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Want to know more about the best sports card packs to buy in 2023? Collecting sports cards is a popular activity among both children and adults. There are various sports card assortments featuring athletes’ images and statistics, like base sets, packs, boxes, etc. Packs contain the lowest number of cards, with up to 60 cards. 

Sports card packs often contain some exclusives, inserts, and autograph cards. Hence, they make it easier for sports fans to expand their existing collection or for serious collectors who want limited edition cards. Traders prefer them, too, as they are cheaper than large sets. 

Read on to know more about the best sports card packs to buy in 2023 and how you can invest in the right one. Also, find out how it not only caters to your passion for sports but also turns out to be an excellent investment. 

Sports Cards - Vintage to Modern

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Factors to Consider When Buying Sports Card Packs

Before you go on a buying spree and grab any sports card pack that you lay your eyes on, you need to take into consideration a few important factors. These will ensure that you put your money into the right product – and that the pack feels significant to you. 


The first thing to consider while buying sports card packs is your budget. You will find card packs that only cost around $10 at Walmart, Amazon, etc. And you’ll also find rare cards that can set you back thousands of dollars. So plan on how much you’ll spend.

If you’re just starting your card collection because you love sports – or as a gift for a young fan, a small budget is sufficient. But if you want to buy unique cards to add to your collection or sell later, you may need to spend a small fortune.

It is easy to get swayed by the potential of a big profit or having a priceless card in your possession. And many people end up spending a lot of money. But you must remember that the sports card market is unpredictable. So spend your money wisely from the start.  

Collection Focus

You need to ask yourself what you want to gain out of it. Do you want to set up a new collection for some childlike fun because you love a game? Do you wish to complete a set you started a long time ago? Or do you want an exclusive card as a collector?

If you make money from the endeavor, you can go into short-term flipping and trading. For that, purchase cards at a low cost, and you can flip them, i.e., sell them at a higher price. But this process can be risky, depending on recent performances, match wins, etc. 

Or, you can choose a safer bet by picking cards whose latest stats or short-term performance changes don’t matter. Instead, focus on athletes with “all-time” milestones, like highest goals, highest assists, etc. These are long-term investments.    


The brand of cards you choose depends on your purchase purpose and the type of cards you want. There are many well-known brands that bring the top sports cards to collectors and patrons. And they all specialize in different card types.

For instance, if you want flagship releases in baseball, Topps is the best, while Upper Deck offers exclusive auto cards from icons like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, etc. Modern-day collectors swear by Panini’s basketball and football cards.     

If you have an eye for up-and-coming rookies, Bowman can be an excellent choice. Accordingly, the card pack prices will also differ. Therefore, you need to figure out the kind of cards you want for your collection. Choose the brand accordingly.

Player Availability

Another major factor to consider while picking card packs is the significance and stats of athletes. The performance and rank of an athlete are essential in dictating a card’s value. For short-term flipping or trading, you’ll need to look at current performances.   

Your understanding of a sport and the ability to predict players’ performances can also play a role here. For instance, if you believe that Messi will likely score 2-3 goals and help Argentina win the next match, you can flip the relevant card after the match.    

Remember a player’s all-time rank, milestones, and team. Also, consider their cultural significance and life outside the field. For instance, dating Khloe Kardashian did wonders for Tristan Thompson’s Klout, boosting his card value for flippers! 

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Best Sports Card Packs to Buy in 2023

Collectible sports cards have a history of more than 150 years, dating way back to the 19th century. Since then, many sports card brands have emerged in the market, starting with Leaf Candy, Bowman Gum, and Topps Gum companies in the post-WW-II era.       

Various brands specialize in different types of cards – based on sports, athlete stats, achievements, exclusivity, and more. So how will you choose the right brand? Here are the top brands of sports card packs of great value.

Panini Prizm Basketball

2021-2022  Panini Prizm Basketball

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Panini is among the oldest and the most celebrated trading card manufacturers – and Prizm is considered the flagship product of this brand. It is hugely popular among basketball card collectors. And these NBA cards offer excellent resale value. 

The price tends to be high when a new product is launched. As the demands stoop over the next few weeks, the price also decreases. The latest Panini Prizm Basketball edition is the 2021-2022 series, marking the tenth year of this sought-after brand. 

It includes both rookies and vets – and its most significant feature is the massive parallel rainbow in Black, Gold, Black Gold, and Mojo. This series is also generous with inserts, with mind-blowing designs. Each pack has 12 cards, with 15 cards in the fat pack.   

Topps Heritage Baseball

2022 Topps Heritage Baseball

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When it comes to modern baseball cards, Topps is the first name that comes to mind. Its Heritage line began in 2001 to cater to the nostalgia associated with the sport. What’s unique is that this line adds a classic touch to modern baseball.   

