Is It Safe to Buy Pokemon Cards From StockX?

is it safe to buy pokemon cards from stockx

Finding legit Pokémon cards online is like sifting through a haystack to find a golden needle. If you’re not careful, you can get ripped off. So, knowing where it’s safe to buy these highly prized cards requires a keen sense. There are many places you can buy them, but only a few are reliable.

Is it safe to buy Pokémon cards from StockX? Yes, on the whole it is safe to buy Pokémon cards on StockX. They have many checks and balances in place to ensure what you’re getting is a genuine product.

That said, there are some cards that end up on their listings which are fake. But, unlike other online marketplaces, StockX has a stringent authentication process. But, they don’t use the same process for every Pokémon product offered on their site.

Are Pokémon Cards from StockX Real?

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Almost all the Pokémon cards you receive on StockX are real. As you would with independent sellers on EBay or other trading card site, you want to get a good view of the pictures and check everything for printing problems and such.

You should also be able to contact the seller directly and inquire about anything of which you have questions. If the seller doesn’t want to discuss anything or have a good description of their card(s), then move onto another one.

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They Use PSA for Authentication

But, what makes StockX a little different is that all of the cards they allow on their listings come with a PSA grade. You can always back check the number on PSA’s website to ensure it isn’t fake. This really goes a long way to provide a little peace of mind. Since you’re basically buying the cards blind, it’s a great security blanket.

When a seller has a sale of their cards, the seller must ship the card directly to StockX. Here, they evaluate the card for authenticity and then send it off to PSA to receive a grade. When the card comes back to StockX, they check it against PSA’s grading database to further ensure authenticity.

If there’s any question about the card being real, StockX will not ship the card to the buyer. All money goes back and the sale cancels. While this process is great and provides lots of customer confidence, it is expensive to buy a card this way. Plus it can take up to two weeks or more to receive your order.

Process Isn’t Foolproof

However, it’s not foolproof. There are some cards that get through to the listings and they are as fake as can be. There are many online forums of people discussing their horror stories in receiving cards from StockX and getting whole packs, booster boxes and the like that are totally fake.

This is because StockX doesn’t apply the same standards to packs and booster boxes as they do for single cards. Unfortunately, the packs and booster boxes are what leaves much to desire. It’s easy to get fake ones.

What Happens If You Buy a Fake Pokémon Card from StockX?

Unfortunately, once and awhile there will be fake cards on StockX. The company claims to take this very seriously. When a seller defrauds customers, StockX will take a number of steps to freeze and block the account of the offender. Sometimes they will involve law enforcement if the problem is serious enough to warrant it.

Employ Discretion Before Buying

While StockX does everything in their power to monitor the integrity of the listings presented on their site, the buyer must use discretion before making a purchase. However, if you believe you received a counterfeit item, you must notify StockX in writing within three days of receiving the card.

StockX Will Perform an Investigation

Once they receive your written statement, they will conduct an investigation. So, ensure you provide plenty of pictures, documentation and details. If you can show a real Pokémon card next to the fake one you received, this will work to your advantage.

Once they complete their investigation and agree that the item you have is fraudulent, they will refund all costs and fees you paid. There are instances where they may even tell you to destroy the card. In this case you will have to provide proof of the destruction. You can do this with video or photos.  

Some People Have Had Issues

However, there are several people who have tried to follow their procedures after receiving a fraudulent Pokémon card. The result ended in a heartbreaking experience where StockX left the customer high and dry. The card was clearly fake and StockX denied the fraud. However, this seems to be fairly rare.

What compounds the issue for those who have a bad taste in their mouth with StockX is that their prices tend to be much higher than other places. When you wait so long for your cards and pay so much, only to receive a fake card, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Final Thoughts

While you can safely assume most cards on Stock X are safe to buy, you may come across a few listings that aren’t as legit as you hope. That said, they do have a good system of checks and balances that helps to keep riff raff away from the site.

The fact that they use PSA grading for their cards helps, but it does little in the way of preventing fraudulent packs and booster boxes. If you do end up with some that are fake, make sure you contact StockX in writing within three days of receiving the cards.

While the investigation can be lengthy and you may not see a refund for several months, they do involve law enforcement if the counterfeit is bad enough. So, when you’re looking at Pokémon cards through StockX, be sure you inspect everything as best you can before you buy. Keep meticulous records too.

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