another factor, so take into account that you may be charged extra per staircase.

How Many People Does It Take to Move a Slate Pool Table?

It is recommended that no less than four people attempt to move a wooden bed pool table, and no less than six people to move a slate bed pool table.

Even if you wish to take on the task of dismantling the pool table yourself, the individual parts can weigh quite a lot. The slate bed is the most troublesome part of the pool table, a 1” piece of framed slate weighs between 600-650lbs. However, furniture sliders can be used on the individual parts of the pool table, not just the table as a whole.

Some slate pool tables have a bed that can be separated, which makes moving much easier, but still requires a fair amount of muscle power.

If you’re moving your slate table in one piece over a short distance then furniture sliders can certainly be used if you have enough helping hands. The sliders are only an inch or so tall, so you do not have to lift your table very high to secure it on top of the slider and move it to its new spot.

Is It Bad to Move a Pool Table?

Although pool tables are not designed to be moved frequently, it isn’t bad to move one if you do it correctly. Furniture sliders are super easy to use and prevent you from damaging your floors while moving heavy pieces of furniture around, so they are perfect for moving pool tabes.  

Hiring someone to move a pool table is an option and maybe the safest way, but some people do not have the cash to pay a professional. So, the next safest and cheapest option is to buy some furniture sliders and ask some friends to help you.  

Pool tables are cumbersome objects that are vulnerable to damage if you attempt to lift them in one piece over a large distance. If your distance is long and you break your pool table trying to move it yourself, you will incur the cost of a new one. 

That is why some people choose to pay a specialist to come and take it apart and carefully assemble it in its new location. Either way, moving a pool table from house to house can be a costly endeavor. But if your move is only short, using furniture sliders is perhaps the best option.

Final Thoughts

It is certainly possible to move a pool table using sliders. It just takes a little time and effort. Dismantling and resembling a pool table is best left to the professionals, so if you don’t want to dismantle your pool table yourself, using furniture sliders is the best way to go.

If you find yourself in doubt and want to hire a professional, be aware that there are many factors to consider that may wrack up the total cost of the hire. Hiring a professional is costly but the best option for long-distance moves.

If your move is short, then using the correct furniture sliders will make sure that your pool table is as easy to move as possible, and no damage is done to your floors. They can also be reused for other furniture pieces, so investing in furniture sliders is a smart move in the long term.

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