Does PSA Grade Jumbo Cards?

Does PSA Grade Jumbo Cards

When you have some trading cards you want to grade, it’s important to understand which cards PSA will accept and what others they won’t. Cards come in so many different sizes and dimensions, especially with the newer Pokémon releases.

Does PSA grade jumbo cards? Yes, PSA will grade jumbo cards. This is a new development in their acceptance procedures, but they do take jumbo cards, like ones from Pokémon. Prior to 2018, they didn’t accept these. But consumer demands and behaviors dictated the decision.

That said, if you’re in doubt, it’s always better to contact PSA and ask them about your cards. But, generally speaking, they take a good number of sizes and types for grading. It’s just a little frustrating because they don’t outright list the types of cards they reject.

Can Jumbo Cards Be Graded?

Yes, you can get jumbo cards graded. You go through the same process as you would any other sized card. You will have to pay more for the grading and shipping, but you can do it. However, not every grading organization will accept jumbo cards, such as CGC.

Prior to 2018, PSA would not grade them. Because these sizes are mostly in packs of Pokémon trading cards, it was slow to gain steam. But, public pressure and consumer behavior changed their mind. You simply indicate the jumbo card size on your submission form.

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How to Get Jumbo Cards Graded

Submitting cards to PSA is fairly simple and easy to understand. They also have instructions on their site. However, If you want to send your jumbo cards to PSA for grading, follow the procedure below:

  1. Go to PSA’s website and you’ll notice a green round button that says “Submit” on the upper right corner of the page. It’s clear and visible, you can’t miss it.
  2. After you click it, you’ll see a “sign in” screen. You will have to create an account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Then, you will see a form for submitting a card. Input information for the following prompts:
    1. Item to Submit: you’ll be able to indicate your jumbo card size here
    2. Service: select what type of service you want PSA to do such as authenticity, grading, reviewing or re-holder
    3. Declared Value: you have to give an estimate of what you think the card is worth
    4. Description: discuss what the card looks like and what is on it; be specific
    5. Shipping/Billing: indicate where you’re sending the card from and the billing address, if different
  4. Then, wrap them up securely and send in your cards.

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Does PSA Grade Thick Cards?

Yes, PSA will accept and grade thick cards. You should be able to send in a card as thick as a ¼ inch or 50 pt without issue. If you have something thicker than that, you should contact PSA directly with an exact measurement and see what they say. That said, people have sent in thick silver bars and PSA graded them without incident or issue.

What Size Cards Does PSA Grade?

PSA will grade almost any size card. They take things as small as concert tickets to items as large as jumbo Pokémon cards. The following list indicates the maximum dimensions of the card holders they will return to you for various sizes:

  • Standard: 2 11/16 inches by 3 13/16 inches
  • Supersized (Ticket): 3 5/8 inches by 7½ inches
  • Supersized (Check): 4¼ inches by 10 inches
  • Tall Boy: 3½ inches by 5 1/6 inches
  • T-3 Holder: 5¾ inches by 8 inches
  • Jumbo: 8½ inches by 11 inches; 6¼ inches by 8¼ inches; 7½ inches by 9½ inches; 8.1 inches by 10.1 inches

What Cards Does PSA Not Grade?

While PSA accepts and grades many different sizes, decks and types of trading cards, there are some they won’t accept. In general, they will not take any proof cards not inserted into packs. Also, they only accept and grade entertainment tickets on a case-by-case basis.

Even though the list below is quite comprehensive, it does change frequently. Unfortunately, PSA doesn’t have an updated list of all the cards they don’t accept. So, check with PSA whenever you have doubts.


  • Babe Ruth Fro-Jo
  • Butterfinger R310 Premium (1934)
  • Buyback autos unless you first send it to PSA
  • Clarence Menglers 3 by 5 Art Set (1975)
  • Donruss Blue/White Test (1990)
  • Fleer Bill Ripken Saw Cut versions (1989)
  • Goudey R309-1 Premiums (1933-34)
  • M114 Baseball Magazine Premium Inserts
  • Mattel Instant Replay Discs (1971)
  • Sports Hobbyist (1968)
  • Starline (1992)
  • Topps 3-D cards  (1985)
  • Topps Baseball Booklets (1971)
  • Topps Cloth (1988)
  • Topps Comics (1979)
  • Topps Cracker Jack 4-In-1 Cards (1991)
  • Topps Match The Stats Gold Winners/Scratch Offs (1992)
  • Topps Mini with Blank Back (1985)


  • 48 Exhibits
  •  “Come Fly With Me” Michael Jordan VHS Insert
  • Star Basketball


  • 48 Exhibits
  • Action Packed Mammoth football (1994)
  • Classic Tonx QB Club football (1993)
  • Fleer Football National Convention Promos (1990)
  • Spectrum QB Club Tribute Sheets football (1993)


  • “Pre-rookie” sticker Provigo Patrick Roy (1985)


  • “Happy to See You” Topps Star Wars C3PO (1977)
  • Dpeck Photoshop art cards
  • Jenna Jameson, Clubhouse Diamonds (1992)
  • Lady Gaga cards
  • Warner Bros. Records Promos (1979)

Final Thoughts

While it’s true that PSA will grade jumbo cards, there are exceptions. So, you’ll have to contact them if you have any doubts or questions. But, they do accept and grade many sizes, varying thicknesses, and a variety of types.

As long as the grading sizes fit what’s listed above, you shouldn’t have any problems though. Simply fill out their online form or print it out and send it along with your cards. But, for jumbo cards, don’t expect a huge value put on them, especially with Pokémon cards.

Regardless, the process is simple and straightforward. You should always review PSA documentation on submitting a card prior to sending it in. They make this very easy to find on their site, but some things aren’t clear, such as which types of cards they don’t accept.

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