Why Do You Have to Be 18 to Play Pool?

why do you have to be 18 to play pool

Are you fond of playing pool and having a good time with your friends but aren’t sure of the age limitations? Wondering if being 18 is enough to play pool in pool halls? Today, we’ll be taking a look at precisely that and understanding the rules of playing pool in pool halls and the alternatives you can opt for. 

So, why do you have to be 18 to play pool? 18 is the legal age for most countries. It’s the age where every action of yours is accountable under your name only. This legal age means that actions taken for otherwise risky situations would be your responsibility. Additionally, most pool halls cater to a mature audience and carry alcohol and other activities. 

However, there are more things to keep in mind when playing pool and understanding the legal rules and regulations. Read on ahead to find out!

Why Do Pool Halls Have Age Restrictions?

The minimum age to enter pool halls, as mentioned, was 18 for most states. But why is that so? Well, statistically, the reason why minors aren’t allowed in pool halls is due to the heavy endorsement of alcohol and smoking that comes with playing amongst adults.

You will see that generally, minors are allowed in a majority of public spaces. The restriction only comes up when there is usage of alcohol, and heavy smoking is done in those areas.  This is to stop these kids from indulging I such activities from an early age. 

You can visit these places if you’re accompanied by your parents or guardians in case you’re not allowed inside alone. These precautionary measures are taken to ensure minors’ safety that may fall prey to people trying to offer alcohol or drugs. 

You can easily practice pool at home or in public spaces with pool tables if you can’t access your local pool halls. When the time comes, and you reach a level of required emotional maturity, you will obviously have the chance to participate in matches taken in these places and finesse your game even more. 

Most Pool Halls Serve Alcohol

Most pool halls are filled with alcohol and booze bars. While the ID checking is necessary for most, the alcoholic influence becomes a significant reason why the environment can become hostile in these pool halls.

However, the pool is a game that should be enjoyed by all ages, so the restriction only comes to play in areas that are not suitable for under 18 activities. 

Additionally, unaccompanied minors in areas are just unacceptable in regions with expensive equipment in general. Pool tables in certified pool halls can cost a lot of money, so keeping them out of unaccountable hands is more of a precaution on the hall’s part. 

Do All Pool Halls Allow 21+ Only?

So, technically are pool halls 21 and up exclusively? Well, that depends entirely on whether the pool hall you’re going to is licensed to serve booze and alcohol. In that situation, you will need to be of the legal drinking age to engage in any activities taken inside that space.

However, a majority of pool halls aren’t affiliated with serving drinks or anything of the sort. In this scenario, most pools require you to be 18 years at least in order to participate in the pool activities in formal pool halls. 

Are People Under 18 Allowed in Pool Halls?

Unfortunately, you have to follow the rules, which apply to all pool halls and accordng to those rules, no supervisor is in the position to permit or allow any person that is not 18 or more of age to come inside and visit such areas. The only exception to this rule comes when the said individual is accompanied by their parents or guardians. 

Curiosity is common amongst teens, and with that comes the sneaky ways of trying to get into places where they are not allowed. This includes trying to slide up some cash in order to sneak into the hall.

Most of these kids are bored with their everyday experiences at bowling alleys and parks and want to get a taste of something new and fresh. This is where the passion for the game and the curiosity takes a wrong turn and should not be condoned. 

In a couple of regions, you may even see those pool halls have an allotted time for minors so that they can partake in games of pool. You may even find pool halls that specifically cater to minors and harbor a family friendly environment.

Again, this varies from region to region or place to place as each has its own laws and its own facilities, so no answer can be guaranteed to work for you.  

How Old Do You Have to Be to Play Pool in the UK?

In the UK, there are no minimum age requirements for people who want to partake in a game of pool. However, the pool halls may have rules of 18 being the minimum age to enter the space. Again, this all entirely depends on the fact of whether these halls offer alcohol or not. 

However, sometimes you may even see that the decision of allowing 21 and over into the pool hall is a personal decision based on the preferences of the owners. Most likely, being 18 would be enough to allow you entry into space if you behave and don’t partake in any hostile activities. 

Some snooker clubs have pool tables and areas in their pool halls that welcome young pool players and give them a place to start practicing and polishing their skills to be more satisfactory and make progress. These halls encourage the entrance of all ages. 

Final Thoughts

You need to be at least 18 years of age in order to play Pool in pool halls and other organizations. This is solely due to the mature audience that pools brings along as well as other mature activities.

Not all pool halls are 21 and up. Most pool halls that require this age group is strictly due to the fact that they are surely selling alcohol. Allowing only adults that are over the age of 21 minimizes the risk of a minor consuming alcohol on their premises.

Following the rules and regulations of your state and your country are essential for your own good. We hope that through this article, you found the answer that you were looking for. Remember, even if you enjoy pool it’s never worth the risk to take part in illegal activities. 

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