Does Pool Chalk Go Bad?

does pool chalk go bad

Those familiar with the elegant game of pool will know all about that small little block of chalk that can often be found nearby the rack of pool sticks. That chalk helps provide the friction that is required to make shots, and no one who plays pool seriously would ever be caught dead without it.

But, how long has that old piece of chalk actually been there? Does pool chalk go bad? As a matter of fact, no. Pool chalk does not go bad at all. If you take proper care of your pool chalk, it can easily last for a good long while.

How often you use your pool chalk, how you store it, and how you apply it will all determine how long your pool chalk will actually last.

How Long Does Pool Chalk Last?

So since the chalk doesn’t go bad, how long does it last? The answer to this question is going to depend on a variety of factors but mostly it is going to come down to how often it is used. If the pool chalk is used pretty regularly at a pool hall, it will not last all that long.

On the opposite side of that coin, if the pool chalk gets very little use then it is possible for it to last for years. There is honestly no definitive answer when it comes to how long the chalk will last, especially since it is always going to be a case by case basis. 

Of course, if you fail to properly store or take care of your pool chalk, then it is very likely that the pool chalk will not last very long.

How to Properly Store Pool Chalk

The trick to getting your pool chalk to last longer is to properly take care of it. That means that you need to properly store it and put it away when you are done playing. Make sure that you store your chalk in a place that is both cool and dry.

This doesn’t mean you need to do anything drastic like store your chalk in a cabinet or keep it in some sort of airtight Tupperware in order to protect it.

If your chalk is exposed to a significant amount of moisture, it will ruin the chalk and it will actually hurt your ability to make shots when you use it. Ruined pool chalk is often referred to as dead chalk. If this happens, you are better off just pitching the dead chalk and getting new pool chalk.

Also, make sure that you place the pool chalk down properly. When you put the pool chalk down, make sure that the chalk side is facing up. Do not place it face down, as this is a good way to get chalk dust all over the table, furniture, your clothes, etc.

How Often Should You Use Pool Chalk?

When it comes to how often you should apply pool chalk to the tip of your pool stalk, you’ll hear a variety of answers from pool players. Some people will tell you that you should be using pool chalk every single time you take a shot.

Others will tell you that you should only be using pool chalk for every other shot. There is really no right answer in this regard, as long as you are using the pool chalk. You will especially want to apply chalk when you are trying to make a difficult shot that requires the cue ball to spin more.

Does Pool Chalk Color Matter?

It doesn’t matter if your pool chalk is blue, green, red, or any other color for that matter. While certain brands of pool chalk will be of higher quality than other kinds, color is not one thing that you will ever need to worry about. 

The pool chalk will do what it is intended to do, regardless of the color. However, some players will recommend that you match your pool chalk color with whatever the color of your table is.

The reason for this recommendation is that if you use blue chalk on a green pool table, you will gradually begin to see a bunch of chalk marks all over your pool table. While this is fairly easy to clean, it is a mess that can be easily avoided by matching colors.

Is There a Proper Technique for Applying Pool Chalk?

To an extent, yes there is. The important thing to remember when applying pool chalk is to make sure that you fully apply the chalk all over the tip of the stick. To do this, apply the pool chalk while you have your pool stick at an angle.

While applying the pool chalk to the tip, make sure to slowly turn the pool stick to make sure that you properly get the coverage that you need for your pool stick. With a proper application of chalk, your shots will have all the friction that is needed.

When you are using pool chalk, it is important to make sure that you do use too much pressure when you are applying it to your pool stick. A gentle amount of pressure is all that is needed, and you do not need to hold the chalk down hard against the pool stick.

Applying too much pressure can potentially break your pool chalk, and that is not a situation you want to be in since the bits and pieces will be all over the table and floor.

Finally make sure you don’t blow on the chalk on the tip of your pool stick, as that is a good way to get moisture on your pool stick and that could easily ruin your shot.

Final Thoughts

While you will never have to worry about expiration dates or mold on your chalk, you do need to make sure that you are properly taking care of your chalk.

This boils down to applying it properly, only using it when it is necessary, and storing it properly will all determine the overall life of your pool chalk

As long as you make sure you are keeping your chalk in a cool and dry place, your chalk will last for years to come.

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