UNO Flip Card Meanings: Updated Guide 2023  

UNO Flip Card Meanings

Do you enjoy the fun family feud that comes with UNO? Then you’re going to love UNO Flip. The game is similar to the original one – with a dark side. This can be a great start, even if you’ve never played UNO!

UNO Flip is a spinoff of UNO. What’s unique is that its deck has cards with two sides, Dark and Light. The game starts with the Light side until the Action card called Flip is used to turn over to the Dark side – with crazy rules to set competitors back!   

Today, we will discuss the different cards of UNO Flip and the game rules – to bring the Dark side of UNO to your next party!

UNO Flip Card Meanings: Updated Guide 2023.  

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What Are The Different Cards In UNO Flip?

What Are The Different Cards In UNO Flip?

There are 112 cards with both Dark and Light sides on either face. And these include 18 numbered cards for each color and Action cards.

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a) UNO Flip Number Cards: Light Side

Card ColorCard NumberTotal Cards

b) UNO Flip Special Cards: Light Side

Card TypeTotal Cards
Draw One8
Wild Draw Two4

c) UNO Flip Number Cards: Dark Side

Card ColorCard NumberTotal Cards

d) UNO Flip Special Cards: Dark Side

Card TypeTotal Cards
Draw Five8
Wild Draw Color4
Skip Everyone8

UNO Flip Card Values

Every card in UNO Flip has a value – including the Action cards. Below is the list of UNO Flip card points

Number CardsFace Value (1-9)
Draw One10
Draw Five40
Wild Draw Two50
Wild Draw Color60
Skip Everyone30

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UNO Flip Card Rules and Instructions

Take a look at the rules of playing UNO Flip below – 

  1. The game aims to get rid of all cards in hand before the others. 
  2. All cards must have their light side in the same direction. 
  3. Each player will then draw a card, and the one with the highest number is the dealer. (Special cards will be considered 0.)
  4. After shuffling the deck, each player is dealt seven cards. The stack’s Light side faces down, and the Dark side faces up. 
  5. The players will pick the dealt cards and hold them Light side up. The Dark side will face the opponents.    
  6. The remaining cards in the deck will then be placed in the center, Dark side up. It is the Draw card pile. 
  7. The dealer will take the card at the top of the stack, flip it over to the Light side, and place it beside the Draw pile. This is the Discard pile. 
  8. The round will begin in a clockwise direction, i.e., the player on the dealer’s left side will play first. The card they play must match the Discard pile’s first card by number or color. 

So, if the Discarded card is a Green 5, the first player must play a Green card of any number or a 5 card of any color. They can also play an Action card if applicable (per the rules mentioned later). 

If none are available, the player must draw a card from the Draw pile. They can either play this card or forfeit their turn. 

The player may also choose not to play a playable card in hand – and draw a new card. But if this newly drawn card is not playable, the player cannot play any other card they hold.  

  1. The played card should be put on the Discard pile, revealing its Light side. 
  2. The next player follows the same steps as above. The game continues like this. 
  3. If anyone plays the Flip card, all cards in the players’ hands and the two piles will be turned over to the Dark side. The game continues until someone else flips the cards again (per the rules of using the Flip card explained later).   
  4. When a player has two cards left, they must yell UNO while playing the second-last card. Other players can challenge them and force them to draw two new cards if they don’t. 
  5. The player who gets rid of all cards before others wins the round. 
  6. The winner gets awarded points, calculated by adding the values of the cards in the other players’ hands. 

For instance, you’re playing with two other players. The cards in the hands of others are: Blue 6 and Green 2 with one player, and Red 5 and Flip card with the other player. 

The total points accumulated by the winner will be > 6+2+5+20=33 (as per card values mentioned earlier).

  1. A new round will begin, following the same rules above, until one player reaches 500 points. The points on the cards will be considered based on whether the game ends on the Light side or the Dark side. 

If you want to understand the rules a little better, check out this video! And remember to download and print a few copies of our UNO Flip rules PDF file.

UNO Flip Card Meanings: What Do The Cards Mean On UNO Flip?

UNO Flip Card Meanings: What Do The Cards Mean On UNO Flip?

Check out when and how to play the different cards and how you can change the game! 

UNO Flip Card Meanings: Light Side

Let’s start by looking at the cards’ meanings unique to the Light side of the UNO Flip deck.  

1. Draw One

If you play the Draw One card, the next player takes a card from the Draw pile and loses the turn to play. If this is the first card flipped to start the Discard pile, the first player draws a card and forfeits their first turn.  

The “+1” sign identifies the Draw One card. There are two cards for each color – you can play it to match the last played card. 

So if the player before you has played a Red 6, you can play a Red Draw One. You can also play it if the last card is also Draw One.

2. Wild Draw Two

If you play the Wild Draw Two card, you can change the next card’s color. The player, after you, draws two cards and loses their turn. 

