Why Is Minecraft Still Popular?

Minecraft has largely been popular since its original release in 2011, captivating players all around the world. Still a beast in pop culture, youtubers and twitch streamers still focus their game plans around exploring the procedurally-generated worlds that Minecraft has to offer, along with seeds that are built by others. The game has not wavered in popularity, and could potentially be as popular as it ever was, with Twitch having it in the top five games streamed to this day, just below current titles like Escape From Tarkov and Valorant. That being said, it still garnishes over a hundred thousand concurrent viewers on any given basis. For a game that is more than ten years old, it is a huge accomplishment for Mojang to still own such a monumental space in gaming history. However, I wanted to take a deep dive into what makes the game playable and memorable in modern times, showcasing my opinion on why players love the blockiness that the game has to offer. 

When I think of Minecraft, the first thing that comes to mind is the atmosphere. By this, I mean the famous songs such as “Mice On Venus” and “Subwoofer Lullaby” along with countless others, by C418. Walking around to these songs created the sense of adventure in our long journeys to find materials we needed, and encapsulated the feeling of all emotions across the spectrum. Masterfully crafted, the soundtrack makes a player feel like they’re one with the land, exploring the world to their heart’s content, and potentially getting caught in predicaments they didn’t foresee themselves getting into. Not only are players walking around slashing at cows and pigs to the soundtrack, the overall scenery of Minecraft is entirely memorable. The aesthetic of Minecraft graphics are blocky, smooth, and beautiful. Arriving in the world and making your way through tunnels, caves, sands, and Nether are beyond memorable. The atmosphere remains one of the best in modern gaming, inviting players back to experience their favorite exploration game.

Another reason Minecraft is popular is due to its sound effects. When asking gamers what they remember most about Minecraft, you can be sure that they will respond with the sound effects of creatures like a Creeper, spider, skeleton, etc. Memories come flooding back to their first nights being dropped into a Minecraft map, hearing zombies outside hungering to eat players brave enough to go outside. Not only enemy sound effects, but even the sound of hitting blocks such as dirt and cobblestone, create connections to the early years of the game first coming out. The noise of an arrow shooting past your head or swinging a sword all create the feelings of joy and fear in an adventurers trek. Whether it is entering a portal, fighting the Ender Dragon, or fighting a chicken, Minecraft has created a world through the use of sound. The sound effects that the developers added into the game to immerse us into our playing, have truly encapsulated the experience that is Minecraft.

Mojang has seemed to stop upgrading Minecraft majorly for the current moment, leaving modding to the community to update what needs updating. However, this has led to the creation and involvement of modders making anything they want. This can involve anything from skins, seeds, or even new boss battles to ensure gamers have new scenarios to play. I have seen some incredible boss battles from modders that would make game developers jealous they hadn’t come up with the idea in the first place. The Minecraft community is so passionate to keep the love for the project going, they will do anything in their power to expand on the lore behind the original content. In fact, a great portion of the skins available in the game come from modders who turned Steve into another character from their favorite pop culture references. Those with proper PC’s can even upgrade the graphics of the game to more realistic settings, creating a vastly different type of Minecraft experience, one that requires a top of the line set-up to run. All of these modded support systems become another asset to remember as a reason for loving Minecraft. 

Another major reason behind the love for the game involves friendship throughout the years. Many who played the game, got their best memories from playing with others who held the same love and bond over building homes. I can personally say my love of the game grew from playing over endless summers with friends who would stay up for late night gaming sessions, while we all acted silly and joked around in our worlds until four in the morning. While it seems like a cop-out of a reason, the comradery that was built in Minecraft was major. Going into uncharted caves and territories with a friend and being ambushed by zombies and skeletons, created for an otherworldly gaming experience. I can count numerous times when friends would be screaming for help in dark caves upon discovering a nest of creatures crawling around them. Battles would ensue and so would the desperation of getting out of the cave alive with all your items. Commonly, each night grew material amounts and helped friends build the dream location they always wanted. Alone, the game was fun. Together, the game was played correctly.

Friends playing together in Minecraft, enjoying a river in the middle of the forest.

Lastly, my final reason for the great memory of this title was the idea behind creation. Minecraft is a survival game, but it is just as much about building your dream world as it is survival. Throughout the years, players have gone on to build their favorite franchises in the game, and even their own custom ideas. Imagination ran rampant in a way that couldn’t be stopped, as everything was possible to build. All it required was time to find the correct materials, or to play on creative mode. Nevertheless, the game creates opportunities for those willing to shell out their time to make sights pretty enough for the human eye, in Minecraft form.

It is safe to say Minecraft will continue to stick around, as it gets more and more popular upon being passed down from parent to child. Merchandise sales for the game still go wild, and are sold at stores all over the United States, along with the world in general. Talking about merchandise, if you’re looking for Minecraft accounts to buy, check out Eldorado.gg. This is not the end for the series, but only the beginning. Mojang announced that Minecraft Legends, an action strategy game coming in 2023, is being prepared for release. No matter the advancement of Minecraft, the original will always hold tried and true in gamers hearts. The fond memory of their first steps in a procedurally generated world will stick close to their brains for all eternity. 

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