Can Candle Wax Be Used for Hair Removal?

Can Candle Wax Be Used For Hair Removal

Candles are great for many things. They can be used to set a mood, or to make a space smell good, or for a little light. We all buy candles for different reasons. But have you ever looked at the melted wax in a geranium scented candle and thought, hey that’s wax, I wonder if I could also use it to remove body hair. 

Though candle wax shares a name with hair removing wax, there are actually many differences in the ingredients. About all they have in common with each other is the name. If you’ve ever dipped your fingers in melted candle wax then you know that it is not very sticky and comes off of your skin really easily.  

The wax used in candle making is unfortunately not strong enough to remove body hair like hair removing wax is. The best result you’ll get from trying to use candle wax to remove your hair is a waxy mess you’ll have to vacuum up later, unfortunately.  

There are candles made out of a low temperature wax that are great for hot oil massages or moisturizing your skin, but they consist of specific ingredients. For the most part, unless the label says otherwise, candles should stay decor and not be used on the skin. 

Which Wax Is Good for Hair Removal? 

There are many different kinds of wax on the market and figuring out the right one to pick can be just as painful as waxing itself. The differences between the variety of waxes on the market isn’t arbitrary and each type can have its benefit. So let’s look at the benefits of hard wax vs soft wax, strips vs freehanded and many more.  

Listed here we have five of the different types of waxes there are to choose from. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks so let’s figure out the best kind of wax for your hair.  

Hard Wax 

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Hard wax is a great all-in-one option for waxers. It is great for thick hair in particular but has proven to be effective on fine hair as well. So you can use this wax on your legs, upper lip, and bikini area…if you choose to do all your waxing in one day.  

This wax is also known as stripless wax because, due to the thickness and consistency of this wax, the wax itself acts as a strip. You only need to use this one item if you choose to use hard wax since you don’t have to buy a separate wax for a different hair thickness and you won’t have to buy paper strips.  

However, warn hard wax can lead to more ingrown hairs because of how the wax shrinks when it cools. It also doesn’t always grab onto the hair as well as some other waxes so you may find yourself waxing one spot more than once.

To check the current price and availability of Hard Wax, click here to view it on Amazon.  

Soft Wax 

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Soft wax is a great option of wax if you have finer hair, especially if most of your hair is fine, or you decide to only wax your facial hair and choose a different method for legs, bikini, and underarms.  

Soft wax is made from cream or resin and is used with strips to remove hair. Since this kind of wax spreads easily and stays soft, it can cover a larger area of skin which makes it great for legs and arms, over facial hair and bikini areas.  

Soft warm wax is really good at picking up small and fine hairs due to the fact that it sticks to the skin as well as the hair. Because of this, it can be irritating for people with sensitive skin, and can only go over a section of skin once.

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Wax Strips 

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Wax strips use cold soft wax that is already prepared on paper or cloth. Wax strips are great for beginners or those who are new to waxing themselves because it doesn’t really require much coordination. 

The wax is activated by warming the strips between your hands before applying them. Because of this, there is no risk of accidentally burning your skin with wax that was heated too long, which can happen with soft and hard wax that you have to heat yourself.  

This kind of wax requires the least amount of preparation and the least amount of experience to use. It has all the benefits of soft wax such as being able to grasp finer hairs, while also having the convenience of coming pre-prepared.

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Another method of waxing that is currently having its moment in the spotlight is sugaring. Sugaring uses sugar water and lemon juice heated to a taffy-like consistency, that acts just like wax but doesn’t require you to buy wax, a wax warmer, or cloth strips.  

Sugar waxing is the oldest method of waxing and it began in the Middle East. Sugaring is not technically waxing, since the product is just sugar water and lemon and doesn’t contain any wax at all. However the method is very similar to hard wax techniques as the sugar sticks to the hair and not to the skin.  

Using sugar rather than wax can be great if you have sensitive skin, because the ingredients are found in your own kitchen, and the process is gentle. Read that as gentle for your skin….not painless. 

Additionally since it is sugar based, it is water soluble which makes cleaning up a total breeze. This is also a method of waxing that can be messed up really easily. Be careful if you choose to try sugaring not to burn your skin, or ruin any pots.  

Fruit Wax 

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Fruit wax acts very similarly to hard wax except it is made with fruit extracts. When using fruit wax, you are not only removing hair, but your skin is getting all the benefits from the fruits used in the wax. It is like a double feature hair removal and skin treatment. 

Fruit wax is good for people with sensitive skin, unless of course they are allergic to any of the fruits used in the wax. Fruit wax tends to be on the more expensive side of the wax spectrum, but if you think of it as a wax and skin treatment two for one, the price makes more sense.  

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How to Use Wax for Hair Removal 

Before taking any wax product to your poor defenseless hairs, you should know the safety protocols of using wax. Things can go wrong with improper waxing techniques such as burns, ingrown hairs, and infections. So let’s lay the ground rules for safe waxing. 

Your skin is your canvas and you want to start with a clean one. Exfoliate and clean your skin before waxing it, but don’t wax wet skin, always dry your skin before waxing.  

Unless you’re using wax strips, always test the temperature of the wax you’re using. Too cold and it wont spread, but too hot and you’re at risk of burning your skin.  

Apply the wax in the same direction as your hair, but pull in the opposite direction. This ensures the cleanest and most effective pull.  

Lastly, remove any wax residue and wait 24 hours before exfoliating your skin to prevent ingrown hairs.  

Final Thoughts 

Now you know that there is a wax out there for everyone. And if you’re looking for a cheaper DIY way to wax your body, it is a good idea to use sugaring rather than candle wax. Save your candles to set the mood for a good waxing experience, but not as waxing itself.  

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