Does Gamestop Buy Dvds?

does gamestop buy dvds

Gamestop is known for having one of the biggest trade-in programs in the industry. They accept a wide variety of electronics like headphones, consoles, smart watches, tablets, and even smart phones. Today the trade-in program accepts more items than ever.

But, does Gamestop buy Dvds? The answer to this is no. Currently, Gamestop is not accepting dvds as a form of acceptable trade-in.

Even though Gamestop will not buy your Dvd collection, there is still hope. There are a lot of third party platforms where selling Dvds is easy and seamless. It can be hard to sell Dvds, but using these marketplaces will give you the best chances at converting them into cash.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell DvDs?

There are tons of different marketplaces to sell your Dvds on. Here is a list of a few of what we believe are the best marketplaces to sell then on:


decluttr is probably the best platform to sell your new or used Dvds on. Using their platform is quite simple. First, create a free account in order to get started. Once you have your account set up, just let them know what you are trying to sell and you will receive an instant valuation.

If you like the prices offered, you will then simply pack your items into a box and ship it to them totally free. Once they receive your item or items, they will pay you the day after it arrives.

Eagle Saver

Eagle saver is another great platform to sell your Dvds on. Their approach is very similiar to that of decluttr. They have a huge database of items that you can search through. For a Dvd you will have to enter the UPC code to bring up the listing.

If you like the offer, you can go ahead and print a shipping label and send them you items. Once they receive your items, you can be paid by check or paypal.


eBay is one of the largest platforms to sell your new and used items. They have millions of searches that are being performed everyday on their website which makes a great marketplace to sell your items fast and for top dollar.

To take advantage of ebay’s awesome platform, you will first need to create a free account. There are also paid plans that offer more perks and options, but free should suffice until you decide to upgrade your account.

How Much Can You Sell a DVD For?

Overall, it depends where you will be selling your Dvd. On an app like decluttr, you can expect up to about a dollar for good titles, and less for older less popular titles.

There are many variables when trying to figure out how much a Dvd will sell for. Obviously a new, unopened Dvd will sell for a lot more than an opened copy of its counterpart. The best way to see how much your Dvd is worth is by entering it into a platform like decluttr or eagle saver.

If you don’t like the prices that they are offering, then you can go to eBay and filter the listings by sold and completed listings only. This will only show you the Dvd that you searched for that has sold and for what price. This is a great tool to use when gauging how much you should list your Dvds for.

Here are a few factors to take into account when you are selling Dvds on eBay or any other marketplaces where you will be listing them for sale:


While a new and unopened Dvd will fetch you more money than an opened one, don’t expect to get the full retail value. Most of the time, new Dvds are being sold under the market value.


If the Dvd you are selling is a collectible or a set, you may be able to get a good premium for it. Always check eBay first before looking at marketplaces like decluttr and eagle saver if you are trying to get top dollar for your movies.


Used dvds will be fetching the lowest prices overall. These can be in the form of loose discs, or the disc and case. Usually, a dvd that comes with its case will be worth more money.

Is It Worth Trying to Sell Dvds?

Selling Dvds for any decent amount of money can be a difficult task. If you are looking to make any substantial amount of money, then it would be worthwhile to sell your Dvds in bulk if you are using a platform like decluttr or eagle saver. Getting paid under a dollar for most Dvds just isn’t worth it if you are just selling a few.

We also recommend selling more popular titles or new Dvds on a platform like eBay in order to get top dollar, while you sell older and less popular titles in bulk to platforms like declutter and eagle saver. Approaching it like this will yield you the most return out of your Dvds and efforts.

Final Thoughts

Having one of the biggest trade-in programs in the industry, Gamestop is the leader in the industry. From taking devices like smart phones, smart watches, and headphones, they will pay you for just about anything. Unfortunately, they are not accepting Dvds at this time.

Even though Gamestop is not accepting Dvds, there are specialized platforms like declutter and eagle saver which make it super easy for you to get paid for your unwanted Dvds.

All you have to do is look at their marketplace, search for the Dvd that you are wanting to sell, send it it, and get paid. It’s that simple.

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