Why Are Citadel Paints So Expensive?

How Much Do Citadel Paints Cost

Citadel paints are specially made for work on miniatures, and so their quality, texture, and application are much smoother and their overall effect, richer. It is because of these qualities that Citadel Paints holds such an illustrious reputation and price tag. 

A household name among hobbyists and artists alike, Citadel paints has a reputation as being quality paint. Citadel Paint company has had decades to perfect their recipe, making them the perfect candidate for work on small, detailed spaces as well as plastic, metal, and resin.

Citadel paints are known to cost a fair bit more than your regular acrylic paint, and whether you’re a miniaturist, an artist, or just an interested party, you’ll want to continue reading to find out what exactly makes Citadel Paints stand apart. 

Why Do Citadel Paints Cost So Much?

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One word: Quality. It’s universally known throughout the world of miniaturists that Citadel Paint is the best choice when it comes to perfecting the colors for your miniature. With the perfect consistency for seamless and thorough application as well as great pigmentation, it’s hard to beat the quality that Citadel paints offer. 

And another great feature with Citadel Paints is that if they are kept moist, they can stay useable for decades! This allows Citadel Paints to be more of an investment piece for your projects rather than an unnecessary cost because if you take care of them, they can last you years. 

With Citadel Paints, all you need is a good base coat of white or black, and then with one stroke of your paintbrush or spray gun, you’ll get an even, full-coverage coat of paint. It is because of these great qualities that Citadel Paints come with a higher price tag. 

Instead of purchasing a premade set of Citadel paints, we recommend building your own paint set with this build your own assortment bundle. This allows you to choose only the colors you need or want at a great value.

Are Citadel Paints Good?

Citadel Paints have an upstanding reputation among decades of miniature hobbyists and artists alike. This paint brand is revered for its coverage, pigmentation, and consistency in painting your projects.

Because they are specially made for the surfaces they’re used on, as opposed to an all-purpose acrylic, you can be sure that you’ll get a beautiful coat of paint every time. With little wavering on its position as being a top paint brand for miniatures and the like, you can be sure that Citadel Paints are good. 

Are There Better Paints Than Citadel? 

Depending on the project type, yes there are potentially better paint options in the market. For example, if you were looking to paint on a canvas board, you’d find Citadel Paints inadequate and should opt for thicker paint such as acrylic. 

But when it comes to plastic, metal, or resin objects or projects that require a lot of detail work, then you’d find no better paint than Citadel Paints. If you stick to things Citadel Paints are created to paint, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better. 

What Is the Difference Between Citadel Paints and Acrylic? 

Both paints would be the best in different types of situations as mentioned above. The biggest difference between acrylic paint and Citadel Paint is more so their consistency and color, and the type of surface they’re meant to be for. 

While Citadel paints are thinner so that they glide smoothly onto a plastic surface, acrylic paint has a thicker consistency and is more so meant for large area coverage and less detail work. Both are good paints if used for their original purpose. 

Is There an Alternative to Citadel Paint? 

That’s not to say that you can’t use acrylic paint for work on miniatures. Citadel Paint is technically acrylic paint, but is just thinned out and specialized for specific types of surfaces. So If you’re not too happy about the price tag attached to the Citadel paint name, there’s a solution. 

However, the negative trade-off to using acrylic paint on models or any metal, plastic, or resin surface is that the project won’t hold up nearly as well as the high-quality Citadel Paints. That’s why many professionals and hobbyists prefer Citadel Paint over any other paint. 

How to Keep Citadel Paints Usable

As mentioned above, Citadel Paints are top-grade paints and this quality translates to their longevity. If you keep Citadel Paints in the right conditions they are known to last decades. All you have to do is ensure that they are kept moist, whether on a moist palette or in their case. 

If you do find that your Citadel Paint has dried out a bit, a quick trick you can try is to add a small drop of water onto the surface and stir until it’s usable. If it’s dried out in its container, you can add a small drop of water and stir until all the dry segments have dissolved. 

Are Citadel Paints Worth It? 

If you have the budget, or the drive to make your projects shine, then the answer is a resounding yes. Citadel Paints are worth the extra money. These paints are specially made for detailing on different surfaces such as metal, resin, and plastic and will do wonders in the long run. 

Besides their longevity, both as paint and on the project, Citadel Paints offers perfect coverage and color that will make any project pop. So if you’re able to afford it, we recommend painting with Citadel Paints. 

Final Thoughts

Ensuring that your projects, whether miniatures or more detail-oriented works come out looking their absolute best is probably a top priority for you. Whether you’re a hobbyist, an interested beginner, or a sprouting professional, we know the dedication it takes to bring your design to life. 

That’s why Citadel Paints is a top-recommend paint for surface work that isn’t canvas or paper, and with a decades-long reputation as providing one of the best coats of paint on miniatures, it’s a trustworthy brand. 

It’s because of the top-quality texture, color, application, and longevity that makes it an expensive paint. However, if you decide to try out this quality paint, you may find yourself becoming a loyal customer for years to come. 

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