Is Birthday Candle Wax Edible?

Is Birthday Candle Wax Edible

Birthday candle wax can be eaten if it is specified to be edible candle wax. If it is not explicitly made so that it is non-harmful when ingested, then it still won’t cause severe harm unless eaten in large amounts. 

Everyone is familiar with the moment when the birthday boy can’t think of the perfect wish to blow out his birthday candles with. Thus, the party waits and watches as the candle wax drips all over the cake that is meant to be eaten. 

We’ve put together a guide on the ins and outs of birthday candle wax and candle wax, generally, as it pertains to our health. So that in this candle wax dripping moment, you will know whether you can eat your slice of cake with peace of mind or not. 

Is It Okay to Eat Birthday Candle Wax?  

Yes. If bits of candle wax decorate the top of your birthday cake slice, you will survive. In fact, you will be just fine.  

It all comes down to the quantity ingested. Candles are not meant to be eaten unless specifically designed to be (as we will discuss shortly) and thus, you shouldn’t eat their wax as though it was food. However, if you eat the amount that typically drips onto the cake while the candles are burning, it will not cause any notable harm. 

What Kind Of Wax Are Birthday Candles Made of?  

Birthday candles are usually made of non-toxic paraffin wax. However, they can be made of soy or beeswax though these materials are far less common. You will find paraffin wax candles in any party store while soy and beeswax candles are usually found in health food stores or alternative shops.  

The wick found in any birthday candle is usually made of a cotton string covered in paper filaments. The paper is treated specially to give an even burn. 

Paraffin wax is malleable as most wax is and can, therefore, be short, tall, thin, or thick as well as number-shaped, curved, and twisted.   

Is Non-Edible Candle Wax Toxic? 

The good news is that non-edible candle wax is not considered to be poisonous. In other words, if you eat some candle wax that is not specifically manufactured to be eaten, you will be okay! However, if you eat the wax as though it were part of the cake (in large amounts) then it could cause some health troubles as one may expect it to.  

Firstly, if lots of the wax is ingested, it will likely cause an upset stomach. This is because candle wax is dense and not meant to be lodged in one’s intestines. Further, it could cause skin irritation depending on the material and one’s specific allergies. For example, a beeswax candle may bring on an allergic reaction for some and not for others.  

If you ingest a large amount of candle wax, despite it not being poisonous, we still recommend calling poison control as the material is not meant to be eaten in copious amounts.   

What Are Edible Candles Made Of? 

Edible candles can be a fun extra touch for anyone’s birthday, and they are usually made of chocolate. However, remember that the wick is not edible and is usually made of paraffin-coated cotton so make sure to remove it before you take a bite of your edible candles. 

Chocolate Candles 

These candles are a crowd-pleaser because who doesn’t like chocolate? You can purchase chocolate candles in various shapes, sizes, and styles online or in many gourmet chocolate shops as well as at some party stores. White chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk, you can find the perfect candles for your cake.  

Remember, they will only burn for around 50-60 seconds on average so the guest of honor should have their wishes prepared in advance. 

Where Can I Buy Edible Birthday Candles? 

Edible candles can be easily found in a variety of shops. Party stores will offer the most variety in terms of shapes, sizes, colors, and amount. So, if your birthday girl is turning 90 then we recommend stopping by your local party store.  

You will also find candles made of non-toxic paraffin wax in grocery stores and convenience stores as they are a common good and also one people tend to forget and need to buy last minute.  

Finally, if you are searching for soy or beeswax birthday candles, we recommend stopping by your local health food store or trying out one of the many online marketplaces. 

Is Eating Scented Candle Wax Harmful? 

This question is less straightforward than with birthday candle wax as scented candles use various additional chemicals. However, the answer comes down to quantity yet again. If you ingest a large amount of scented candle wax, it may be harmful simply because it is not meant to be eaten.

Though, whether scented candles are worse for you when ingested than birthday candles are is an unanswered question as of now.   

Is It Okay if Birthday Candle Soot Falls Onto the Cake? 

Now that we have discussed candle wax at length, let’s examine the soot that falls from the wick. As discussed, wicks are made of cotton and paper filaments. They are usually coated in something to help them burn consistently. As they burn, they produce soot which is essentially the burnt cotton and paper. Is this soot problematic?  

Burnt substances are inherently problematic because they are carcinogens and as we all know, ingesting carcinogens is not good for one’s health. However, birthday candle soot is very minimal because birthday candles and their wicks are small and therefore, they produce small flames and few ashes.  

If you notice some soot on your slice of cake, try to brush it off but if some remains, you shouldn’t fear as with the wax.  

Can I Make Edible Candles at Home? 

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can even make your edible candles to ensure they are safe for your party guests. All you need is a wick (a cotton rope will do), a mold in your desired candle shape, and some melted chocolate.

Simply pour the chocolate into the cold and place the wick in the middle so that enough is peaking out the top for you to light it. Then pour the remaining chocolate to cover the exposed wick. Next, freeze your molds until party time and there you have your edible candles! If you prefer a step-by-step tutorial, check out this article

Final Thoughts 

Now, you can rest assured that your birthday cake toppers won’t harm you, your party, or the guest of honor!  

Remember, birthday candles are not poisonous and if some wax drips onto your cake, and you ingest it, you will be just fine. Birthday candles will only cause harm if eaten in large quantities. If the wax is consumed as though it were food for some reason, always call poison control or go to the hospital just in case. 

Finally, try buying or making your edible candles for a delicious touch to any birthday cake! Blowing out the candles on your birthday is a time-honored tradition. So, even if it means eating a small trace of wax every once and a while, we think the tradition is well worth it! 

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