Does PSA Grade Autographed Cards? Yes, And This is the Process

Does psa grade autographed cards

PSA is one of the most well-known card graders in the industry. PSA-graded cards are also highly sought after by collectors as they usually hold the most value when it comes to Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic, and sports cards.

PSA grades on a scale from 1-10 points, with 10 being the highest. But what about autographs on cards? Does the PSA also grade autographed cards? The PSA will indeed grade autographed cards on the same 1-10 scale as they do with all their other cards.

As stated by the PSA, the basis of grading autographed cards really comes down to the strength of the signature if it’s bright, clear, and legible.

Can You Get Autographed Cards Graded?

Can You Get Autographed Cards Graded?
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You can definitely get your autographed cards graded. There are quite a few notable companies that will grade your autographed cards. PSA and Beckket Authentication Services are two of the most trusted card graders in the industry. They will also add the most value to your cards if you get them graded by one of these two companies.

Always research the company you want to use to ensure they are legit and have credentials for grading cards.

PSA Recommends using Card Saver 1’s when submitting cards for grading. To check the current price and availability of Card Saver 1 Sleeves, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Should I Get My Autographed Card Graded?

We highly recommend that you get your autographed cards graded if you want to increase their authenticity as well as their value. Having them graded by an official grading company like PSA or Beckket will establish that your cards are not altered or counterfeit.

Also, remember that grading your card does cost money, so be sure to factor the price of grading into the value of your card. You should not have an autographed card graded if the autograph itself is not worth much money, as you will just be losing money in the long run.

However, if you have a very rare card coupled with a signature, that could be a great card to have graded, as its market value is likely to increase significantly.

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Is PSA Good for Autographs?

We recommend using PSA for grading your autographed cards simply because they are one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to card grading and authentication.

As a matter of fact, PSA is the largest and most trusted autograph authentication service in the entire world. They have over 30 million collectibles certified, and they will authenticate a vast array of signatures ranging from sports to even history and entertainment.

It’s safe to say that choosing PSA to grade your autographed cards is the best choice you have at the moment.

How Does PSA Grade an Autographed Card?

In order for the PSA to grade an autographed card, you must first send it in. We recommend sending your cards in with a card saver to keep your card protected while it is on its way to the PSA. Once your card is received, it will need to be verified that the signature is, in fact, real or authentic.

Once the autograph on your card is verified as legit or real, the next step is for them to grade it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest score. A score of 10 is also referred to as being Gem Mint, while a score of 1 is considered poor.

It is in your best interest to try and make your card as presentable as possible without actually altering or modifying anything on your card, as they may dock points for cards that have been either repaired or fixed.

How Long Does It Take for PSA to Grade an Autographed Card?

According to PSA’s website, it will take approximately 20 business days once they receive your submission in their system. This is just an estimation, and the wait time can be much longer based on how backed up the PSA is.

Currently, as of writing this article, the PSA is behind regarding the turnaround time for grading cards. Currently, it takes about 3 weeks to even a few months to get your cards back, depending on the type of delivery service you are choosing at checkout.

Even with the most premium forms of delivery, it’s still about a two-week turnaround time.

When Did PSA Start Grading Autographs?

PSA started grading autographed cards all the way back in 1991. However, being a new company, they were not very well known, and business was scarce. They had a difficult time getting collectors and dealers interested in getting their cards graded by a third-party company.

The PSA even contemplated shutting down in its earlier days but decided to stick it out, and it’s a great thing that they did. The PSA wouldn’t be where they are today if not for their persistence and dedication to what they love.

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Final Thoughts

PSA has the largest and most well-trusted card authentication and grading service in the entire world. Their service is so good that having a grade of 10 on a rare Pokemon card can increase its value tenfold.

As it currently stands, the PSA will grade your autographed card on the same scale as they do with their standard grading service. They will rate the signature on your card on a scale of 1-10, which really is determined by the strength of the signature itself.

The autograph on your card will mainly be graded by its presentation and how it appeals to the eye. Is the signature big, clear, and vivid? Is it in a good spot on the card? The PSA will consider all of these factors when grading your autographed card.

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