Are Video Games Cheaper in Mexico?

Are Video Games Cheaper in Mexico

A number of resources and items are cheaper in Mexico, but video games and video game consoles are not included on this list. On the contrary, video game consoles and matching games are more expensive in Mexico. Their prices aren’t insanely higher, but they’re higher, nonetheless, especially the consoles.

The fact that video games are more expensive in Mexico is shocking to many. After all, fewer people in Mexico play video games since nearly half of the population lives in poverty, resulting in nearly 56 million people living in these conditions. Thus, only a fourth of the population can afford console games.

To learn more about how much video games cost in Mexico, keep reading. In this article, we look at how much video game consoles cost, as well as their matching games.

Are Video Games Cheaper in Mexico?

Simply put, video games are not cheaper in Mexico. Both video game consoles and corresponding games are slightly more expensive, though games have a lower price average. On average, video game consoles are about 100 U.S. dollars more expensive in Mexico than in the US, but some are even more expensive than that.

The reason that video games are more expensive in Mexico is that only 24% of the population has access to these consoles and games to begin with. This jacks the prices up for the more affluent populations.

How Much Do Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch Games Cost in Mexico?

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On average, Mexican players spend about 622 pesos for a single game. That roughly comes out to about $30.50. To put that in perspective, the average price for a console game in America is $60. What this means is that Mexicans on average spend less money on individual games.

The reason for this is that mobile games are way more popular than console games in Mexico. This makes the average cost of individual games go down by quite a lot. There aren’t many stats about console game prices specifically since only a fraction of the population has access to them.

Because there aren’t a whole lot of stats about how much Mexican games cost for each individual console, it can be difficult to state whether or not prices are cheaper in America or Mexico.

Generally speaking, there isn’t a huge price difference in the individual games we could find. The biggest price difference comes in the consoles.

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Xbox Games

It’s difficult to find information about how much Xbox games cost specifically in Mexico. Most players report that their costs for purchasing Xbox games are slightly higher in Mexico, though not by much. Some of our own research reported the opposite, showing that Xbox games are a couple of dollars cheaper in Mexico than in America.

PlayStation Games

Much like Xbox games, there isn’t a lot of stats about how much individual PlayStation games cost. However, we could find PlayStation games on sale for Mexico. These games cost about the same as American games.

Nintendo Switch Games

Unlike many of the other gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch games seem to be a bit cheaper in Mexico. There are tons of sites that sell Nintendo Switch games for cheaper in Mexico than in America.

How Much Does an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S Cost in Mexico?

The Xbox is the most popular console in Mexico, but the prices for Xbox consoles are higher in Mexico than they are in America.

Xbox One

The Xbox One is one of the more expensive Xbox consoles in Mexico. There, the average price for an Xbox One is 8499 pesos, which comes out to about $655. Most Xbox Ones are refurbished in America, making them often cost between $200 and $300.

Xbox Series X

Most stores in Mexico sell the Xbox Series X for about 14,000 pesos. If you do the math, this comes out to about $688 in US currency. For comparison, the Xbox Series X costs about $500 here, making the Mexican Xbox Series X nearly $200 more expensive.

Xbox Series S

Much like the Xbox Series X, the Xbox series S is much more expensive in Mexico. It typically costs about 8499 pesos or about $418. In the United States, the Xbox Series S normally costs about $300.

How Much Does a PS4 and PS5 Cost in Mexico?

The PlayStation is the second most popular console in Mexico. The prices for PlayStation consoles in Mexico are more similar to the prices in America than is the case with Xbox.

For this reason, the PS4 in Mexico is the closest console in terms of price to the PS4 in America. The same cannot be said for the PS5.


On average, PS4s are about $50 more expensive in Mexico than in the United States. In comparison to the Xbox, this is a much smaller range between the two prices, but the PS4 is still more expensive in Mexico than in America.


The price difference between an American PS5 and a Mexican PS5 is a lot larger than the PS4. The PlayStation 5 costs about 14,000 pesos in Mexico, which costs about $688 in America. The average price for a PS5 here is $500.

Final Thoughts

Despite all the rumors going around, it is not cheaper to buy a gaming console in Mexico than it is in America. On the contrary, gaming consoles are almost always more expensive in Mexico than in America, especially Xboxes and the PS5.

As for individual games, the prices are a lot more similar, but it is difficult to give exact answers. Because console games are so much less popular in Mexico than in America, there aren’t many stats about the average price of console games available. On what games we could find, the prices are very similar in America and Mexico.

With all of this in mind, the best way to save some money while gaming is to stick to American vendors. Because gaming consoles are popular in the States, the prices are much more affordable. In comparison, the prices in Mexico are more expensive since only a fourth of the population can afford them anyway.

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