Are StockX Pokemon Cards Legit?

are stockx pokemon cards legit

StockX is regarded as one of the premier Pokemon card retailers for those that are seeking rarer Pokemon cards. In fact, it is a great place to head for all the rarest of collectibles.

So, are StockX Pokemon cards legit? StockX cards are 100% legit! All of the cards that are sold through StockX have a PSA rating. Before the cards are shipped out to the buyer, StockX will also verify the actual grading of the card. This means the chances of ending up with a fake card are nil. it may be one of the more expensive services out there.

However, it is also the only site where you can guarantee that you are getting 100% legitimate cards. Let’s expand on this a little bit, shall we?

How Does StockX Authenticate Pokemon Cards?

As we said, all of the Pokemon cards that are sold through StockX will be PSA graded. Well, they can also be BGS graded, but this is going to be a bit rarer when it comes to Pokemon cards.

StockX does not actually keep cards in stock themselves. Instead, sellers list their cards for a price. When the card is sold, the seller has to ship the card to StockX. StockX will then check the PSA grading by querying the PSA database.

They will not send out the card to the buyer until they are 100% sure that the card has passed all their checks. Although, to be honest, checking against the PSA database is all that they really need to do. After all, if a card is there, then it has already been verified as legit.

Is It Safe to Buy Booster Boxes From StockX?

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This is where you may run into a few issues. While PSA can grade booster boxes, they tend not to do so. This means that any booster boxes sold through StockX will not be graded.

There are a few people that have run into the issue where the booster box that was delivered by StockX has resealed packs in it. Now, admittedly, this is going to be incredibly rare.

However, it is going to be a risk that you will be taking. This is why most people will only use StockX to buy individual Pokemon cards. At least that way they can guarantee that they are going to end up with something that is real.

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How Long Does It Take to Get Pokemon Cards From StockX?

Due to the way in which the process works, it is tough to predict. This is because the process can be held up by how fast the seller is able to ship their card off to StockX. It also depends on where the card is located in the world.

StockX does claim that the vast majority of their orders are completed within 2-weeks. This means that, in that time period, the seller will have shipped their card off to StockX. The PSA grading of the card will have been verified and, ultimately, the trading card will be in your hands.

Most deliveries will take less than 2 weeks. We suppose that it is going to be dependent on how busy StockX is at the time. Remember, they have a lot of verification to deal with. In rare cases, it may take a lot longer than 2-weeks. However, this is most likely going to be a seller issue rather than a problem with the StockX team.

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Is It Worth Buying Pokemon Cards From StockX?

It depends on why you are buying the trading cards.

If you are buying them for collectible reasons, then it is worth buying from StockX. You have to remember that all of the cards coming from StockX will already be PSA graded. This means that you do not have to worry about getting the cards graded yourself. The cards have also been verified to be legit, so you do not have to worry about being scammed.

Basically, if you buy your trading cards from StockX, then you are going to end up with legitimate cards that you will be able to hold onto, either because you love the card, or you are banking on the value of that card rising.

If you are looking for individual cards that you can use in a Pokemon card deck, then buying from StockX is not going to be worth it. This is because all of the cards are going to be sealed in that PSA slab.

This means that you will not be able to remove them from the slab to play with. At least not without destroying the value of the card.

Since a good chunk of the value of the card comes from the fact that it has actually been graded, it is going to be in your best interests to just buy singles if you are planning on actually playing with the cards.

It probably isn’t going to be worth buying booster boxes from StockX. This is because they are not going to be going through the same checks that the single Pokemon cards are going to be going through.

This means that you cannot be sure of their legitimacy. However, the main issue is the fact that buying from StockX is going to be a lot more expensive than buying from elsewhere. So, if you need a booster box, then buy from another site.

Can You Sell Your Pokemon Cards to StockX

You absolutely can. However, do make sure that your card has been PSA graded before you even contemplate selling it on StockX. You can get BGS grading too. However, these cards tend to sell for a lot less because most people want the PSA grading.

When you have your card graded, you can search for it on the StockX website. You can then list it for sale. Chances are that there will be other people selling the same card and grade that you are. It is up to you to decide whether you want to compete with them.

Over time, you will start to get bids on your Pokemon card. You can either accept the bid, or you can wait for the card to sell at the price that you listed it for.

No matter how the card ends up selling, when it does, you will be sent a shipping label by StockX. At that point, you need to ship the card to StockX quickly.

They will then verify the grade of the Pokemon card. Once they have done so, it will be shipped out to the customer. At no point will you need to be shipping anything to the customer directly. 

Final Thoughts

StockX is a legitimate collectibles website. When it comes to single Pokemon cards, they only sell graded Pokemon cards. 

The cards must be graded by PSA or BGS before they can be sold on the platform. The cards will go through further verification before they are sold to the end user.

The only problem with StockX is that they do not have any mechanism to verify non-PSA-graded booster packs. This means that it may not be the best place to go if you are planning on buying some sealed product.

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