What Darts Does Michael Smith Use?

What Darts Does Michael Smith Use

Professional darts player Michael Smith is well known at the PDC Pro Tour and has won 8 titles. He has a great set of skills when it comes to throwing darts and knows how to choose a good dart to work with. This has a lot of fans curious about his top pick. What darts does Micheal Smith use?

Michael Smith uses Unicorn Maestro Silver Darts. These darts are 90 % tungsten and feature an engraved unicorn hallmark so he can always tell his darts apart from other competitors. Like most pros, Smith uses a tungsten dart because they are in the ideal weight range.

Are you interested in learning more about the darts that pro competitor Michael Smith uses? You’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss more about this pro dart player and his darts of choice.

What Weight Darts Does Michael Smith Use?

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The Unicorn Maestro Silver Darts that Michael Smith uses weigh 24 grams. That is the barrel-only weight. When the dart is fully dressed, it weighs 26 grams. These silver darts have a barrel length of 49.72 mm and a barrel diameter of 6.81 mm. These darts have a straight barrel that features 3 grips, making them easier to grip.

If you want to play like a pro, this is a great set of darts to practice with. Each set features 3 darts and the Unicorn Maestro brand has a reputation for settling for nothing but the best with quality. That is why pro player Micheal Smith makes them his first choice. 

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Are Unicorn Maestro Silver Darts Good Quality?

While Micheal Smith may be one of the best competitors playing the PDC, you may be wondering if the Unicorn Maestro Silver Darts are good darts for the average player. According to reviews, the Unicorn Maestro Silver Darts are a very good set of darts to play with.

What darts player like about these darts is that the set is very comfortable to hold. While the barrel of the dart is thin, the grip makes these darts more comfortable to hold than other thin darts on the market. These darts have a rounded nose, so at first glance, they appear too short. However, once the player holds the dart, they see the length is just right.

However, when it comes down to the quality of a dart, a lot of players focus on weight. Most professional players prefer to throw darts that are in the weight range of 21 to 24 grams. These darts do sit on the heavier end of that scale, which many players prefer to get a good shot. 

History of Michael Smith

Michael Smith is a pro darts player from Warrington, England who is also known by the nickname Bully Boy. He first started playing darts professionally in 2006 but gained attention in 2008 when he started competing in the PDC.  He really made a name for himself in 2013 when he was named PDC Under 21 Champion of the year. 

Merely a year later in 2014, Smith achieved PDC Young Player of the Year and won a European Darts trophy. 2015 was a very good year for Smith because he became one of the top 16 darts players in the world and later on in the year held a spot in the top 8.

One of the highest points in Smith’s career so far was in 2019 when he ranked number 3 of the best darts players in the world. It was also the first year he made it to the World Championship finals.

His first victory was against Luke Humphries to make it into the semi-finals. Then he beat Nathan Aspinall to make it to the finals. However, Michael van Gerwen beat him in the final. Since going pro, Micheal Smith has earned 8 titles competing in the PDC tours. 

Are Unicorn Maestro Silver Darts Worth It?

Many darts players who have had the opportunity to play using Unicorn Maestro Silver darts will agree that the darts are worth investing in. If you enjoy playing darts often then you should have a good quality set. According to reviews, these darts are a good choice for the price range.

The average price range of Unicorn Maestro Silver darts according to Dart Shopper is between $58 and $73.54 USD. This is a fair price range for a quality darts set. The price range for steel tip darts sits between $7 and $250, depending on your price range and the quality you want. 

Steel tip darts are generally a higher price than plastic tips, but are always worth the extra cost because they play better and last longer. Based on the quality of these darts, it’s fair to say that they sit at the lower end of the price scale. They are a lot better quality than some of the darts sets that sit at the higher end of the price scale. 

Final Thoughts

What darts does Micheal Smith use? Micheal Smith is a pro darts player and he uses Unicorn Maestro Silver darts. These 24 gram darts are made from 90 % tungsten. Other players enjoy using this set because the weight and dimensions make them easier to perform well with. 

One of the unique features of the darts that Micheal Smith uses is that they feature an engraved Unicorn hallmark. This is how players can tell that they have a real Maestro Unicorn dart and not a knock-off. The Unicorn is a symbol of a standard of quality. After all, this brand wants nothing but the best put into its darts. 

Micheal Smith has been playing professional darts since 2006. He has had a very good career and won several titles. His achievements have been widely recognized and he has even been ranked as one of the best pro darts players. While Smith is a very talented and skilled player, he can also credit some of his game to the darts that he uses. 

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