Does Kohl’s Sell Pokemon Cards?

Does Kohl's Sell Pokemon Cards

Kohl’s is one of the largest department store chains in the US. People can find everything from housewares, to clothing, and even children’s toys at this department store. However, one thing that a lot of people are wondering is does Kohl’s sell Pokemon cards? Yes, Kohl’s does sell a selection of Pokemon cards in-store at select locations. 

If you are an avid Pokemon card collector, you are likely looking for more places to find Pokemon cards. With most stores, when new cards come in, they sell out fast. Knowing all the possible locations where you may be able to find Pokemon cards can help you grow your locations. Kohl’s is one store you can now add to the list when you want to buy new Pokemon cards.

When it comes to buying Pokemon cards at Kohl’s, you should always keep in mind the selection in-store will be different than online. When browsing the online catalog, you’ll find very few (if any at all) options for Pokemon cards. Want to learn more about buying Pokemon cards at Kohl’s? Keep reading for everything you need to know.

What Types of Pokemon Booster Packs/Boxes Does Kohl’s Sell?

The Pokemon booster packs and boxes will vary depending on which Kohl’s location you are visiting. For a better idea of which ones are currently in stock, always phone or visit the nearest Kohl’s location. However, after digging around, we have discovered some of the Pokemon booster packs and boxes that Kohl’s has sold.

Please keep in mind that these packs may not be currently available at your nearest location. If they are not in stock, always check back at a later date to see if they have been restocked.

Pokemon Card Game

Pokemon Card Game is a great pack for someone who is just starting their collection. Each set comes with 31 Pokemon cards and a dragon vault pack. Players can also expect 1 booster set and 1 special set in every Pokemon Card Game box.

Pokemon Sun ; Moon Trading Cards Blister Pack

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This blister pack is from the Unbroken Bonds Pokemon card game. Each pack comes with 10 cards. A blister pack is very similar to a booster pack, the main difference is the type of packaging. 

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Booster Boxes, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Pokemon Rebel Clash Booster Box

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Each box contains 36 packs with 10 cards each. This booster box is a great way to expand your Pokemon card game collection with some punk rock attitude. This set also introduces new VMAXs to the collection. This is the most common booster box in stock at Kohl’s locations. 

How Much Do Pokemon Cards Cost at Kohl’s?

There are many different sets of Pokemon cards, and each one varies in price. Kohl’s doesn’t list the prices online for the cards that they have in-store. When it comes to the cost of retail items, Kohl’s is typically more expensive than other retailers. Kohl’s is a very competitive store, they will also pay more to have quality items shipped securely to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Another reason why items, such as Pokemon cards, are likely to cost more at Kohl’s is that the store employs a lot of people. However, this doesn’t mean you will be overcharged for buying Pokemon cards at Kohl’s. You will likely notice the price range is similar with Pokemon cards as it is with other retailers.

If you find a set of Pokemon cards at Kohl’s and you know they are a lower price elsewhere, Kohl’s will do a price match. In order to get the price match, it must be the exact same item and the competitor must have an online presence where the price is listed. 

How Often Does Kohl’s Restock Pokemon Cards?

Kohl’s doesn’t restock the Pokemon cards often. If a Kohl’s location sells out of Pokemon cards on restock day, it could be months before they see another shipment. Pokemon card distributors typically supply a new restock of cards every 3 months, and when this happens, Kohl’s will get a supply. However, there is no set date of when people can expect them to restock.

The Pokemon card restocks are always heavier a few weeks before a major holiday like Christmas or Easter. Kohl’s will receive a larger inventory. Customers who want to add more to their collections can usually find a bigger selection before a holiday. However, after that time, the stock could be dry for a few months. 

Where Are the Pokemon Cards Located at Kohl’s?

Most Kohl’s locations will have the Pokemon cards in stock by the kid’s toys. If there are any in stock at the time that you visit, they will likely be in the same area as the Pokemon toys and games. Pokemon products are a big seller at Kohl’s, so you will likely find a section of toys and products where these cards are located. 

Final Thoughts

Pokemon cards have been high in demand for many years, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. Major retailers, like Target, stopped selling the cards because people were getting into fights over the cards when new ones were released. This has made it more difficult for collectors to find stores selling Pokemon cards.

Kohl’s is a major distributor of a lot of Pokemon products. This retail chain knows that their customer base appreciates Pokemon collectibles and games, which is why they continue to carry Pokemon cards. When you need to collect them all, they can be found in a nearby Kohl’s store in the toy department.

Before browsing the Kohl’s website to see what Pokemon cards they offer, you should be aware that the selection in store is different. While Kohl’s sells many Pokemon products through its online catalog, it rarely has Pokemon cards available. Even if there is a full stock in-store, it will not be listed on the official Kohl’s website. You will need to visit the store in person to find out.  

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