Does Pokemon Go Need Wifi?

Does Pokemon Go Need Wifi

To play Pokemon go you will need wifi or mobile data. Pokemon go is an online game that requires an internet connection to play. This is because all your user data is stored on Niantic servers, not on your phone.

To keep your inventory up to date and your Pokedex running smoothly, you will need to be connected to the server. Therefore it is not possible to play Pokemon at all without some kind of internet connection, whether it is from WiFi or your mobile phone data.

However, there is a way to play offline so long as you have a little WiFi in advance. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to play Pokemon Go and what the options are for offline players.

Can You Play Pokémon Go without WiFi?

The only way to play Pokemon Go without WiFi is to use your mobile phone data allowance. This is because the game relies on servers to access your account information and on Google Maps as you go about your day trying to Catch’ em All.

However, it is possible to go about catching Pokemon without WiFi or internet, but you must have access to the internet at first, here’s how:

  1. Turn on your WiFi or internet data.
  2. Download Google Maps (if it is not installed on your phone already).
  3. Download your local map
  4. Turn off the internet connection and begin playing with your downloaded map.

Bonus tip: Enable Adventure Sync in your game. Once you do, when you connect to the internet the distance you travelled will automatically update.

There is some risk of playing Pokemon Go this way. Your Pokedex and inventory will not update until you reach a free WiFi hotspot. This means that if anything happens to your phone in the meantime, then all of your hard-earned Pokemon progress could be lost.

In this case, make sure you have lots of battery before playing, and a decent phone cover in case of any unhappy accidents.

Why Does Pokémon Go Not Work Without WiFi?

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Pokemon Go does not really work without WiFi because your data is stored on Niantic servers. Niantic is an augmented and virtual reality company based in the U.S that supports Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Runs solely on these servers and provides all the functionality of the game. That includes not just your personal log-in information, but all of your Pokemon progress including your Pokedex, inventory, travel history, GPS, and pretty much everything you need to enjoy the entire Pokemon Go experience.

Pokemon Go needs constant access to these servers to continuously pull information from them and update the server on every new Poke-adventure you have. 

Pokemon Go can only access this server through an internet connection, either WiFi or phone data. Pokemon will allow you to play a limited version of the game i.e find and catch Pokemon, but only if you have already downloaded your local Google Map. 

If you somehow stray off of the map grid in which you have downloaded, then the game will cease to work and you may receive an error message. This could mean that all of your previous gameplay could be lost, as the game will not update itself and automatically store your new information on the Niantic server until an internet connection has been restored.

Did you know that the Pokemon Go Plus allows you to enjoy Pokemon GO even when you aren’t looking at your smartphone? This small device that you can place on your wrist will vibrate indicating that a Pokemon or an event is nearby.

Does Pokémon Go Require Data?

To work properly, Pokemon Go Requires data to run. Pokemon uses approximately 2MB to 8MB while playing solely on your mobile data.

When on WiFi none of your phone data will be used. The more features you access the more mobile data is required. That is why many players choose to download their local Google Map API while on Wifi before heading out on a long Poke-hunt.

Downloading the local Google Map API and using that instead of running it automatically via your data will dramatically reduce the amount of mobile data used to run the game.

Under normal circumstances, the game is using data to access Google Maps, run GPS, access your information, and all the features of Pokemon Go all at the same time. By downloading the Google Maps API in advance, you are essentially cutting out the need for the game to use data to access this essential feature and reducing data intake.

Does Pokémon Go Use a Lot of WiFi?

Pokemon uses around 3MB of Wifi data per hour. The more you play the more data you will burn through. Pokemon Go works on WiFi and your mobile data. Like all games, it is best to use WiFi wherever possible.

This equates to around 25MB over an 8 hour period. Pokemon Go is actually a low-data usage game considering all the features you have access to. However, if you play Pokemon Go for long periods and plan to play daily, make sure you have an unlimited internet package so you have a data allowance leftover for other activities.

You can reduce your data usage by turning off push notifications, emptying your cache, turning off any background apps that might be running, and avoiding any streaming media.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Go is a huge game that is one of a kind. Using state-of-the-art augmented reality, Pokemon Go is a submersive experience that brings the joy of Pokemon to life – but only for those with an internet connection.

Although offline gameplay is possible if you download your local Google Map API, you will be limited to your downloaded map area, and it is risky when it comes to saving your progress.

Activating Adventure Sync will automatically update your information if ever you should drift into a WiFi hotspot your phone has access to, but there is still the risk of losing information en-route should anything happen to your phone.

This is because all of your Pokemon Go information is stored and updated on servers, rather than on your phone. For the full Pokemon Go experience without worry, it is best to have a strong and established internet connection, even while roaming.

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