The cards have a retro design to mimic the feel of cards from a specific year in the past. You’ll love the vintage style of the cards that pay homage to the classic era of the sport. The latest edition of Topps Heritage Baseball cards is the 2022 series

The Heritage cards have a simple look, faithful to the no-frills design of the 1973 cards. You may find hits, variations, and inserts with legends, current icons, and rookies in action shots. Each regular pack contains 9 cards, while the fat pack contains 20 cards.  

Topps Chrome Football

Topps Chrome Match Attax 22-23 UEFA Champions League

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Topps may be synonymous with baseball cards. But it appeals to seasoned collectors passionate about football as well – thanks to Chrome cards. Chrome is focused on 200-220 players who dominate the sport. And the cards are designed for premium quality. 

What makes them stand out is that they’re printed on laminated paper with a chromium finish. The metallic cards are built to last longer than standard sports cards. Plus, they exude luxury, and holding these cards will make you aware of their value. 

You can pick from a wide range of Chrome products, with Match Attax being the most popular Chrome card, followed closely by Gypsy Queen and Heritage. If you want the latest releases, check out the Match Attax 22/23 UEFA Champions League Cards.

Upper Deck Young Guns Hockey

2022-23 Upper Deck Young Guns Hockey

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Upper Deck cards were first made as premium cards. And they still use advanced technology, with holograms, serial numbers, and features that guarantee authenticity. If you love to collect rookie cards, Upper Deck Young Guns Hockey cards are a must. 

This product is one of the most popular subsets in hockey. It was discontinued in 1992-93. And yet, it has gathered so much love that it now appeals even to those who aren’t into hockey card collections. It draws flippers and collectors and fits any budget. 

The latest Upper Deck Young Guns Hockey card collection is the 2022-23 release, with three series. Both series 1 and series 2, as well as the extended series, have 8 cards in each pack, and you’ll love the interesting inserts alongside the top-shelf rookie cards.    

Topps Museum Collection Soccer

Museum Collection Soccer 2021-22 UEFA Champions League

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The Museum Collection is one of the most coveted among Topps’ cards, thanks to its exceptional quality and intricate designs. These premium collections have baseball, MMA, and soccer cards – and the latter is hugely coveted by soccer card collectors. 

The soccer collections capture iconic moments and historical milestones, adding to the collectible value of the cards. The line also includes limited edition cards that are scarce. Aside from a single Bundesliga, the Museum collections mostly cover UEFA. 

The latest Museum Collection Soccer line is the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League. What makes these appealing is the luxurious and refined design. Each pack contains 8 cards, and you’ll get the chance to grab a premium autograph, parallel, and relic cards. 

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How to Determine the Value of Your Cards

If you see sports card packs as investments, it’s obvious that you’d want to sell them at the right time. You may flip the cards or sell them a few years down the line. Either way, you must know the true value of the cards to make a profit.  

Online Price Guides

Many online price guides serve as useful tools for sports card collectors and traders. They determine the resale value of cards and estimate the value based on past sales data. It includes details like price, sale date, sale location, etc. 

These details can come from online marketplaces, auction results, private sales, and other sources. They are analyzed taking into account market trends to evaluate cards. You can use such tools to make an informed decision about selling cards. 

There are specialized paid tools like Market Movers that let you track card prices, sales volume, price changes, graded card ratios, and more. You can also use free tools like Sell the Peak. Other guides include eBay, PSA, Becket, StarStock, Card Mavin, etc.  

Professional Grading

Card grading means inspecting the condition and authenticity of a card. You can refer to online guides from PSA, BGS, SGC, eBay, etc. However, we suggest getting it done professionally by one of these third-party grading service providers for greater credibility. 

The process of grading involves checking whether the card is authentic and not a counterfeit – and is in good condition. Various qualifiers are considered to see if it has creases, bent corners, stains, etc. Accordingly, the card is ranked on a 10-point scale. 

Remember that grading your cards professionally can be a costly affair. That’s because a prized card’s price increases when graded, and serious buyers prefer graded cards. But it’s best to grade a card only if it’s vintage or you’re certain it holds great value.

Rarity and Condition

Sports Memorabilia Cards

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If a card is rare, you are likely to reap greater profits. The rarity of a card depends on several factors, starting with its print runs. So if a card has only a few prints available, it’s in high demand, making it exclusive and expensive.

Among new releases, cards with recent autographs or featuring rookies and big stars can bring profits, especially if you hold on to them and sell them at the right time. If you have old packs, memorabilia cards or those printed before the 80s are valuable. 

The card’s condition is also vital in boosting its resale price. You can check the card yourself to see if the corners or edges are chipped or worn or if the card is discolored, scratched, creased, or stained. The better the condition, the more you can charge for it. 

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When you’re on a journey to buy sports card packs, it’s crucial that you determine why you want them. Accordingly, you will need to research and find the best sports card packs to buy for making profits, expanding a rare collection, gifting, or reviving your childhood hobby.
Investing in sports cards may not help reap big profits right away. But while the market is unpredictable now, it has been growing and providing avenues for fans to monetize their hobby. In any case, you can collect sports cards to stay connected to your favorite sport and team, irrespective of financial gains. 


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