What Age Should You Stop Playing With LEGOS?

What Age Should You Stop Playing With LEGOS

LEGOs are an excellent source of entertainment for any age. Large blocks are available for young children, while complex sets and models are also available, geared toward older youth and adults. 

With the wide range of options available there is no set age you should stop playing with LEGOs. You can enjoy working and building with them at every age.

This article explores LEGO sets and ideas for all ages, and what older and younger people might enjoy.

What Age Should You Stop Playing With LEGO?

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According to many, there is NO set age you should stop playing with LEGOs.

Adults in their 50s and older enjoy putting together specialized kits, or building unique masterpieces of their own design.

What age should you stop playing with with Legos? Only when you stop enjoying putting them together.

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Do 11 Year Olds Play With LEGOs?

LEGOs are considered to be a source of fun and education for children of all ages. At the age of 11, your kids may be getting interested in specific detailed models.

Building free-form encourages imagination and basic geometric understanding. Building specific models encourages attention to details, as well as the ability to follow directions and patterns.

What Kinds of LEGO Sets or Kits Are Suitable for 11 Year Olds?

11 year olds interested in free-form building might like a Basic Brick Set, or a LEGO Classic Creative Kit. These can come with anywhere from 200 to 1000+ pieces, allowing plenty of room for creative expression.

These sets can be found in just about any store.

For 11 year olds who are interested in specific models, there are many options. You’ll want to tailor it to the child’s interests and individual skills, but recommendations include:

Any of the Brickheadz sets – popular characters from movies and shows rated for ages 10+

City sets –  with different vehicles and special equipment or infrastructure pieces.

Ninjango – a popular set that has since spawned a TV show and movies

The City and Ninjango sets can come in various levels of complexity and difficulty.

Should a 12 Year Old Still Play With Legos?

12 year olds can explore their creative side with Legos, as well as any budding interests in building, design, or architecture.

Some sets even allow for exploration of basic engineering principles with moving parts and small gears or jointed parts.

What Kind of LEGO Sets are Recommended for 12 Year Olds?

For building from imagination, the basic and classic block sets are still an excellent option for 12 year olds. But you can also add supplementary sets, like the LEGO Robotics for Kids set, to introduce a wider range of creative mediums.

12 year olds interested in science may enjoy sets like LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Adventure.

12 year olds interested in fantasy might like sets like LEGO Hogwarts.

Can 13 Year Olds Still Play With LEGOs?

13 year olds can definitely still play with Legos. Creatively, this a chance to explore complex designs and specific interests.

Specialized models and designs give 13 year olds a chance to show off their skills as well.

What Kind of LEGO Sets are Recommended for 13 Year Olds?

Sets recommended for 13 year olds include:

LEGO Star Wars is a great option for science fiction fans

LEGO Architecture and Technic sets may interest budding builders

LEGO Harry Potter or LEGO Super Hero sets can be enjoyed by fantasy and comic lovers.

Can You Be Too Old for Legos?

Given the wide range of material LEGO offers, you’ll always be able to find something age appropriate, whether you’re 3 or 73. You’re unlikely to ever be too old to enoy LEGO sets.

That said, certain LEGO sets are geared toward younger or older individuals, so you might find that you feel too old for certain sets or types of LEGOS. 

In terms of being too old, the only limit on your ability to enjoy playing with LEGOs is not one of numerical age, but of physical ability. Assembling the pieces requires some physical dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 

Once physical difficulties arise, you may not find the same enjoyment in legos that you once did. In that sense, you may find that you have become ‘too old’ for legos.

Why Are Some LEGOs 18+?

The LEGO label of 18+ was created to replace the ‘Creator Expert’ label. The label is meant to indicate a kit with a high level of complexity and difficulty.

The age label was meant to make sure that sets with a greater complexity and difficulty, or with slightly more mature depictions, aren’t accidentally picked up by younger children.

Most of the 18+ kits or sets are highly detailed, with meticulous instructions and small pieces that a younger LEGO enthusiast might have trouble keeping track of.

They’re also likely to require a great deal of focus and concentration to put together, much like a model plane or car, or a ship in a bottle.

What Are Some 18+ (Adult Recommended) LEGO Sets?

LEGO sets enjoyed by adults include the following:

LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer – One of the most popular adult sets out there, especially for Star Wars fans

LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron – a favored set for car lovers, along with the James Bond Aston Martin and the Batmobile.

LEGO Disney Castle – One of the more complex kits for those who like a challenge, along with sets like Harry Potter Diagon Alley

There are many more sets, including the Millenium Falcon, the Technic Architecture sets, NASA sets, and even a LEGO Ship in a Bottle.

Final Thoughts

There is no age where it’s recommended you should stop playing with Legos.

You might choose to change which types of Legos or Lego sets you prefer as you gain more expertise, but there’s no age that you should abandon Legos if you enjoy building with them.

Ages 3 to 73 – there’s no age too old to enjoy the creativity and challenge of building with Legos.

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