Are PSA 8 Worth Buying? (Pokemon, Sports Cards)

Are PSA 8 Worth Buying

PSA is a public service that grades Pokemon and sports trading cards. When the PSA has appraised a trading card, it will get a PSA rating on a scale of 1 to 10. PSA 1 is the lowest grade for trading cards in very poor condition. On the other hand, a PSA 10 is for cards in perfect condition.

If you are interested in purchasing a Pokemon or sports trading card with a grading of PSA 8, you may wonder if it is worth buying. PSA grading standards fall into various categories, which is why letters are added to the grading. This grading of card will actually be NM-MT 8, which means it’s worth buying.

The first abbreviation stands for the condition, and the second one stands for the category. NM means near mint, and MT stands for mint. Any card that is in the mint category is usually worth buying. If you want to know whether PSA 8 cards are worth buying, you’ve come to the right page. Keep reading to learn more.

Are PSA 8 Cards Worth Investing In? (Pokemon/ Sports Cards)

Are PSA 8 Cards Worth Investing In? (Pokemon/ Sports Cards)
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PSA 8 cards are a great way to build up your Pokemon or sports card collection with cards that are nearly the equivalent of raw cards quality-wise. While many people want a raw PSA 10 card, they can get very high in price. People can find PSA 9, and PSA 8 cards for a lot less, and they look just as good.

However, if you are investing in cards to make a profit, PSA 8 may not be the best choice. More people who are willing to pay top dollar for cards are interested in PSA 10. The one exception is with rare Pokemon and sports cards. If you can find very rare cards that are PSA 8, it would be worth investing in.

While PSA 8 is a mint condition level, a few minor flaws make them less valuable than PSA 10. Many of these flaws are barely noticeable or on the back of the card. 

PSA Recommends using Card Saver 1’s when submitting cards for grading. To check the current price and availability of Card Saver 1 Sleeves, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Is PSA 8 Good?

PSA 8 cards are good quality and excellent to have in your personal collection. Any card that is considered mint condition is good. In most scenarios, a PSA 8 will actually look like a PSA 9 at first glance. It may even be difficult to notice what sets the PSA 8 aways from the PSA 9 because the flaws are so minuscule.

There are many limited edition cards that are an amazing find when they’re PSA 8. The quality of image on the PSA 8 cards are exceptional, with prime colors and no visible flaws on the image. Cards with this rating are considered high-end and they make excellent display cards.

When it comes to the centering of a PSA 8 card, it must be in a range of 65/35 to 70/30 or better. On the reverse side of the card it must be better than 90/10. 

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Is PSA 8 Bad? 

PSA 8 isn’t a bad grading at all. This is one of the highest grades and one of the next best things to a raw Pokemon or sports trading card. However, there are some flaws on the PSA 8 graded cards that make them less valuable. These include:

  • Slightly off-white border
  • One or two corners minimally frayed
  • Very slight wax stain on the reverse side
  • Minor printing imperfections

Many people believe that these imperfections make PSA 8 cards less valuable. However, these flaws are so minimal that people can still get top dollar for certain PSA 8 cards. For example, some collectors have noticed that their PSA 8 Kobe Bryant cards are nearly as high in value as a raw edition would be. 

These imperfections make common cards less valuable. Certain cards can be found in nearly every trading pack, so when they are a PSA 8 they may not hold as high of a value.

Are PSA 8 Cards Worth Buying?

PSA 8 cards can be worth buying for your own collection and certain PSA 8 cards are worth investing in. The flaws that downgrade these cards from a PSA 9 rating to an 8 are very minimal, and in most cases you wouldn’t notice them unless you were looking with a magnifying glass. 

Most collectors believe buying a PSA 8 for their personal collection can actually be better than a PSA 10. This is because a lot of PSA 10 cards are outright expensive. For a fraction of the price, people can purchase a mint condition PSA 8 Pokemon or sports trading card. 

While many people desire to have PSA 10 cards in their collection, many avid collectors believe that when the card exceeds $300 in prices, it’s better to look for a PSA 9 or PDA 8.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon and sports trading cards that have a PSA 8 rating are mint condition, which make them an excellent choice to add to your collection and put on display. When you find rare cards with a PSA 8 rating, they are worth investing in. There are only a few minor flaws that could bring a trading card’s grading down to a PSA 8.

PSA is an official card grading company where collectors send their cards to get appraised and also get an official PSA stamp of approval. Sending a card to PSA for a grading is one of the easiest way to find out how much that trading card is worth. Since the lowest rating is a 1 and the highest is a 10, an 8 is considered nearly perfect.

Some PSA 8 cards a great score, especially when they are limited edition. The minor details that bring the rating down to an 8 are typically small enough to go unnoticed when the card is on display. This is why PSA 8 cards are often worth buying.

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