How Do Pool Tables Get Delivered?

how do pool tables get delivered

The finer delivery details will depend on the company if you’ve purchased a pool table from an online store. The company may hire an external courier to deliver your goods or have a specialized team with a delivery van.

Either way, your pool table should arrive in the same way. Pool tables are typically shipped in cardboard boxes and are divided into parts, such as the main body, the legs, and any other parts required to build your pool table.

You should prepare beforehand to ensure that you’ve got the right space and equipment readily available for your pool table delivery. In this article, you’ll learn all about pool table delivery, including how they’re delivered, how long it takes, and additional costs. 

How Do Pool Tables Get Delivered?

Brand New Tables

The way your pool table arrives depends on where you order it from and what kind of pool table you have ordered. 

If you’ve opted for a slate bed table, these are often heavier and will require more hands. Your delivery will be carried out, most likely by a two-man team, who are specialized in delivering heavy and fragile items.  

As slate pool tables are so heavy, it is often better to hire someone to install your pool table. Whilst you can do it yourself, they’re very easy to damage if you don’t know what you’re doing, so it’s probably worth paying the extra installation fee. 

Check with your delivery company as they may also provide installation services. Alternatively, White Glove Installation may be a good option for your pool table installation.

They tend to be lighter if you’ve opted for an MDF wood pool table. Depending on the size of your MDF table, it may only require one person to deliver it to you. These tables are more transportable, and assembly is much easier.

Once your table has arrived, you should ensure that you have all the necessary parts. Some companies may require you to sign a Bill of Lading to approve your item’s condition. If everything’s in good condition and no parts are missing, you’ll soon be ready to set up!

Second-Hand Tables

If you’re purchasing your pool table second-hand, you may be wondering how you’re going to move it from one location to the next.

Especially with heavy items such as pool tables, moving furniture requires quite a few hands. You’ll need more than just an ordinary shipping company. You need someone with experience in moving heavy, fragile items.

Some moving companies are specialized in moving pool tables and will know how to properly care for your pool table during the transition. Delivery firms, like Shiply, can give you a quote.

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How Long Does It Take to Deliver a Pool Table?

Once again, it depends on who you ordered your table from in terms of how long it will take to be delivered. From the date of purchase, you’re possibly looking at anywhere between 4-6 weeks. If your tables are made to order, they could take an additional 2 weeks.

You should be contacted the day before with your delivery date.

How Long Does the Actual Delivery Process Take?

Moving a pool table from one location to another can take up approximately 3 hours. If you’re considering installation upon delivery, this may take an additional 2 hours to get your pool table up and running.

What Does a Pool Table Come With?

When you order your pool table, the company should provide a list of what’s included. In addition to the pool table, you should be provided with the basic accessories to get you started as soon as possible.

Basic accessories for your pool table include:

  • Two standard pool cues
  • A standard plastic pool triangle
  • A standard set of chalk
  • A standard set of balls

You may be able to upgrade from a basic accessories package with your pool table, but you’ll have to see what options are available from the company you’re ordering from.

All of these items will be a standard size, so if you want different sized cues or triangles, you should consider buying additional accessories. 

What Other Accessories Might You Want to Consider?

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  • Chalk – Matching the color of your chalk to the color of your table’s felt ensures that there are fewer marks. If the standard chalk your table comes with doesn’t match your table, you may want to buy some more to minimize the mess. 
  • Cleaning Kits – Cleaning kits like this Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner and Restorer on Amazon are essential for maintaining the cleanliness of your equipment and help to increase its durability.
  • Pool Diamonds – Pool diamonds are used for playing a game of 9-ball pool, although you can still set this up using a regular pool triangle.
  • Pool Balls – You may be happy with the standard set that comes with your pool table but could buy a higher-quality set
  • Cue Racks – Cue racks stop cues from being left out or damaging the walls. You can purchase either a wall-mounted cue rack or free-standing ones.
  • Table Lighting – If you’re serious about playing pool, you may want to consider table lighting. Many pool tables are placed in poorly lit areas, making it difficult to play without straining your eyes.

How Much Is Shipping For a Pool Table?

If you’re buying a new pool table, often the cost of shipping may be included within the price, although this might not always be the case.

If you’re buying a used pool table, chances are that you’ll need to hire an external company to move the table for you. 

Prices of shipping can depend on the size and weight of the table, the distance that it has to be moved, and any additional needs, i.e. if you’re moving your table upstairs, this may require more trips to and from the van.

If you decide to hire a courier to ship your pool table for you, there are different ways that you might be charged:

  • Cost per hour
  • Cost per mile
  • Lump-sum

If you’re charged by the hour, on average, it’ll cost $80.

If you’re charged by mile, on average, it’ll cost $3 per mile for distances less than 100 miles and $1 per mile for distances less than 1000 miles. 

If you’re charged a lump sum, on average, it’ll cost $450.

You’ll want to ensure that you’ve chosen someone who knows how to take care of your pool table properly, but you should be mindful that hiring specialized people comes at an extra cost. In the long run, it’ll be worth it when your table arrives in pristine condition. 

The shipping costs will depend on factors specific to your pool table and may vary. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this should guide you on what to expect with pool table delivery, assembly, accessories, and costs. Each delivery, however, will depend on where you’ve ordered your table and the services they provide.

Whether you’re buying your pool table brand new or second-hand, you’ll have to consider different steps for each. Potentially, buying your pool table brand new should come with more ease, as they may provide more assistance.  

Your pool table delivery should be pretty simple and being prepared may give you an extra advantage. Once your pool table arrives intact and with all the necessary equipment, you can start playing!

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