If the Wild Draw Two card is flipped at the start, it must go back into the Draw pile, and a new card is drawn. The Wild Draw Two cards, identified by the “+2” symbol, can only be played if you don’t have a playable card that matches the last Discarded card’s color.

For instance, if the player before you has played Yellow 5, and you don’t have a Yellow card, you can play Wild Draw 2. You are not allowed to play a 5 card in another color or a yellow Action card.  

If a player thinks you have a playable card, they can challenge you to show them your hand. If they are right, you’ll have to draw two cards. But if the challenger is wrong, they’ll draw four cards and miss their turn.

3. Skip

If you play the Skip card, the next player loses their turn and waits for the next turn. The first player has to skip their turn if it is played at the start of a game. 

The stop symbol on the face can identify this card. There are two Skip cards for each color, and you can play it to match the last played card on top of the Discard pile.

UNO Flip Card Meanings: Dark Side

Now let’s look at the cards on the Dark side, which are upgraded versions of the Light side cards we discussed. Since we start the Dark side only in the middle of a game, there’s no question of flipping them to start the Discard pile.

1. Draw Five

If you play the Draw Five card, the next player has to draw five cards from the pile. They also miss their turn to play in this round. 

The “+5” symbol identifies this card, and there are two cards for each color. You can play it to match the color of the last card on the Discard pile. 

So if the card on top of the Discarded deck is a Teal 2, you can play a Teal Draw 5 card. You can also use it on another Draw Five card on the pile.

2. Wild Draw Color

When you play the Wild Draw Color card, you must call a color, and the next player has to keep drawing cards till they find the color you chose. They also lose their turn to play. 

Say you call orange, and the next player draws a pink card. They will have to draw another card – and it will continue till they find an orange card. 

A deck symbol identifies this card; you can only play it if you don’t have any card to match the color of the last played card on the Discarded deck. A player can challenge you if they think you have a playable card in hand.  

If the challenger is correct, you’ll draw cards till you find the right color. But if the challenger is wrong, they must draw the cards and two extra cards as a penalty.

3. Skip Everyone

When you play the Skip Everyone card, all the players lose their turn to play. That means you can immediately play your next card. 

The open circle arrow on the face can identify this card. Two Skip Everyone cards for each color can be played to match the last card on the Discard pile.

UNO Flip Card Meanings: Both Sides

Some cards are present on both Dark and Light sides, and the rules are the same. They are as follows – 

1. Number Cards

The number cards are the basic elements of the UNO Flip game. There are four colors on each side, and each color has 18 cards numbered 1-9.  

So, there are 72 number cards in total in the deck. You can play these cards to match the number or the color of the last Discarded card on the pile.

2. Reverse

If you play the Reverse card, the order in which the players play their cards will become opposite. If this is the first card in the Discard pile, the dealer will have to start the game and go counter-clockwise instead of following the usual clockwise direction.  

So, if you’re going clockwise, this card will change the direction of play. So, the player on your right will take the next turn instead of the player on the left. 

The Reverse card might be played when the game is already going in a counter-clockwise direction, i.e., from left to right. In that case, the player on your right will get another turn instead of the one on the left.    

Two arrows can identify this card in opposite directions. There are two Reverse cards in each color for both sides, and you can play one to match the last Discarded card.

3. Wild

You can change the next card’s color when you play the Wild card. If turned up at the beginning of the game on the Light side, the first player can call the color. 

If you play this card and call Red, the next player will have to play a card in that color – or draw a card from the pile. They can also play another Wild card and call a new color. 

You can play the Wild card even if you have other cards in hand to match the last Discarded card. There are four Wild cards on each side, which can be identified by the presence of all four colors of the side.

4. Flip

If you play the Flip card, all the cards in the game must be turned over to the other “side” – with new numbers and colors. Since the cards’ two faces don’t match, a Green 7 card on the Light side might have Purple 1 on its back!

There are two Flip cards for each color on both Light and Dark sides. They are identified by the symbol of a card with an arrow, and can be played to match the last card’s color. 

Since you’ll start the game with the Light side, the first Flip card will change the game to the Dark side – until a Dark side Flip card turns the game back. The cards in the hands of the players, the Discarded pile, and the Draw Pile will be flipped. 

While flipping the Draw and Discard piles, you must turn the whole deck upside down, not individual cards. So, while playing the Light side, the card at the top of the pile will go to the bottom after flipping.

Marvel UNO Flip Card Meanings

Marvel UNO Flip Card Meanings

A fun version of UNO Flip is the Marvel Edition. In this version, the Light side features Marvel superheroes, while the Dark side features Marvel supervillains. 

The deck has 112 cards, including the same Special cards used in regular UNO Flip. So, the set of rules is the same as well!

Final Words

UNO Flip allows you to be a little strategic. You can monitor the backside of your competitors’ cards – and play the Flip card accordingly. So have more fun by keeping the UNO Flip card meanings at the tip of your fingers.

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