What to Do With Old Magic the Gathering Cards

what to do with old magic the gathering cards

When it comes the time that you are setting down the deck for good, you begin to wonder what to do with old Magic the Gathering cards. After all, you do not want to throw them out (especially if you have some really good cards).  

If you are no longer using your old Magic: The Gathering cards, there are many ways you can dispose of them like selling them on an online trading site or giving them away. Before selling your cards, confirm you are selling them for a reasonable price.  

Many cards, especially your rares and foils, have a higher value and should be sold separately from any you choose to sell in a lot. Before selling your Magic: The Gathering cards in bulk, you should go through them and pull out any cards with a significantly higher value. This may be your opportunity to earn your money back.

What to Do With Magic: The Gathering Cards

Magic: The Gathering may be a lifelong game for some but for others, there may come a day when you just know it is time to retire your decks and move on to something else. When that day comes, worry not there are plenty of ways that you can dispose of your old Magic: The Gathering cards.  

For the artistically inclined, it may be worth letting your imagination emerge and try your hand at creating a card-themed project. That way a little piece of Magic will always stay with you.  

If you are looking to get a return on your cards, take a bit to check the value of your cards by sifting through and using a website to value them out. You can sell your cards on eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, and more. 

Are Old Magic the Gathering Cards Worth Anything?

Some magic cards are worth a lot of money and… other cards are worthless. That basically means the odds are the card you found in your basement is not going to end up buying you your dream boat but that does not mean it is not worth investigating! 

The first thing you should look at the edges of your cards. If they have round edges, it may be an indication that these cards are worth something! Round edges often indicate your card is an original edition which means the value instantly skyrockets!  

Not all early edition Magic: The Gathering cards are worth extra money though which means you are not going to rake in a huge amount of resale value for your stack of commons. Still, some Magic cards hold their value over time –as do newer ones.  

How Do I Sell My Old Magic the Gathering Cards?

Undoubtedly the quickest way to get rid of your cards is turning to the internet and selling them. Online mediums help make the exchange with a mediation process that ensures both you and the buyer are satisfied with the transaction! 

Online sellers for your Magic: the Gathering baseball cards include: 

  • eBay 
  • Craigslist  
  • Mercari 

Using an online seller is a guaranteed way to make sure you get paid for your product. They each also offer different selling opportunities.  

Take eBay which is iconic for bidding wars. The auction feature would be an ideal option to use when selling high-value cards so your interested buyers continue to drive up the price more and more. 

Similarly, the other mentioned website Mercari has a strategic “sale” feature that can be used to entice buyers into seeking out your cards versus your competitor’s. 

Each online platform has its own unique features and is probably the easiest way to sell your Magic the Gathering cards. But before posting your cards online, I highly suggest looking at their prices on a valuation website like the one here so, you get your worth! 

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Other Ways to Get Rid Of Magic the Gathering Cards

One great thing about Magic cards is their ability to be recycled within the Magic community. That means these cards can be reused and traded with other players to your heart’s content.  

If getting cash for your cards is not in the picture, you should try some of the other options you can do like trading with other players or your Magic: The Gathering cards into art. 

Here are ways you can reuse your Magic the Gathering cards: 

  • Make art out of them  
  • Donate them/give them away 
  • Recycle them (if possible) 

If you are creative, you might want to try making some art out of them like Zomitography’s unique, handcrafted card art which elevates the concept of reusing old cards. Other creations include miniature notebookscustom letters, and even creating modern art like this land sphere. Magic: The Gathering cards have multipurpose in their old age. You can bring your wildest dreams alive but only if you have the patience and supplies to do it. 

Giving your cards away or donating them to a charitable organization is always an excellent choice and one that will leave you feeling good! Paying your cards forward means you are giving another person the chance to enjoy the game you loved. 

You can make charitable donations at most local churches, or you can look online and mail your baseball cards directly to a charity of your choice. That means you can take the time to pick out a charity that means something to you! 

If you cannot find a charity near you or it is impossible to mail your cards anywhere, you can try donating your cards to a local church, game store, library, or card/hobby store.  

Are All Magic the Gathering Cards Recyclable? 

Because of the ink, many people are curious if Magic the Gathering cards can be recycled. The answer depends on which year your cards were released. Anything released in 2015 or older, should be thrown away in the garbage bin. Cards 2016 and newer may be recycled. 

The eco-friendly change took place after Kaladesh was released in 2016. These cards were made on entirely recyclable Japanese cardstock.  

Long-time collectors who have cards dating later than 2015 should take time to sort through their cards before dumping them out. You can do the Earth a significant amount of good just by recycling a little bit of paper! 

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