Can I Buy Baseball Cards Directly From Topps?

can i buy baseball cards directly from topps

Topps has been the number one seller of baseball cards for years. In fact, Topps has been the exclusive partner of MLB since 2010. Before that, Topps has been selling baseball cards since the mid-1900s. Shockingly, MLB announced earlier this year that the partnership with Topps will end in 2026, resulting in many questions about Topps baseball cards for the time being.

Until the beginning of 2026, you can still buy baseball cards directly from Topps. Simply visit their website to begin shopping. Not only is the website safe, but it’s the sole provider of MLB cards and you know the baseball cards you are buying are authentic and worthwhile.

To learn more about buying baseball cards directly from Topps, read on. This article discusses buying baseball cards from Topps, what to expect during the buying process, and what to anticipate in the future whenever its deal with MLB ends.

Can I Buy Baseball Cards Directly From Topps?

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For the time being, you can buy baseball cards directly from Topps. Topps has plenty of baseball cards available. This year, they are even the sole provider of MLB cards. Be sure to check out Topps’ website if you are looking for MLB baseball cards specifically.

In addition to regular MLB cards, Topps is currently selling Project 70 baseball cards, which celebrate 70 years of Topps baseball cards and products. These collectibles are one of a kind, only available this year, and only sold at Topps. Check them out while you can.

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Other Places to Buy Baseball Cards

Of course, Topps is not the only place that you can buy baseball cards. You can also buy baseball cards from stores near you, including Barnes ; Noble, Dollar Tree, and Target. You could also purchase more antique or rare cards from eBay, Amazon, and other collectible stores.

What to Expect When Buying Baseball Cards Directly From Topps

Buying baseball cards directly from Topps is virtually identical to buying any other item online. There is a search bar, many menus to look through, a shopping cart, and various shipping options. The website is up-to-date and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for buying MLB cards.

Searching Process

If you want to buy your baseball cards directly from Topps, begin by heading over to their website. If you have a particular baseball card in mind, you can search it in their search bar. You can also browse through all baseball card offerings by typing “baseball cards” into the same bar.

You could also use the toggle feature in their drop down menu to browse by collectibles and card types. This menu includes a page dedicated to Project 70 and Collectables specifically.

Adding to Cart

Once you know what card you want to buy, simply add it to the cart as you would on any other site. You will have different quantity options. For example, certain cards can be purchased alone, in sets of 5, etc. The shopping cart on Topps is identical to any other site.

Check Out

After you’re finished looking through the different options, go to your checkout page. There, you will need to create an account by including your email address, name, physical address, and phone number. Keep in mind that if you sign up for an account before checking out, you will get 10% off on your first purchase.


On the same page, you will select your desired shipping method. There are four shipping methods you can choose: economy, standard, priority, and overnight. The economy shipping can take anywhere from 5 to 15 days for your product to arrive, but it is entirely free.

Customers report their baseball cards being arrived within the timeframe estimated. They also arrive in great condition. In other words, you can rely on Topps’ shipping to get you your baseball cards in good condition and in a timely manner.

Do They Still Sell Topps Baseball Cards?

As of now, they are still selling Topps baseball cards. The Topps website is the best place to buy them too. It looks like Topps will be selling Topps baseball cards until the end of 2025 when their exclusive agreement with MLB ends.

Given that Topps’ only other partnerships are with Major League Soccer, European soccer, WWE, Star Wars, and Garbage Pail Kids, the loss of MLB will be a major downside for Topps. Once this partnership ends, it’s unclear how Topps will continue.

We say all of this to point out that now is the best time to buy the Topps baseball cards since this is one of the last years to do so. As soon as 2026 hits, there’ll be no new Topps MLB baseball cards in production. Instead, there will only be new MLB baseball cards made by Fanatics.

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What Happens to Topps in 2026?

In April of this year, MLB announced that starting in 2026, MLB’s deal will exclusively be with Fanatics, ending the exclusive deal with Topps. What this means is that beginning in 2026, Topps will not be able to print any more MLB-related cards.

Although this is a major drawback for fans of Topps, you will still be able to purchase baseball cards through Fanatics or other venues, such as eBay. Unfortunately, Topps has not announced how they plan to make up for this major loss given that most of their profits come from the baseball card industry.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of baseball cards, we recommend buying from Topps directly. Topps is the sole provider of MLB cards currently, but that will change in 2026. Until then, you will be able to purchase baseball cards from Topps.

Since we are in the last years of the MLB Topps card reign, now is the best time to purchase their cards. Once 2026 rolls around, it’s anticipated that the value of Topps baseball cards will increase since no more will be made.

Luckily, the process of buying Topps baseball cards from the Topps site is very easy. The website is updated and safe so that you can easily find the cards you are looking for. The cards even have a free shipping option for further convenience.

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