What Darts Does Nathan Aspinall Use?

what darts does nathan aspinall use

If you’re a fan of darts and follow the game enthusiastically—there’s no way you haven’t heard of Nathan Aspinall. He won the 2019 UK Open 11–5, blowing all competition out of the water with his fantastic technique. A lot of fans are curious about the type and weight of darts he uses—and that’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Nathan ‘The Asp’ Aspinall uses 90% Tungsten darts designed especially for him in collaboration with Target Darts. They are available to buy at various dart equipment stores around the UK.

Let’s dive into the details of which darts the legendary Nathan Aspinall uses and their design specifications. We’re also going to talk about the history of his career and how he evolved to become one of the top dart players in the UK.

What Darts Does Nathan Aspinall Use?

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Nathan Aspinall uses 90% Tungsten Target darts that were designed keeping his technique in mind to suit him perfectly. Target pairs up with various professional dart players and creates custom-built signature darts that are named after them.

The Nathan Aspinall darts come in three sizes. According to Target, these 90% Tungsten darts were designed especially for Nathan Aspinall after an examination of his throw to create the ideal set-up for him. They feature radial grooves on the length of the barrel and are equipped with the Black Pro Grip shaft and  ‘The Asp’ flights.

These darts are available to buy at numerous retail stores across the UK. The list of specific retailers mentioned on Target’s website includes Bully Darts, As Pro Sports, Carta Sport, Darthub, Darts GB and Double Top Dart Shop among others. The darts are also available to buy online.

To check the current price and availability of Nathan Aspinall 90% Steel Tip Darts, click here to view the listing on Amazon.

What Weight Darts Does Nathan Aspinall Use?

Nathan ‘The Asp’ Aspinall uses 26g 90% Tungsten Target darts for his games. These darts were designed specifically for him in collaboration with Target and are available in three different sizes:

  • 22g with 50mm length and 7.15mm diameter
  • 24g with 51mm length and 7.35mm diameter
  • 26g with 52mm length and 7.55mm diameter

How to Choose the Perfect Dart Weight

If you’re a novice starting out in the world of playing darts, you might be confused by all the different options out there. So what goes into choosing the perfect dart weight?

Well, the first thing to consider is your level of experience. If you’re a complete beginner, it would be best to start off somewhere in the middle, preferably with a set of darts that are around 24g.

This would help you to figure out your throwing style and determine whether you should level up by going with a heavier dart weight, or maybe try darts one or two weights lower. Lighter darts require more force to throw but the weight is more evenly distributed, whereas a heavier dart might be more weighted at the front. 

Try out a few different weights and see which one suits you the best. If you keep missing your aim and can’t figure out what’s wrong; look out for whether you’re throwing with too much force or too little, and whether the trajectory of the dart is too high or low and change to a different weight accordingly.

History of Nathan Aspinall

Nathan Aspinall is a professional darts player and was born in Stockport, England. He started his career with the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) in 2012 and participated in his first semi-final in 2013 where he lost with a score of 4–2. 

He won his first PDC title in 2018 in the 18th Players Championship by beating Ryan Searle 6–4 in an intense game, qualifying for the PDC World Darts Championship. In the Championship he exhibited jaw-dropping skill and defeated top players to make his way to the semi-finals, where he unfortunately lost to Michael Smith.  

Nathan Aspinall’s first major win was in 2019 when he defeated Rob Cross in the UK Open final and emerged as the number one with a 170 checkout.

He went on to win and participate in many more competitions, both national and international, over the next couple of years including the 2019 US Darts Masters (where he won 8–4), the 2019 World Matchplay, the 2020 Premier League, and PDC World Championships. He was in the top 6 dart players of 2020.

Nathan Aspinall Injury

Earlier this year, reports came out that Nathan Aspinall had injured his wrist and would have to take some time off from participating in competitions while he recuperated.

Since the injury was to his wrist and arm and hindered his performance, it could have seriously affected the rest of his career. The unfortunate incident also meant that he had to withdraw from the PDC World Championship to avoid further complications. 

The injury was apparently a ligament tear and Nathan Aspinall feared that major surgery would be required to fix it—but it turned out that it could be corrected with just a minor operation. He was given a cortisone injection to help with the injury and is back in the game for now. 

The Asp was quoted as saying, “It’s a massive weight off my shoulders. Over the last three or four months I’ve been playing wondering ‘am I going to snap it, am I going to need an operation, am I going to come back? All these thoughts going through my head.” He also mentioned that he was extremely glad to be back in action.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Nathan Aspinall uses 26g darts from Target that are made of 90% Tungsten. These darts were created by Target after carefully observing his style and technique to optimize his performance. They are available to buy at various darts equipment stores across the UK and are available in three different sizes.

The Asp uses the 26g darts but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same if you have dreams of becoming a pro. Choose a dart weight that seems comfortable and easy to throw and lands on your aim most of the time. 

If you’re interested in seeing Nathan ‘The Asp’ Aspinall in action, check out some of his PDC Championship videos on YouTube. If you’re now motivated to up your darts game, remember that practice and persistence is the key!

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