How Often Does Barnes and Noble Restock Pokemon Cards?

how often does barnes and noble restock pokemon cards

Barnes and Noble is one of the most popular bookstores in the US. This franchise sells a lot of Pokemon books and supplies, which makes it one of the top places to stop by when people are searching for new Pokemon cards. Pokemon cards sell fast, so it’s very likely a Barnes and Noble near you could be sold out.

This leaves a lot of people asking how often does Barnes and Noble restock Pokemon cards. Barnes and Noble typically restock the Pokemon cards when the third party distributor brings them in. The days and times will vary between different locations. Best selling Pokemon cards are restocked more frequently, but even those are restocked randomly.

Are you interested in learning more about when Barnes and Noble restock Pokemon cards? You’ve come to the right page, keep reading for more information. We’re going to cover when new Pokemon cards come in so you know when to check this bookstore for more.

What Days Do Barnes and Noble Restock Pokemon Cards?

Pokemon cards are usually restocked at Barnes and Noble on Tuesdays or Fridays. The staff typically doesn’t know ahead of time which day it will be each week. At most Barnes and Noble locations, the stock varies. Mainly the best sellers are restocked and new cards come in time for release dates. 

The Pokemon cards usually don’t come on both Tuesday and Friday each week, unless they are preparing for an event like the holidays. They will be delivered on either the Tuesday or the Friday. One thing to keep in mind is that Pokemon cards are restocked randomly, so there may be weeks where Barnes and Noble doesn’t receive any. 

At most Barnes and Noble locations, Tuesdays are more common than Fridays for restocks. However, every customer should be aware that this is not a guarantee. There have been times where there have been weeks between Pokemon card restocks.

What Company Stocks Pokemon Cards at Barnes and Noble?

MJ Holding is the leading distributor of trading cards across the US. They are responsible for delivering the new stock of Pokemon cards and other trading cards to Barnes and Noble. This company is responsible for bringing many Pokemon collectibles to popular retail franchises all over the country.

This company handles merchandising of Pokemon cards and they specialize in the planning the layout by category. While it can’t be guaranteed that all Barnes and Noble locations will have Pokemon cards in stock, the demand keeps increasing so the store is continuing to expand its inventory.

Did Barnes and Noble Stop Selling Pokemon Cards?

Barnes and Noble did not stop selling Pokemon cards. Actually, some stores have expanded their supply to keep up with the high demand for collectors. Many retail stores have stopped selling Pokemon cards and other trading cards because there had been too many out of control situations that turned violent when crowds started fighting over the cards.

Even though some stores have stopped selling trading cards, Barnes and Noble isn’t on that list. They know how much their customers enjoy finding new cards, and plan to continue keeping up with the demand. However, while most Barnes and Noble locations do sell Pokemon cards, they aren’t available in every store. You may have to try a few in your location until you find one.

Barnes and Noble does still sell Pokemon cards in-store, but they stopped selling them online. This is because MJ Holding is a third party supplier of Pokemon cards for different Barnes and Nobel locations. The Pokemon cards are not kept at a warehouse, so they are not able to sell them online like they are with other products.

What Types of Pokemon Cards Do Barnes and Noble Sell?

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Barnes and Noble doesn’t know ahead of time which Pokemon cards will be coming in unless there is a big release coming up soon. They will typically carry the best sellers, as well as other new and popular packs. The Barnes and Noble stores that have already increased their supply will have a bigger selection of cards to choose from.

That being said, most Barnes and Noble stores will keep in stock the following Pokemon cards:

While every Barnes and Noble location is different, many customers claim they have gotten lucky with the selection in this bookstore. They often have a better selection than many of the big box retailers that also sell Pokemon cards. That being said, it’s important to keep in mind the store nearest you isn’t guaranteed to have all of the Pokemon card sets listed above. 

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Final thoughts- How often does Barnes and Noble restock Pokemon cards?

Since Barnes and Noble get its Pokemon card stock from a third party supplier, they do not have control of when new shipments are set to arrive. The Pokemon card selection is restocked randomly. However, with most Barnes and Noble stores, they will be restocked on a Tuesday or a Friday, so these are the two best days of the week to check in and see what is new. 

Closer to big holidays, like Christmas and Easter, customers can expect to find a bigger selection and for the cards to be stocked more frequently. They can also expect new cards to be stocked on release dates for new sets. While Barnes and Noble does only get its Pokemon card stock randomly, more recently they have been keeping a larger selection in store.

If you are interested in finding out which Pokemon cards are available, you will have to visit a nearby Barnes and Noble. They do not have their Pokemon card stock listed online. This is because the cards from a third party supplier and the stock are different in each location. To find out more about what Pokemon cards are available at Barnes and Nobel, call your nearest location.

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